Friday, January 28, 2011

Review by Joeybunny - KenzoKi Belle De Jour White Lotus Mask

KenzoKi is fast becoming my favorite skincare line. The masters behind the lovely (and much obsessed over by me) fragrances have managed to strike a balance between spa-worthy and effective skincare products. It’s incredible how much I enjoy using my KenzoKi products. I realize that sounds cheesy, but think about that: skincare is something so basic and important (and something we have to use all the time), so why shouldn’t it be enjoyable? Not everyone can afford facials, so I think it’s a lovely thing to be able to bring that sort of relaxing experience home.

KenzoKi products have this undeniably lovely white lotus fragrance, and the Belle De Jour line of KenzoKi products (which sit at a slightly higher price point than the rest of the line) are saturated in this scent. White Lotus is sensual to a fault. Powdery but heady, flowery in a way that isn’t obnoxious, this is a scent that I want to bathe in. I have actually begged Kenzo’s PR to tell me what fragrance of theirs is closest to the scent of the Belle De Jour skincare products, because I wanted to always smell like it (in case you’re curious, it’s their Perfumed Skin Care Water in Relaxing Lotus Shh). When I think relaxation and luxury - basically, a spa-like sensation - this scent is exactly what comes to mind. I was thrilled, then, when I was offered a chance to review their new Belle De Jour White Lotus Mask.

Now, onto the efficiency of the product itself, since a pretty scent can only take us so far! The mask is thick and creamy, thicker than the Marshmallow Mask I so love. It reminds me of whipped butter, and looks like it too! The jar is generously sized in proportion to the amount of mask needed (2.5oz), and it has a lovely image of a white lotus on the lid. The attention to detail is not lost on me: not only is the mask aesthetically pleasing, but Kenzo includes a brush to apply the mask, so that my grubby fingers don’t contaminate the product.

A quarter-sized amount of the mask covers my whole face, and feels absolutely divine on the skin. KenzoKi describes a three-pronged effect that this mask has on its user: the pleasure effect (the sensation of the soft cushy mask reminds us to be receptive to gentle touches, haha), the bubble effect (the scent and feel of the mask creates a barrier between the user and stress, creating a state of relaxation that can potentially lower cortisol levels by 23% - a study was apparently done on this!), and the wake up effect (the mask brightens, softens, and illuminates the skin).

Well, how much of an effect does this mask have on my skin? I have used this mask a few times already, and I truly love the moisturized feel my skin has after ten minutes of wearing this mask. My skin, which is chronically bone dry and flaky, has a cushiony feel after I wipe off this mask. A glow that my face consistently lacks appears, and I have a moronic grin because of how damned awesome the mask smells. Yay for that pleasure-bubble-wake up effect or whatever! Best part? No breakouts, no clogged pores, no bad effects at all.

$70 for a very lovely mask is pretty affordable considering how little is needed per use, and how lovely your skin will feel after using it - and how uplifted you feel mentally after using it! Both Elvira and I love the KenzoKi line, and this newest mask is yet another winner.


  1. You make me wish I had dry skin so I could use this product! It sounds so loverly!

  2. Kind of expensive, but I have Kenzo perfume and a little really does go a long way. I love their fragrances, so I bet the mask smells great.

  3. Oh never heard of that brand.....interesting


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