Thursday, April 28, 2011

A (Late Night!) Rant by Joeybunny - Taupe Dupes, OY!

This isn’t a review as much as it’s a rant.

Here are two swatches. They look pretty damn similar, right?

They’re two different eyeshadows.

One is Armani Eyes to Kill eyeshadow in #4 Pulp Fiction, reviewed by Elvira here.

The other is Bare Escentuals Buxom Stay-There eyeshadow in Pug, reviewed by me here.

(they're swatched in the same order as they appear here: Armani L, Buxom R)

I bought the Armani eyeshadow after Elvira reviewed it because I’m a sheep. I forgot I owned BE Pug. I had the Armani unopened for a couple of weeks, but I had already tossed the receipt. When I went to open it to wear it, I realized it looked damned familiar. Then it hit me - BE Pug was the exact same color as GA Pulp Fiction!

Swatching them only confirmed this. The Armani shadow has a better consistency and is more opaque on first swatch, but they are definitely the same color and offer the same effect, at least on my skin.

The Armani shadow retails for $32, the BE Buxom shadow retails for $17. If I had to choose one, I’d lean towards the Armani but if you need to save money, the BE eyeshadow is still pretty awesome.

Sigh. I was mad about this for about half a day, until I realized that I’m a taupe addict and I probably have countless dupes in my stash. Oh well! All this means is that I have plenty of pretty shadows to stare at, regardless of whether they’re all the same color or not!


  1. I'm just happy to know that Pug is in your taupe list. I gots Pug. I ain't gots the GA yet. But this is good info!

  2. Polarbelle, BE Pug is pretty! You might not need the GA now though =)

  3. If you don't have Maybelline color stay quad in Alluring Almond, you should look at it. It's got the perfect taupe in it. I can send you a picture on twitter or something.

  4. I don't! Please tweet me a picture!

  5. I already knew they were identical but didn't feel the need to speak of it because I enjoy people spending money on taupes they already have dupes on. (No. Not really.) But as far as quality goes I find the Armani to be superior. Something must have happened to my BE pug b/c it is deflated and all dried up. It looks NOTHING like yours. That being said, I would never repurchase the BE shadow but I would buy many other Armani ones b/c the quality is so much better. (Just my 2 cents)

  6. Elvira, you clearly aren't storing your cream shadows upside down!! LOL!

    The Armani shadow is clearly superior but I would have definitely bought a different color had I realized that Pug was identical.

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