Monday, April 25, 2011

Guerlain 2011 Summer Makeup Collection

Hot for summer, Guerlain releases hit new collection of Terracotta shades on May 1, 2011!

The collection will consist of the obligatory bronzer but this isn't just any old bronzer. Guerlain is known for its extraordinary collection of bronzers and bronzer that suit almost any skin type.  This summer is no exception.  Guerlain brings you Terra Inca Star Powder.  

Terra Inca Star Powder is composed of two subtly pearl shades: A highlighting golden beige and a bronze-tinted pink. Together these shades will embellish your complexion while warming the skin with an iridescent glow. The case mimics the extra large wooden bangles worn by fashionistas making Terra Inca Star Powder the "it accessory" of summer 2011! Retail for $70

Of course no collection from Guerlain would be complete without a stunning eyeshadow quad. This time Guerlain has gone "Outside the pan" and combined four spectacular shades into one pan for a dramatic and stunning look.  

This new quad is called Terre Indigo 4-Shade Eyeshadow
The catwalks have set the tone: summer will be flashy!  Guerlain reinterprets the trend by creating interlacing, intense colors sprinkled with golden arabesques. Like the colorful Incan qompi fabrics woven from shadows and pigments, the Terre Indigo eyeshadow unites all of their tones into a single palette.  A vibrant orange, an intense blue, a deep brown and a lighter brown, speckled with a pale golden tone, can be used together or separately to match your every desire and mood.  These soft, light powders caress the eyelids with a velvety touch for a natural or sophisticated result that is always mesmerizing.  Retail for $59

As an added bonus Guerlain introduces three new cream eyeshadows into the summer collection.  Ombre Fusion Cream Eyeshadow is a unique creation that offers the softness of a powder, the richness of a cream and the lightness of water all in one. These exclusive eyeshadows reveal a spectacular metallic effect by adorning the eyelids with fabulous shimmering reflections. The effect is striking and will last from dawn to dusk.  Designed to resist heat and dips in the ocean, the Ombre Fusion eyeshadows are the first Guerlain cream eyeshadows specially created for summer!  Available in 3 shades: Rose, Bronze and TAUPE!! Retails for $35 each.

Guerlain is well know for it's luxurious lip products form lipsticks to glosses anyone can find a formula and a color to suit them.  This summer is no exception.  Just in time for summer and plenty of scorching kisses!  

Guerlain presents three new Terracotta Gloss creations.  Neon fuchsia, sunny coral and flamboyant red male the lips look mischievous and ravishing, dangerously delicious.  These neon colors are sheer upon application and will add shine while giving an instant radiance boost to the face!  Their secret? A luminous and translucent formula free of sparkles but packed with pigments.  This non-sticky gloss can be applied at any time of the day for an ultra sensual effect. Available in Three Shades Inca Rose, Inca Orange and Inca Rouge. Retails $30.50 each.

Last but not least a year round favorite comes out this the 2011 summer collection. Seen up for bid for over $70 on evilbay and other sites Guerlain releases the Khôl Kahal.  

The cult favorite Khôl Kajal by Guerlain returns to light up the eyes with its ultra-pigmented formula.  Its cream texture glides on perfectly, making it ideal for women who love a deep hypnotic look.  Upon application, the eye is instantly accentuated!  Dressed in dark and iridescent brown with two ribbons of brown and orange satin, it is a summer essential.  Retail $36.

Are you planning on purchasing any of the Guerlain Summer 2011 collection?  

What catches your eye?

Honestly, for me, the Fuchsia gloss looks really intriguing and of course the TAUPE cream eyeshadow!

All images from Guerlain.


  1. Guerlain has always been best known for their bronzing makeup, and this collection looks really fabulous!

    I'm especially excited about the new cream shadows! The colors are just so up my alley! So... can't wait this collection hits the counter here!

  2. Not a chance in a million that I would buy these as i am very broke but the look of these is just awesome. they look like a sculpture!

  3. Kohl Kajal. My powder Kohl from Guerlain is the most I've ever spent on an "eyeliner" and it's amazing. I don't regret it one bit. I've seen the mixed reviews for it, but I think that's from women who don't use it the Indian way. I love that it instantly enhances my eyes and sticks around forever! Even after washing my face it sort of smudges down in to my lashes and continues to draw attention to my eyes and look nice.

    Hopefully the Kohl Kajal will provide the same benefits as the kohl powder without getting gritty dust in my eyes (my contacts do hate my terrible application methods).

  4. That taupe cream shadow will be hard to resist!

  5. Inca Orange looks gorgeous. Love that packaging!

  6. The glosses were too sheer for me. I missed out on the cream shadows :(
    I had to have the powder is superb though - love it!

  7. OMG I need the Inca Rose gloss, I was looking for a gloss that color and w/o shimmer as well as looooooooooooving that packaging omg.

  8. This may very well bust the Guerlain cherry for me! I don't own any - I've been obsessing over the Guerlain liners and shadows.

  9. Oooh, taupe cream. I like the sound of that. The Kajal sounds interesting too. I think the eyeshadow palette looks pretty but I'm not sure how easy it would be to load a brush with individual colour. That is one I will really need to see in the flesh.

  10. That eye shadow quad looks gorgeous - love the gold shade!! And seriously... a CREAM eye shadow that's meant to withstand heat. How awesome is that?! Can't wait to try it out and see if it really does come through on that promise. I have horrendously oily skin, and practically go through gallons of Mattify Ultra Powder to keep from looking like an oil slick. Of course the problem gets even worse in the summer. If I could find a cream eye shadow that would work on my oily skin, I'd be in heaven!


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