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Guerlain Rouge Automatique Lipstick in #161 Cherry Blossom

image from Guerlain

As you know I am quite enamoured with Guerlain lipstick. I happen to find Guerlain one of my favorite formulas for lipstick. From the Kiss Kiss to the Rouge G and now I have found a new love Rouge Automatique!  It's a funny thing how everything old is new again. Just look at the bevy of 1980's style clothing for sale at the local mall. (YUK) but one thing that has been re-introduced is a lipstick from Guerlain...and thankfully the 1980's have nothing to do with it.

While searching through the immense Guerlain archives, Olivier Échaudemaison (Creative Director for Guerlain) found a small Art Deco wonder created in 1936 that captured his attention: the original “Rouge Automatique.” Though the legendary lipstick’s craftsmanship and hand finishes were commonplace at the time, the lipstick packaging was a revolution in itself with its single hand push to reveal luxurious color.  Olivier now reinterprets Rouge Automatique for the 21st century – re-innovating the piece as the first lipstick without a cap and with an application technique requiring only a single hand.

That's right my beloved readers. you can now surf your Smart phone whilst applying lipstick and you will never have to use more than one hand to apply that lipstick.

I am a sucker for packaging. Guerlain has some of the nicest packaging for cosmetics around. From the elegant Hervé Van der Straeten designed Kiss Kiss lipstick cases to the opulent Rouge G lipsticks which house their own mirror, the new Guerlain Rouge Automatique is no shrinking violet in a class of attention getting cases.

While the lipstick case itself is not as hefty as the kiss kiss or Rouge G the clever no cap design is intriguing.  A simple metal square slide with the initial G slides down as your lipstick slides UP!

The top opens flawlessly to reveal the lipstick bullet held in a black matte plastic container with the word "Guerlain" in its signature script along the base.  The temptation to reveal the entire bullet during application can be strong, but I advise against it for fear that it may break off from the base if too much pressure is applied without some sort of brace (e.g. the lipstick case).

The square top shape is a tad awkward at first when applying and in my haste I have even smudged some lipstick on to the case, but I have gotten used to it and the one hand, cap-less design is super!

Now don't get me wrong. I know other makeup companies have one hand design lipstick cases but I defy you to find one with a better lipstick formula inside!  I mean, what is the point of a clever package if the product inside isn't worth it right?

Well thankfully Guerlain only copied the case design from the 1936 original and not the formula. Very much a 21st century formula, Guerlain has developed a new formula based on three promises.
1) Second Skin Texture
2) Boosted Colors
3) Long-Lasting Hold

After wearing 2 different Guerlain Rouge Automatique lipsticks for a few days I found the formula to live up quite well to the 3 promises that Guerlain set out to meet.

Now I have 2 different the Guerlain Rouge Automatique,but today I am only going to feature one of them. Why? Because one of the colors is called Cherry Blossom.  Since I live near Washington, DC and the annual Cherry blossom festival began on Friday I think there is no better way to celebrate than by wearing a lipstick called Cherry Blossom (Sure I could actually go and see the Cherry Blossom trees in person and all that jazz, but this is makeup!!) The second reason I'm only showing you one lipstick today is that the lip swatch pics for the beautiful RED called Vega didn't turn out as I liked and I'll be running those pics later this week.

OK.  On to the lipstick review:

Cherry Blossom #161 is a warm frosty pink with slight pearl and shimmery undertones.  As most things that are pink and warm tend to lean orange on my skin, rest assured that Cherry blossom is a sweet baby pink with an amped up adult flare.

The lipstick, upon application, seemed to melt onto my lips, gradually liquefying during application. The result was a soft, second skin feel to the lips with no harsh waxy or oily feel.  I almost forgot I was wearing it!  The pigmentation of the lipstick is astounding. This is a sheer type formula but packs a powerful pigmented punch. I never felt that additional coats were in order to "build up" the color.  It was perfection at first swipe.  For a light pink one would assume that by their first cup of tea the color would be all but a distant memory.  Not in this case.  The pink pigment lasted through my morning tea, but did require a touch up after I ate. (of course) The sheerness of this lipstick made the color look very natural and allowed for it to wear off evenly. I was not facing the dreaded ring of color around my lips. The only drawback, as with all Guerlain lipsticks, is that Guerlain Rouge Automatique lipstick is scented.  I'm actually a fan of the scent but I know others don't like it as much. I will say that the scent can be strong but it does fade when wearing the lipstick and does not have any flavor.

Do you NEED this?  Well if you are a packaging hoor, YES! if you are lipstick hoor, YES! If you want something special to perk up a bad day, YES!

The new Spring shades of Rouge Automatique are available in April 2011 for $35 at select locations of Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and at Bergdorf Goodman.


  1. Such a -lovely- color in a stunning package! I'm a sucker for esthetics, as well.

  2. I love packaging...A lot of the time that is why I buy bad...

  3. Very pretty! I adore luxurious packaging but can't afford the luxurious pricetag.. I balk at spending $7 on a lipstick, so there's no way in heck I would shell out $35 for this sucker. I do enjoy looking at the pictures though! It's almost like having it myself. ;)

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. I am a packaging and lipstick hoor. must have it! lol

  5. Very Pretty and what a fun case? I had a bad experience with the Rouge G formula - caused my lips to itch and peel by the next morning. I am tempted to try my luck again. I guess that's means I'll have to buy this from Sephora for an easy refund, in case I need to return this one.

  6. Love, B and krista carlson and Evelyn: It will gt us every time. MU companies know we are packaging hoors!

    Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリ: Some times it's nice to splurge now & then.

    lexi920: Absolutely! Buy from Sephora so you can exchange if you have a reaction!


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