Monday, February 28, 2011

Review by Joeybunny - Blushes You Can't Have #2, MAC Afterdusk

Last year, Elvira and I decided to torture you all with twelve taupes that you can’t have, twelve beautiful pans of taupey deliciousness that were either hard-to-find (HTF) or discontinued (DCed).

Well, it’s 20-freakin’-11, bitches, and this year we’ve decided to focus on blushes you can’t have! Yes, with Elvira and me, the sadism never ends!

Last month, Elvira presented us with Chanel Joues Contraste in Poesie. This month, I bring you what might be my absolute favorite blush: MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Afterdusk.

By now, I am sure that we are all aware that MAC has a terrible and filthy habit of making some of their best products limited edition (or LE): Moth Brown, French Grey, Parrot, Strawberry Blonde...the list could go on forever. Sometimes, products get re-released. Sometimes, they unfortunately don’t. Afterdusk is one product that I pray to Hayzeus that MAC brings out again sometime soon.

I noticed that - at least in this bunny’s humble opinion - MAC’s best blushes have always been LE. Afterdusk is definitely at the top of my list of MAC’s best cheek colors.

Released in the Moonbathe collection back in May 2007, Afterdusk sold out quite quickly. How could it not? Have you seen it?! Afterdusk is what NARS Orgasm wishes it could be: a slightly red-tinged peachy-pink shot through with gold shimmer that is strong on pigmentation. Afterdusk to me was always more reminiscent of a post-coital flush than Orgasm (and possibly Afterdusk is an allusion to certain nighttime activities, ha!).

On my NC40 skin, Afterdusk is the perfect hit of brightness and glow. The color is pigmented enough to show up, but not so strong as to be garish on the skin. I can never overdo an application of this blush. It magically goes with every eye and lip look I could conjure up. Afterdusk was quite possibly one of the best purchases I ever forced my college boyfriend to make for me at MAC (bless Jason’s heart, he dutifully bought me every MAC collection that was released in the first year of our relationship).

Afterdusk is one of the few blushes I own (and I have over seventy, I believe) that has an actual dent in it - I use it so often! I know that it’s hard to see in my photos, but it’ is definitely there. I know that when I do hit pan, my wails of grief will echo throughout the world. Twitter will go offline, Makeup Alley will explode, and Elvira will start running around naked self-flagellating. Seriously! I can’t dupe this damned blush for my life. I’m scared of finishing it!

So, if you want to save Elvira’s ass from a thorny whip, go find a dupe for me. Please?


  1. That is beautiful! The sadism of this series is going to get to me more than the taupes, I think!

  2. I LOVE this series of things I can't have, because it makes me want them even more! :o)

  3. This is my favorite blush HANDS DOWN! I wish MAC would make it perm or re-release it. It's Nymphette for the Cheaks.

  4. Hi Joey! I may be very, very wrong but in my monitor that looks exactly like my all-time favourite blush, Guerlain Divinora Rose Pluie D'or. Did I find a dupe or do I have a very uncalibrated monitor? Anyway, I think it's beautiful!

  5. That blush looks wonderful. :P Damn you.

    But there may be a slight dupe in Senna Cosmetics sheer glow blush in Moonstone. Their blushes are really small though. I don't know, for some reason a small blush bothers me, haha.

  6. Whyyy?
    They are so cruel. My favorite MAC blush is Stark Naked, which is also LE and very sought after. I hope they release it again!

  7. TheBalm's Hot Mama is a good alternative to NARS Orgasm which I hate with a passion. But HM looks more coral compared to this blush. I hope you run out of this wonderful unique blush soon, bitch. ;D

  8. Robyn, that's what we're here for - to torture you! Much love and thanks =)

    Blusherine, muahahaha! Love your handle; very fitting!

    Styrch, this is why me and you are friends <3333

    Sandra, OMG is that Guerlain blush still available!?

    LovelyAndroid, I'll check out the Senna! Thanks =) and thanks for damning me =D

    Yami, Stark Naked was so lovely too!! Stupid MAC!

    Beauty Reductionista, thanks hoor!! =D

  9. This reminds me a great deal of mac Jest eyeshadow... however i have a feeling that is just my computer.

    I hope you fund a dupe! for you cheeks, and Elviras southern cheeks

  10. Hi Joey,

    I searched for it but apparently the Divinora line doesn't show up on their website. I'm pretty much sure I saw the line at a Guerlain counter about a month ago, and this blush was permanent (Europe). I wonder if they discontinued the Divinora line. It's a shame because they the products were wonderful.

  11. I think the Divinora line was discontinued awhile back at least in the US and Asia? I remember they had a range of lipsticks including the Angelina Jolie lookalike one which had a huge following.

    Afterdusk is pretty! I remember it when it was launched. I'd really, really love Don't Be Shy from the Barbie collection to be back though. The imprint of mine is almost entirely gone :(

  12. Oh no. That blush is gorgeous. This is a problem.

  13. MAC Mineralize blush in 'Pleasantry'! It's light slighly streaked slighlty shimmery rose - not too yellow, not too blue....just perfect for my NC 200 skin. That is my 'Holy Grail' blush - bought two when it first came out (LE) and found another one at CCO. Every time I'm near a CCO I always have to look for it and for MAC Hyperreal foundation...another 'Holy Grail' product.


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