Friday, February 25, 2011

Review by Joeybunny - Le Metier de Beaute Smoldering Embarkment Eye Kaleidoscope

Le Metier de Beaute is fast becoming my newest addiction - it may not be as inexpensive as crack, but it sure does make me look and feel better!

It helps that the Le Metier counter at Bergdorf Goodman is manned by the gorgeous and beyond knowledgeable Dustin Lujan. Dustin’s eye and taste is impeccable, so it is no surprise to me that he was commissioned by Le Metier to design their newest Kaleidoscope Eye Kit, Smoldering Embarkment. Le Metier’s Eye Kaleidoscopes are four-tiered little cases of absolutely stunning colors, texture, and pigmentation.

Le Metier’s eyeshadows are designed to be layered to create new colors, and the Eye Kaleidoscopes are meant to be used from top to bottom: using the first color as a base, work your way down to create the color and look you desire. Of course, the shadows don’t have to be used in this way, but these instructions serve as a reminder to experiment with color. Le Metier’s Eye Kaleidoscopes often include a color that makes its owner scratch its head (more often than not, this color is red-toned and decidedly different from the rest), but each color has a purpose: highlight, warmth, shape, definition. Eye Kaleidoscopes are the big girl’s palette!

Smoldering Embarkment is not my first Eye Kaleidoscope; I own Persephone, which came out about two years ago. However, that one was a gift. I actually paid for Smoldering Embarkment. I make this statement because, as you may know, Le Metier’s Eye Kaleidoscopes retail for $95. Yes, $95. The price tag is hefty, but you are paying for four very large eyeshadows in a mirrored compact (and Le Metier’s singles retail for $30 each, so the Eye Kaleidoscope is a bargain - you basically get an eyeshadow for free).

(look at my messy desk with my tower of coconut oil and my Wolverine headphones!)

Admittedly, $95 is a pretty penny to throw down, and so I say the following with all honesty (and not because Dustin is a friend, or because I already love Le Metier):

This palette is absolutely worth the price tag. I mean this! You could create a myriad of sophisticated and beautiful looks with it. The texture of these eyeshadows is unparalleled. Dustin did not fail us.

Ok, enough of that: let’s get to the colors!

Tier One: First Love, gorgeous, glowing ivory-bone color. I have skipped many past Eye Kaleidoscopes because there was always one color (usually the top color) that did not really show up on my skin. However, this color shows up on me; the pigmentation level is such that I could use this as both a highlight or a lid shade. I am always looking for a new favorite highlight shade, and this one is just stunning.

Tier Two: Love Struck, a color that defies normal description. Is it brown? Is it taupe? Is it khaki? Is it bronze? Is it gold? I have no idea. Whatever it is, it is utterly unique. I could not dupe this shade if I tried. I can tell you that it will make taupe lovers, brown lovers, and green lovers go gaga.

Tier Three: In Love, a beautiful and slightly browned red-purple. This color, I expect, would scare most wearers. However, the color is deceiving - on the skin, it swatches a decidedly copper shade. Layered with the other colors, In Love provides an unparalleled depth to the eye. Since I am a red lover, I know I’ll end up wearing this by itself on my lids.

Tier Four: Lovelorn, the most unbelievable grey you will ever see. A deep grey with a blue undertone, Lovelorn has rainbow shimmer. Freakin’ rainbow shimmer. Oh, and the shimmer sticks when you apply it to the lids. Gorgeous, just gorgeous. Lovelorn was the color that made me immediately purchase this palette. Honestly! I only swatched Lovelorn and told Dustin “Ok, ring me up!” Think about that - I paid $95 because of one color. That’s how beautiful Lovelorn is!

So, do you need this? If you haven’t realized that I’d say “yes”, then you have issues with reading comprehension and need to go back to fourth grade. This palette is as inventive and sophisticated as it gets - and is limited edition. Call Dustin at Bergdorf Goodman (212-872-8612) and tell him Joey made you buy it. He’ll understand.


  1. i love this palette too :) it makes me happy :D

  2. I KNEW i should not have read this review. You warned me not to read it but I didn't listen. DAMN! That is freakin beautiful.

  3. Thanks so much for this review - it looks gorgeous!! I have le cirque and splendid frost, but would love to have this one too. Did they say when it would be available on the Bergdorf website? I keep checking but it's not up there yet. Thanks again!

  4. I caved and called and ordered this on Tuesday - can NOT wait til it gets here : )

    When I called, the guy I talked to (maybe Dustin???) said not to use a primer with silicons, meaning my UDPP is a no no. What do you use underneath these shadows?

  5. ive used mine with the NARS e/s primer (which has silicone) and it doesn't change the color, and even he was surprised. use that one. :)

  6. Ok, called and got the eye shadows and I'm so excited! I asked if it will be in Neimans or online and it will not. I don't know this dustin but I think I'm in love. Man I need to make it to Bergdorfs just to see him! Thanks for the push!!!

  7. Panties, I love you girl <3 so glad I got to see you this week! I had missed you so much xoxoxo


    Ladymorri, I do not believe it will be available via the BG website at all. You need to call the counter! =)

    Phyrra, the grey is SO you!

    Kellinicole86, I am sorry I cost you $95+ lol also, I haven't noticed an issue using these shadows with UDPP or the NARS primer, or any primer really.

    Jennifer Leigh, the packaging is AMAZING.

    Sonia, you're gorgeous-er.

    JulieK, I am sorry I also cost you $95+ lol please do come to Bergdorf sometime! I will show you around.

  8. Thanks for the review. They look so gorgeous.

  9. I've been looking at this every time I go to Sacks! Thanks for the swatches, but can you post eye looks too? PLEASE?!?!? ;)

  10. Got It!!! Ha Ha! I love it, money well spent! I might need to get back up its so good! I love your blog thank you for the recommendation! you rock!

  11. I got this a few weeks ago and love it! The colors blend together amazingly.

    My one and only complaint is the packaging - the plastic case feels kind of cheap, much more light than I thought it would be and the shadow pans seemed to be falling out and I had to push them back in.

    I didn't have the same problem with the Le Cirque kit so maybe this was b/c the SE is a special release?

    Still worth the money tho! The shadows are amazing.

  12. OMG i think i will die for this palette.....

  13. I think I have a dupe. :) The second shadow seems similar to the Eye Color Eyeshadow from the Body Shop in 05 Burnished Brown.


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