Friday, March 25, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Insouciant

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Insouciant: in·sou·ci·ant [in-soo-see-uhnt] –adjective: free from concern, worry, or anxiety; carefree; nonchalant. 

One of the 4 new shades from Rescue Beauty Lounge (RBL) Iconic/Ironic collection. Insouciant is the trendiest of the colors by far. Not that trendy is a bad thing. I like trendy. I LOVE purple so when the two combine I can finally be "in fashion" and actually like what I'm wearing.  Mind you I am rarely in fashion. If fashion consists of wearing jeans and a black or grey top with my Keen shoes then I'm fashionable.

That is neither here nor there. I work in a job where I meet with a lot of people and I shake a lot of hands. My hands are focused on a lot so I make sure to keep my nail polish neat and chip free. I try very hard not to wear too crazy of a color to the office, but I do wear black nail polish a lot and some consider that crazy...whatever, I work with philistines! When RBL came out with their latest 4 bottle collection I jumped at the chance to pre-order. I really wanted to get Iconoclast (not JUST for the name) but because it was a black polish with microglitter giving it a metallic like finish. However, I recently reorganized my polish collection and discovered that I have 9786 black or dark grey polishes I figured I could skip that one and go for my next favorite - PURPLE! (of which I only have 8786)

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Lilac to be exact. I couldn't even pronounce the name of the polish, Insouciant, let alone know what it meant, but I did know I HAD TO HAVE IT! This pretty greyed lilac polish is infused with a fine microshimmer of bright blue. The shimmer, less noticeable under the unforgiving fluorescent lights at work, is unbelievably beautiful in natural light.
The application was fabulous. A slightly thick but still fluid polish, the color was almost opaque upon the first stroke of the brush. Two coats makes for an ideal finish.  No streaking, no bubbling, no dragging, just a smooth uniform finish.

I actually used RBLs base coat with this application. I used a top coat (CND) on one hand and none on the other and I have to say I am impressed that the base coat anchored this polish to my nails so well that I only experience minor tip wear on the non top coat hand after three days. the top coat hand still looks as stunning as the first day.  WIN!

Do you NEED this? YES!  If you don't have a greyed lilac polish in your collection this would be an excellent addition. You can purchase Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish directly from their website at Now I'm wondering if I should purchase that black polish, Iconoclast, and up my stock of black polishes to 9787. Hummmm.

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  1. LOVE! RBL polishes remain to be my favorite over the $10 range. These tend to last the longest on me. I can't wait till pay day I want this. If it's still available, of course!


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