Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Review by Joeybunny - Bond No.9 New York Oud

I know that the majority of you are looking at this review and wondering what the hell an oud is, so let me kick off with an explanation:

Oud - a resin that comes from Aquilaria trees; an extremely expensive commodity, it’s been known to be used as an aphrodisiac and as spiritual aids. It also makes perfumes smell awesome to Joey.

Ok, glad I got that out of the way.

Bond No.9 never really fails to disappoint me, and New York Oud is the latest on my long list of Bond loves. Released at the beginning of this month, New York Oud is definitely one of the most adventurous Bonds I’ve sniffed to date. There is nothing typically pretty about this scent. Most oud scents are very Oriental in tone, but New York Oud is not. The press material for the scent calls it a paradox, a “New York verve.” I don’t know if I would have gone that far, but this is definitely unique.

New York Oud is not for the floral lover, the citrus lover, or the aquatic lover. Yes, there are fruity notes: a tart plum and orange open up the initial bloom of oud. And yes, there is both a rose and an iris note at the heart of scent. Still, these notes all play a supporting role to what is the unique appeal of this scent, which is the decidedly atypical (and unabashedly un-Orientalesque) combination of the oud with the musk and vetvier base notes.

In a less poetic manner: there is no spice or incense, but instead a very warm and skin-like scent that radiates off of the wearer. The initial spray is a tad bit flowery (I find that rose and patchouli together only amplifies the rose), but not overly so, which I attribute to the presence of plum and orange in the top notes. Those first minutes, you smell romantic and a little bit naughty. However, as the perfume mellows it melds to your skin. It’s delicious, but not in a gourmand (foody) sort of way. There’s something slightly carnal about this, something that reminds me of sweat or one’s natural fragrance that radiates off of heated skin. It is here that the New York inspiration feels most sincere; I’m reminded of frantic days and crowded trains and the hints of my perfume on my skin when I crawl into bed hours later.

Oh, which brings me to something I love about this scent: since it contains a higher percentage of oud than most oud scents, it lasts much longer on the skin. As I write this review, I’ve been wearing New York Oud for 18 hours now, and I can still smell it on me! At this point, it smells like my skin but better, if that makes sense. I smell sweet, warm, and cozy. Absolutely perfect.

New York Oud retails for $310 for a gorgeous 100ml bottle and, as with every other Bond I love, it’s completely a worthwhile investment if you’re looking for a more atypical scent.


  1. I keep meaning to get some Bond in phials from perfumed court or somewhere to try it out. Another thing I need to get on with...

  2. Oh my GOD! You had me totally sold on wanting to at least check this out until the last sentence (the price!!). Does it come in any smaller sizes? I can't find any online... Also, where can one count on finding this to sniff it in stores?

  3. Oud is the scent of the season. I have a sample of Incense Oud I'm going to review, but I'd love to smell this one at some point.

  4. I am (unfortunately) falling in love with bond no. 9. I snagged a few bon bons off of ebay and they are absolutely delicious. They do last so long on the skin!


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