Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Givenchy Prisme Yeux Quatour in Candide Garden #78

The hot colors for spring are coral, orange and yellows. I, for one, am relieved to see a break from the typical pastel, Easter egg colors of yesteryear. I'm sorry but I just don't do pastels well...except when it comes to blush. But today we are talking about eyeshadow. Not just any old eyeshadow. Givenchy eyeshadow.  I just love saying the word Givenchy. Pronounced "Je-Vin-Shay". It sounds so....um....French.  OK. It is French. but It's a french word I can pronounce without sounding like a hillbilly.  Givenchy has come out with a whole new limited edition collection for spring called Naivement Couture. It embraces the hot color trend in a clean and refined manner.  

The eyeshadow quartet (A.K.A. Prisme Yeux Quatour) is called Candide Garden. It consist of four delicately and finely milled powder shadows in peach, coffee brown with gold shimmer, pearlized orange and *squee* Sparkly Chartreuse!  I get excited when I see a color that isn't run of the mill in an eye palette. Chartreuse isn't an easy color to wear, nor a color that one would reach for to accentuate their eyes, but Givenchy has found a way to make this color shadow as sheer and as sparkly as dew on a brand new leaf!  The four pyramids of color in the eye palette are soft and surprisingly well pigmented.  I say surprisingly only because, my last encounter with a Givenchy shadow quartet was not so wonderful.  This quartet is twice the size of the Givenchy Le Prisme Mono Eyeshadow #14 I reviewed back in June of 2010. The powder in Prisme Yeux Quatour in Candide Garden is softer, more pigmented and has more depth than the Mono Eyeshadow. The colors blend very well together and apply like a dream!

The neat thing about this shadow is the unification base (The light peach color). When applied all over the lid, this delicate peach, almost my skin tone, color melds with the lid and provides a transformative (I know it's not a word) base in which to apply the other colors.  Apply the darker orange color on top of the peach and it looks less harsh, apply the shimmery coffee brown on top of the base and the gold shimmer starts to pop, apply the sparkly chartreuse on top of the base and the green transforms into a warm yellow and the sparkles dazzle!  

However this is not the only way to wear this quartet.  A nice thing about Givenchy is that they include an instruction sheet with their quartets to show different looks one could achieve with the same quartet.  Being that I'm about as subtle as a brick through a glass window, I opted to use all four shadows in one look.

I applied the light peach all over the lid. then I applied the darker orange at the middle of my eye from the lid to the crease.  Then I applied the coffee brown from the outer V to the crease and below the last line. I finished it off with the sparkly chartreuse on the inner eye and to highlight.  To line I use the Givenchy Magic Khol in Coffee #15 (part of the collection)

The pencil liner was really nice to work with. It provided a nice clean line with plenty of color without having to apply too much pressure to the delicate eye area.  The color, a typical brown matches the coffee brown shadow from the quartet perfectly.  It applied well to the upper lid without dragging on the skin and applied well to the lower lash line without smudging or migrating throughout the day.

Using an eye base, the shadows and liner stayed on well past the 10 hour mark which is significant for a sheer sparkly shadow since those seem to fade the fastest on me.  The overall look of the quartet gave me a very on trend look for spring. I personally feel that it would look better on someone with a warmer and darker skin tone than myself...but hey after decades of pastels for spring, I think those darker and warmer skin tones deserve some eyeshadows that enhance and compliment them rather than trying to fit them in the pale porcelain stereotype of yesteryear!

Do you NEED this?  YES if you are of the warmer toned persuasion, darker skinned than my casper white self, if you love peaches oranges and browns, and/or if you adore chartreuse. The  Prisme Yeux Quatour in Candide Garden (limited edition) retails for $56 and the Magic Khol in Coffee is $21.50. The Quartet can be purchased at www.givenchybeauty.com.


  1. What to do, what to do? I've been eyeing this one for a little while but the greenish gold turns me off as this type of color always look HIDEOUS on me!
    But the other 3 are sooo pretty!!! Dilemma...

  2. it's amazing to see how Givenchy changed from its no pigmentation eye shadows to these! They do look strong on your arm and eye. I was seriously surprised as I wasn't expecting much. I just went by a Givenchy counter today but these weren't at the counter of cours. I can't wait for it to arrive.

    Honestly, I was surprised to read that you prefer strong eye colours. All the while I though you only dig Taupe. :P

  3. Elvira - I just wanted to say I loved how this shading worked to shape your eye. I've been trying to do this lately and failing miserably. But I think it's gorgeous on you! :)

    Also I think the more pigmentation in the Givenchy quads is spelling danger for my wallet!

  4. I have tried the Givenchy Mono Eyeshadows and didn't like them as well. I have seen a few of the quads that I liked but have been scared to buy them since the Mono eyeshadows crashed and burned.

    I don't look good in pastels either.

  5. Absolutely loving your creation, wow xx

  6. Wow. i'm surprised at how well that light peachy cream shade swatched! It's loverly!

  7. Thank God this one's a bit too warm for me and that I just won a Chanel basket with Variations in it (which is very similar, but a little more neutral), since I need another quad like I need a hole in the head. Not that that's ever stopped me. However, I think I might NEEEEED the liner. Thanks for the great review!!!

    Lipstick Musings

  8. That's a great look :D I love the orange and chartreuse shade in this palette...sigh.


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