Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Review by Joeybunny - MAC Mega Metal Eyeshadows

Guys, I did something terrible.





Ok, ok. Now that I got that off of my ridiculously large chest, I can tell you what I got. Somewhere in the midst of whatever ridiculous and obviously limited-edition collection MAC had released, there was some collection called Peacocky. I don’t know why it was called Peacocky, but whatev, that’s not the issue. Featured in Peacocky is a new type of MAC eyeshadow called Mega Metal. These shadows are large (we’re talking Cream Color Base sized, 3.4g!), shimmery but creamy feeling instead of gritty or chunky, and loaded with pigment. I couldn’t help myself. I just had to give in. It’s like sex with an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend: so bad, but so good. That’s how I feel about MAC. MAC is my ex-boyfriend who was a total a-hole but great in the sack. When MAC delivers, it delivers - these Mega Metal shadows rock hard.

My color choices shouldn’t surprise you at all. I chose:

Prance - A light lavender color with a hint of a warm pink. From the look of it in the pan, I expected it to also have a slight taupey edge. However, you can see that on my skin it’s just a shimmery warmed lavender wash. I cannot wait to try this as a lid shade with a deep smokey purple crease (like Unflappable!).

Unflappable - This is exactly what I wanted MAC Smut to be. Unflappable is a deep tauped smoky purple shade. It reminds me of a deeper version of that limited-edition Chanel taupe that came out in the fall - Taupe Grise? Whatev, I know Elvira reviewed it at some point. The shimmer adds this lovely dimension to the shade, a slight reddish edge that pulls out that taupe undertone so well.

Centre Stage - My favorite of the three shadows I chose, this warm, deep reddened brown is just pure seduction in a pot. I have plenty and plenty of browns but I cannot think of one I own that is anywhere close to this color. Imagine this shade smoked out and close to the lashline...ugh, hot! This one is going to get a lot of play from me, especially in the warmer months.

These shadows retail for $19.50USD, which I think is pretty damn great for the amount and quality of the shadows. The range of colors are quite lovely - that Noir Plum color caught my eye, I must say! MAC needs to make these permanent, I have to say. I’m embarrassed to admit I would buy a few more shades. Good job MAC - I hope you know it murdered my soul to admit I love these shadows! Ha!


  1. Oh Crap. This means I am probably going to have to buy these as well. GAH. I wish you didn't like them as much so I wouldn't be so tempted.

  2. How does Unflappable compare to Moth Brown, color-wise? It's hard to tell in the photos, which on my monitor seem very warm (I don't see the lavender at all in Prance, for example). TIA :)

  3. This post was hilarious! I only ended up with Spectacle of Yourself. I fell in love with the Kissable Lipcolours over the eyeshadows. The quality of the shadows are great, but I had a lot of the colors anyway (and have other brands with similar or better quality).

  4. I got Center Stage too, I think that was the prettist color out of the bunch. I was hoping I would like a few more colors in person but didn't. I texture is great, I actually think if they released more colors like this they would do well.

    LOL "MAC is my ex-boyfriend who was a total a-hole but great in the sack" serioulsy I think that explains it all. It should be MAC's tag line.

  5. I got Dalliance, Prance and Centre Stage too - love these but other brands make their e/s as nice as these in their regular line IMO. Too Faced, BB, UD... This was definitely one of the most hilarious posts so far.

  6. I got Paparazzshe. I'm not sure how I feel about this, perhaps when I finally sit down and play with it I'll be more inclined to say I love this. I wish I liked the shades they offered more, but I think they could have had more *innovative* ones. I wonder why these are so huge though, it defies thought. The Kissable lipcolor is pretty boss though.

  7. Thank you for tearing down my self-control and making me want Centre Stage on top of Unflappable. My wallet especially appreciates it. ;) I will be checking those out soon enough! Thanks for your input!

  8. I got those 3 as well as the Noir Plum, Odalisque and Sexxpectations. Prance and Unflappable look gorgeous together, I have to admit! The lip cremes are awesome, I got Temper Tantra and Super, thinking maybe about the red one, too - we'll see. I've found that MAC is very much hit or miss with more misses lately than hits...until Cham-pale and Peacocky...ok, the fluidlines with Contractor, too LOL

  9. You've totally talked me into buying several of these as soon as I can get to the mall! They're so pretty.

  10. I HEART Unflappable

    But I HEART this post even more!!


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