Friday, February 18, 2011

Review by Joeybunny - Sugarpill Cold Heart Palette

After my incredibly happy experience with my Sugarpill Chromalusts, I decided to once again try something new from the line. This time, I decided to go with some of the pressed eyeshadows. Now, I have heard numerous raves about the pressed eyeshadows. The pans are as big as MUFE, very inexpensive ($12 for a single Sugarpill shadow compared to $14 for a MUFE pan without the plastic compact), and most importantly: BRIGHT! Two of the colors in particular appealed to me, Poison Plum and Afterparty. Poison Plum is a deep, nearly matte purple that is often compared to the famed - and much beloved by this bunny! - MUFE #92. Afterparty is a sheen-y and happy bright blue that Or did she say it was her favorite blue ever? Whatever, Ana knows her colors so I trusted her judgement.

Now, Sugarpill offers three different pre-made 4-pan palette combinations that retail for $34. Think about that: $34 for four eyeshadows that retail for $12 each! Craziness! How could I turn down such a deal? I can’t, and since I fell into some extra “fun money” a couple of weeks ago, I decided to splurge on the Cold Heart palette (well, Brian of Cosmetic Viking pretty much forced me into it with the tutorial featured here - how stunning is he?).

The Cold Heart palette features the previously mentioned Poison Plum and Afterparty, but also has Tako (pronounced Taco, a matte pure white) and Bulletproof (a matte black). I did not already own a white eyeshadow, and black eyeshadows are always handy to own, so this palette was pretty much a no-brainer for me.

So, how does this palette fare? Well, I’ll give you a list and some swatches!:

  • Contrary to popular conjecture, Sugarpill Poison Plum is in no way similar to MUFE #92. Maybe it’s my skintone, but Poison Plum pulls clearly more red-toned than MUFE #92 (MUFE #92 is the horizontal swatch in the above picture). In fact, on my eyes Poison Plum looks almost magenta!
  • Sugarpill Afterparty is really the most stunning blue I have ever seen in pressed shadow form. The closest eyeshadow I can think of that may be similar to Afterparty is Fyrinnae’s 1.22 Gigawatts, but 1.22 Gigawatts may actually be slightly darker and is obviously more shimmery.
  • Sugarpill Bulletproof is the most pigmented black pressed eyeshadow I have ever seen. I thought Urban Decay Perversion was the most pigmented ever, but it pales in comparison. I do have to compare this to Fyrinnae Snow White, though.
  • Sugarpill Tako was slightly disappointing. I know it seems white in my swatch, but that swatch is very heavily built up. There’s something about the tone of my skin that makes this seem more beige when I apply it. I literally have to do at least 5 layers of Tako before it appears white on my lids. 1-3 layers has a color that resembles...well, a certain bodily fluid. It’s true! Look at pictures of Illamasqua Load nail polish to understand what I’m talking about.

Here’s a FOTD I did using this palette. I didn’t use Poison Plum, but used the other three shades. I received SO many compliments on this!

So, do I recommend this palette, or any of these shadows? HELL YES. How could I not? The pigmentation and value is second to none, and the colors are just so pretty and so affordable. I want Love + (a deep true red) and Midori (a happy green) next.


  1. Awesome! I have this palette and I loooove it!

  2. Oooh!
    THe colours look fantastic :)
    I'm getting that splurgey feeling!
    mira x

  3. This is the palette I have and love! The look you did is fantastic!

  4. EEEEE!!! Forgot you got the Cold Heart palette, thought you said you got the Sweet Heart one. And DAAAAAAUMMMMN, you look fine. <3

  5. Thank you for the notes on the comps. The look you did is gorgeous!

  6. Ooh! Can't wait to see the Midori one!!!


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