Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Poll

My friend forwarded me an article from the Shop Girl Blog about Wal-Mart's latest makeup offering for 8 to 12 year old girls! Yes. The new Geo-Girl makeup line is alleged to be "...designed for young skin and have natural ingredients like white willow bark to exfoliate, chamomile, lavender and calendula to calm and antioxidants."  Since when is "natural" (when not regulated by any agency as to the standr\ards of what "natural" should fall under) acceptable for children?  And WHY do 8 to 12 year olds need ANTIOXIDANTS and EXFOLIATORS? I am so appalled by this latest gimmick by Wal-Mart I am thinking of NEVER giving them my money ever again (which is easy because the Wal-Mart near me is sketchy and I have the only 2 hard candy nail polish colors I ever wanted already). But then I think for a second and realize, while Wal-Mart may be the distributor of this snake oil for tots it certainly isn't forcing those 8 to 12 year old girls to buy the stuff.  Now maybe it's because I don't have an 8 to 12 year old girl, I don't understand how hard it is to say no to them. But aren't the PARENTS supposed to be responsible for what is purchased for their child? I mean, unless the kid is a child star, it's not like an 8 year old has a steady income in which to purchase the makeup. And, even if they did have their own money, some adult would have to actually TAKE them to Wal-Mart. right?  I mean, when it comes down to it, the parent decides what the child will buy or not buy. I certainly wouldn't begrudge a 12 year old a lip gloss once in a while, but 8 year old?  What ever happened to being a child?  Why is society in such a hurry for these kids to grow up?  The best thing about being a kid is that you are...a KID! Complicating things by telling them that they need makeup is insane. 8 to 12 year old girls (children) are all beautiful without makeup.  Plus they usually have awesome skin at that age, why introduce unknown origin "natural" ingredients to that perfect skin?  OK. I know I have never been in a situation where my child melts down in the middle of a store and says they will hate me forever because I won't buy them something they want. I get the parental guilt. But damn. Blush for an 8 year old is too Jonbenet Ramsey for me to handle.
On To The Poll!

1.  Blush Of the Day? - My natural Glow. That's right. I am typing this in my PJ's because I'm snowed in and working from home today. 

2.  What age did you start wearing makeup? - Honestly I think I was 12, but I find myself to be an exception because I was obsessed with the stuff from a very young age...however it's not like I went to elementary school wearing any makeup.  It probably started in Junior High.

3.  Recent beauty acquisitions? - Ah yes. My loverly Chantecaille Tigers in the Wild palette. I am seriously in love. I may have to marry it.

4.  Your thoughts on the new Geo Girl line?  - Had I known about the Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen makeup line it's replacing I would have been equally as annoyed. But this line, because they claim benefits from use to unknown source ingredients just rubs me the wrong way.

5.  Is there a beauty product you have sworn never ever use again? - Oh goodness too many. I think the worst was Philosophy - The Present Invisible makeup. Cystic Acne all over my face. I looked deformed. I still have scars from it.


  1. 1. None. I'm sick, so I'm working from home today.
    2. I think 11, right at the end of 6th grade.
    3. Some things from Brazen Cosmetics.
    4. Ick.
    5. Orglamix. I don't like the company, or the owner, so I won't wear her makeup again.

  2. 1. Blush Of the Day? - Chanel JC Espiegle, first time trying it :)

    2. What age did you start wearing makeup? - 13, I was totally obsessed by it LOL. My mom did damage control: I was allowed to wear it (so I wouldn't hide and lie) but she made sure I wouldn't look like a high street h00ker

    3. Recent beauty acquisitions? - Said Chanel Espiegle, as well as the Guerlain Blush G Serie noire.

    4. Your thoughts on the new Geo Girl line? Honestly, I just think a company found a market and took it, that means their research revealed that there would be customers for these products. If people are stupid enough to buy makeup for an 8 y.o, blame the people, not the makeup company or the distributor who do exist only to make money.

    5. Is there a beauty product you have sworn never ever use again? - Everyday Minerals. Allergy gallore for me.

  3. 1. Blush Of the Day? -I can't do blush. At All. It's my achilles heel. but my most common "attempting" make up is Cargo Blu Ray hi Def blush.

    2. What age did you start wearing makeup? - The lipglosses commenced at 12, but I think I moved to tinted powder when I was 15 or so. LATE bloomer.

    3. Recent beauty acquisitions? -
    I just bought a few perfume sticks and lipglosses from the morbid the merrier. And goddamn the Natali scent makes me want to chew my inner wrist.

    4. Your thoughts on the new Geo Girl line? - Kill it with fire.

    5. Is there a beauty product you have sworn never ever use again? - 10.0.06 No Time to Shine Mud Mask. It burnt like I'd emptied methylated spirits onto my face. Huuurt. Paaain. Screw that, seriously.

  4. 1) MAC Hot Planet - by far my favorite blush ever from way back when.

    2) 12-13. I got a full blown Clinique Makeover as a B-day present when I was 14.

    3) None yet, I'm plotting how much NARS Spring 2011 I want to order.

    4) I'm fine with it, honestly. When I used to shill makeup for Kohls, Mothers would bring in their 10 year old daughters asking for makeovers, and when I would try to do them they'd just try to control it. I feel that this would be a neurotic mothers no-brainer makeup line and they'd be duped into thinking it was healthy because of the "natural" ingredients.

    5) Bare Escentuals and Beauty From the Earth, I purchased a lot of cosmetics from them when they were just forming and the experience was less than pleasant. I'm sworn of most mineral makeup e-tailers (with very few exceptions) because I simply don't enjoy those types of products, and lets face it, everybody and their brother can open up a mineral company and "hand blend" cosmetics, but very few do it well without creating dupe colors.

  5. 1. Blush Of the Day? - n/a

    2. What age did you start wearing makeup? - 19, I was a total late bloomer & not to be vain but I didn't need much.

    3. Recent beauty acquisitions? - RBL Nail Polish (I'm obsessed)

    4. Your thoughts on the new Geo Girl line? Revolting. Just because there's a market for it doesn't make it right. Think of the worst thing possible and I promise there's a market for it. Also, the truth is advertising works (ask companies paying millions for super bowl spots). Ann Summers & Victoria Secrets did sexy undies for tots which was stamped out quickly -there's a market, but it's wrong.

    5. Is there a beauty product you have sworn never ever use again? I try to avoid anybody using animal testing. Sadly the list is long

  6. 1. I was working from home yesterday and again this morning but then I had too many problems with my home computer and came in for a few hours. :S I just threw on some Stila One-Step and a bit of Hard Candy blush in Honeymoon Peach prior to shoveling around my car.

    2. At 14 or 15 I begged and pleaded for some CG shadow singles, and wore mascara and lipgloss daily. At 16 I started wearing concealer and dabbling in foundation a leetle bit. Mum has worn MU about 5 times in her life so she was reluctant, which in the long run worked out fine. I had enough time to play with MU in high school and college to get good at it by the time I got a job and had to tone it down/speed it up. I really think skincare is something for any age, though as you said, young girls have the most perfect skin and don't need it, but when blackheads and zits start to appear, as far as I'm concerned that's open season for skincare. And teaching about preventing sun damage, etc. Though I really didn't care about sunscreen until I was 20ish.\end long answer/

    3. None other than a new concealer (meaning new item, but not a brand new to me). I'm uninspired of late and it's helping me be wallet-virtuous.

    4. As others have said, it's the PARENTS who bear the brunt of the responsibility on this score, and the ones who allow or even encourage their 8-12 yo to wear makeup and use heavy-duty skincare are seriously messed up. Btw Elvira do you ever wish you had a daughter to pass on your love of MU to? {besides all your blog-daughters, that is. :)} Hope that's not rude.

    5. Um, Maybelline Great Lash. It was my first mascara because it's so cheap and basic, and even then I realised it was CRAP and switched to something else. I hate it when it consistently gets raves and magazine awards. LIARS!!!!

  7. Do people really think makeup is a good thing for 8-12 year olds? It's like those crazy moms who spray tan and lacquer up their toddlers for those beauty pageants. It's not good for their skin! At least as adults we can make our choices, let the little girls be free of pore clogging worries until they hit puberty and beyond! lol

  8. 1. Blush Of the Day? - R&R Spank

    2. What age did you start wearing makeup? - I started wearing powder and a little bit of blush when I was 16. I didn't really get into makeup until I was 20.

    3. Recent beauty acquisitions? - Chanel Ombres Perlees de Chanel and MAC So Vain lipgloss.

    4. Your thoughts on the new Geo Girl line? - I think it creeps me out more that it's offered to young girls rather than the fact that it's claiming benefits from "natural" ingredients. That kind of stuff exists EVERYWHERE and unfortunately so many people buy into it... I guess they're just trying to snag them younger and younger. =/

    5. Is there a beauty product you have sworn never ever use again? - Perricone No Foundation Foundation. It had incredibly poor lasting power and caused cystic acne. T_T;

  9. 1. BOTD: Becca Turkish Rose - lasting power leaves something to be desired.
    2. I started wearing mu in 7th grade so I would have been 13ish. I think it was clear mascara and lip gloss so it was "training " makeup.
    3. Hourglass Gypsy e/s duo. It's soooo pretty but it really leans purple on me. Everything leans cool on me, so....
    4. The skincare for little girls makes me sad. I just want to hug every girl and tell them to ignore societal pressure to look a certain way.
    5. Hmmmm.... Probably a tie between voluminous WP which smudged like a motherflower on me and Neutrogena 3-in-1 mask, which burned my face off. Seriously, it should come with a warning that if you value your face, don't use this product. I was beet red for like two days even with benedryl and cortisone cream.

  10. 1. Blush Of the Day?
    Physician's Formula Magic Mosiac. I'm hoping to get the PF Happy Booster blush soon. It's too cute.

    2. What age did you start wearing makeup?
    Around the end of 6th grade, begining of 7th grade. Clear mascara and lipgloss were my favorites :D Unfortunately, I also had to use a ton of concealer... yay for acne, ya know?

    3. Recent beauty acquisitions?
    I've bought a few of the Almay eye color enhancing shadows here lately, b/c I love the colors (and they're $5 at Walmart, sooo...)

    4. Your thoughts on the new Geo Girl line?
    The Mary Kate & Ashely line sucked (it was the big thing when I was in middle school.) I think that 8 is way too young for make up, but I think that this line might be a good way to introduce young women to something more age apropriate than "grown up" cosmetics.

    5. Is there a beauty product you have sworn never ever use again?
    The original Clearasil. I used to wash my face with the gentle formula back in the day (like in middle school... yay again, acne) and my mom accidentally bought me the orignial formula once, so I figured it would work alright. I used my Rx Benzaclin after I washed my face that night and in about 5 minutes my face was on FIRE. Even after washing my face with something soothing and pressing cold washcloths to my skin, the pain and redness didn't go away for hours.

  11. 1. NYX Mocha. Since it's pink, I don't understand the name at all.

    2. I remember going to a Mary Kay party when I was 11-12 and having makeovers for special occasions, but I didn't wear makeup on a regular basis until my mid-20s when I actually started caring about my everyday appearance. ...I just realized how sad that sounds.

    3. The Urban Decay 15-pencil set.

    4. I can maybe see a line aimed at pre-teens, but 8 is a little too pre for my liking.

    5. Not that I recall. I only have products I want to keep from buying again because I can't justify the price anymore (i.e. any nail polish with a price tag in double digits).

  12. 1. Blush Of the Day? Natural Glow here too - I'm NOT leaving the house today (I hope)!

    2. What age did you start wearing makeup? - I started in 5th or 6th grade, but not outside the house. My Mom was an Avon lady in the late 70's/early 80's and I was her makeup tester. She would get samples of some new color collection in and we'd try it out on me since I was the only one in the house without olive skin. I wasn't allowed to wear makeup outside the house (short of Lip Smackers) until I was 13, and then it was lip gloss and blush only to start (except I might have snuck some real makeup samples into my purse)...

    3. Recent beauty acquisitions? YSL Dessin Du Regard Crayon, Deepest Greet...ugh, I'm allergic :(

    4. Your thoughts on the new Geo Girl line? I agree with you - the parents must use discretion, but I happen to have a daughter who just had her sweet 16 and when she was little I didn't mind her wearing kids makeup around the house - normally she would put one of her princess costumes, do her nails and toes and put makeup and jewelry on so she could be princess for the day. I miss those days - she didn't talk back very often then.

    5. Is there a beauty product you have sworn never ever use again? Too many to count - everyone seems to be putting sulfa (aka ultramarines) in their product nowadays. I'm having to stick with the 'tried and true' to keep me out of the emergency room.

  13. 1. Nars Mata Hari

    2. I started wearing makeup at 2. I was a dancer for 12 years of my life. MMM...2 year old in red lipstick and blue eyeshadow. I didn't wear it regularly by any means though.

    3. I am going to buy the new black armani eye liner in the next couple of days. I tried it last spring and have been beating myself up for not picking it up then.

    4. Stupid. Bonne bell lipsmackers are all my children will get..if I have girls.

    5. anything from mac ever again.

  14. 1. Blush Of the Day? - NYX powder blush in Natural from YESTERDAY!!! I slept in my makeup; I'm so bad!

    2. What age did you start wearing makeup? - I started "playing" with it around age 8. I would go into a phase where I really liked playing with it and applying it poorly. I remember I had a clinique eyeshadow duo with a bright pink and forest green (who thought up that combo?!!) that I would put all over my eye area. Oh god. I didn't start regularly purchasing and wearing makeup until I was 14. It was usually just eyeliner and mascara since my school didn't allow makeup. I was quite the rebel.

    3. Recent beauty acquisitions? - Estee Lauder Signature Lipstick in Rose Honey which I think is discontinued, Laura Mercier Moisturizing foundation, Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Buff, Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Bonbon, Benefit Bella Bamba blush, Benefit Lip Shine in Spiked Punch, and Benefit fragrance So Hooked on Camella. I had a bad week...

    4. Your thoughts on the new Geo Girl line? -WHat angered me about it was that the so-called "beneficial" and "natural" ingredients are actually harmful and IRRITATING to the skin. WHy would I want my imaginary adopted Russian daughter putting something on her face that could cause a reaction?!! This is the worst thing, to be selling products to children that damage their skin.

    5. Is there a beauty product you have sworn never ever use again? - SOOOO many. Mostly skin care. Every brand I know of has a skin care product I would not put near my face. Proactiv is a big offender, clinique "clarifying" lotions, Aveeno sun blocks, elf products that contain kathon CG preservatives. I also have things from all the lines mentioned that I love. Maybe the only skin care/body care line I hate EVERYTHING from is Lush. I do like their hair care though.


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