Monday, February 21, 2011

Urban Decay Naked Palette

I think that by now you all have seen multiple pictures and swatches of the Urban Decay Naked Palette. This is Urban Decay's best selling palette in the history of the company.  Truth be told, they can't make the palette fast enough to sate these hungry neutral shadow lovers. Urban Decay recently had to change some of the options with this palette just to keep up with demand.  Instead of the double ended pencil in brown and black, the palette includes a full size eyeshadow brush.  Some people groused at the change but I think either option is pretty cool. Urban Decay brushes are supposed to be very nice so what's to worry about?

The palette consists of 12 shades of neutral but not boring eye shadows. The first 6 are (from left to right) (A * indicates a permanent color from the UD collection)
Virgin - A sheer satin cream
Sin* - A shimmery champagne
Naked - A matte light brown (perfect eyebrow color for lighter haired users
Sidecar - sparkly deep beige
Buck - A matte brown (perfect eyebrow color for darker blondes to light brunettes
Half Baked - A metallic bronze

The second 6 are (from left to right) (A * indicates a permanent color from the UD collection)

Smog* - A shimmery golden brown
Darkhorse - A shimmer bronzey taupe
Toasted* - A shimmery muted copper
Hustle - A shimmery plum brown
Creep - A metallic and glittery black
Gunmetal* - A metallic dark grey

Ah. But here in lies the reason for my post.  Like most makeup addicts, receiving a pristine, perfect palette is essential. Wonky pans and smudges make the whole experience less than special.  When you enlarge this picture you will see that the arrows on the bottom point to pans that arrived askew in the palette. The arrows on the top indicate pans that had smudges in them (most likely from assembly when the workers were trying to right the pans in the palette)

Now you may ask if these "imperfections" in the palette upset me.  My answer was Yes. It was annoying that I paid $45 for a palette with such poor quality production. However, after I got over  myself and came back to reality I realized that the very slight imperfections had no impact on the quality of the palette. The smudges, while present were probably made by someone wearing gloves. It's not like powder can be a host to a virus or anything like that so I didn't worry about contamination. And most important, those smudges disappeared once I actually USED the palette. Now I have brush strokes on all the pans. The smudges are a distant memory.

As I said above. Sure the palette may have a few pans askew and a few smudges, but that does not detract from the extreme high quality of the shadows themselves.  Urban Decay has very highly pigmented shadows with excellent staying power.  Even the matte shadows are easy to blend and never chalky. You can't go wrong with any of the colors in this palette.  Trust me as a person with a phobia of palettes with more than 5 choices, I never feel apprehensive about which color to choose because I know what ever I choose it will look amazing.  This, my dear readers, is a neutral shadow lover's ultimate palette.

OK. Swatches just for shits and you haven't seen a million of them already.

Virgin and sine are my faves from this section.  I love Naked for filling in my eyebrows.

Darkhorse is an awesome taupe. It makes a great crease color too!

I love Hustle for it's deep plummy colors. Gunmetal has a special place in my heart as it was the very first UD shadow I ever purchased about 13 years ago.

Do you NEED this?  Well if you adore neutral shadows then YES! For the price (now $50) you certainly get your money's worth. (The mini Urban Decay Primer Potion it comes with is nice to have for travel). The only problem is finding a place that actually has the palette in stock.  When I started editing photos for this post The Urban Decay Website had them in stock. By the time I spell checked the post they were gone. But try Ulta, Sephora, and Urban Decay Websites usually have it from time to time and you'll eventually find it. But PLEASE do not pay more than retail for this palette (I'm talking about ebay) It's nice but if you are patient you can get one from a real store.


  1. I was like, "Pay more than retail, wut?" then I went to evilbay and searched for the palette... WUT. Insane.

  2. LOL ebay... the lengths some people will go to get this palette. I'm not too worried if I don't get this palette because most of the shadows are in other palettes or sold as singles.

  3. My feelings are the same I bought 2 one for me and one fr my neice and they were both wonky as all heck and every color had smudges so the 45 ticket peeved me

  4. I love it. I love love love it. I was a fan of UD Neutrals before but bringing 2 BOS along with me when I was leaving the house was a no-no. So I'm really glad to have them all together in this palette; it's one I've reached a lot for during the past months, taken with me on holidays (and actually used!) and I am wearing some of these shadows today.
    Now paying more than retail is probably not a good idea, though.

  5. That made me super happy to see I'm not the only one disgruntled by unwanted smudges and like things shiny and new. I got uber pissed at Holt Renfrew for giving me my Burberry shadow and lipstick with smudges all over the shiny compact and lid. (the store had to order them in so the employee hadn't seen it in person and wanted a look I guess) I then sent them a bitchy email and calmed down and apologized, but it still makes me all grrrrrrry inside :)

  6. I love neutrals. I was thinking of getting this maybe next autumn, when I'm planning to travel to a country that has Sephora. I hope the craze over this palette has subdued by then...

  7. If I'm paying that amount of money for a palette I want it to be flawless, period. Good that it didn't bother you, though.

    Do you know if this is limited edition in the UK? I bought my mum a gift card to Boots to buy one, but it hasn't come back in stock yet...whereas in the US it did. *confused shrug*

  8. This does look lovely and it does indeed make me swoon.
    Another one that is full of pretty neutrals and might be comparable is the In Bloom palette from Smashbox... I feel another swoon coming on, lol. It is another I would love to have. Right now it's out of stock on the Sephora website, as well.
    For some one looking to get a cheap UD fix, Sephora has the Show Pony Shadow Box on sale for $16. It is the same exact thing as the Preen box, except for the art. Plus there are two colors unique to those boxes in it.

  9. That's so gross that they raised the price. This is one of those makeup items that I don't regret not buying. I love neutrals, but this palette is just craziness.

  10. I adore neutrals, since they really make my blue-green eyes sizzle, and i have considered getting this.

    however, when i went to Sephora to see if they had any in stock, i fell in love with a different UD palette (Deluxe, with the silver chains over purple velour) which has 4 neutrals and 5 bright shades and is definitely less sophisticated. GO FIGURE.

    so that was my first UD purchase. i love the neutrals in the palette and will probably buy 2 of them in full-size. and i already own a dizzying number of brown, bronze, gold, and copper shadows, so i can't really justify it!

  11. I love my palette, and kind of want to buy a backup with the brush! :P So easy to put together a look, and it's such a great value (each shadow is actually the same as a full sized UD shadow, according to the packaging info). And I'm in love with all of the limited edition shades. But I agree--it's not worth the insane prices on ebay!

  12. Thanks for the confirmation - I was livid when I finally got this palette and found smudges on the pans. Called Sephora with the complaint, and they offered a small credit towards another purchase - unfortunately the palette was already sold out so there were no options for an immediate replacement.

  13. I think this palette is a must for everyone! I may have a slight obsession with half baked. I try to incorporate into every look I do.

  14. Sellers on eBay are using this post to excuse selling fakes. Although the UDNP options have changed (i.e the brush instead of the pencil) the brown palette still comes packaged in purple velvet display base and clear plastic box with a mini primer, the brush is the genuine good karma brush and inside the actual palette the pans are all properly set into the cardboard palette. There is a palette in a gold cardboard package which is not genuine and not by Urban Decay. The pans are not set in properly, the printing is poorly stamped, the brush is much larger than the urban decay good karma brush and the colors (especially at the light end of the palette) are not any way near as pigmented as the Urban decay product, it doesn't come with a mini primer. It is fine to purchase a dupe when you know what you're getting but it is very upsetting to pay for these fakes which are advertised as genuine Urban Decay. These shops and sellers are making a great profit by selling these dupes as the genuine product and hopefully the blogging community can help increase awareness of this sneaky, dishonest practice. Please contact Urban Decay to verify this comment. Thank you for listening.


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