Friday, April 22, 2011

Review by Joeybunny - Estée Lauder Orange Crush Pure Color Eyeshadow

Last night, I had this whole amazing review on an indie cosmetics company planned for today. Then, I got sleepy.

In my sleepy state, I remembered that on Wednesday I hauled like a mad woman at the Estée Lauder counter at Bergdorf Goodman. Why, you may ask? Well for one, I love Estée Lauder cosmetics and after the brilliant Tom Pecheux took over as the creative director of the line, there have been some incredible releases and the line as a whole has just become phenomenal (if you haven’t checked out Estée in a long time, I really recommend that you do so - you’re missing out otherwise).

The creme of the Estée crop has been the very small, very limited, and very NOW miniature collections Pecheux has designed. I have the eyeshadow trio from this first collection; Cafe Makeup’s Amy did a gorgeous review of it, and I’ll link it here so that you can see. The Naughty Black trio, priced incredibly at $20, is one of the most stunning shadows in my collection. I cherish it, and the attention to color and pigmentation Pecheux poured into it is more than obvious.

Now, a while back I heard news that he was doing another small, limited edition collection for summer. Of course, I had to have the pièce de résistance - Orange Crush Pure Color Eyeshadow. While I was at the Bergdorf counter, I asked if it was still in stock; lucky for me, it was!

(mad fancy packaging!)

If you keep up with makeup trends, color is huge for Spring and Summer 2011, and orange is the color to wear (Pecheux used orange for the Derek Lam S/S 2011 shows). However, there aren’t very many women who can pull off an orange eyeshadow. The genius of Orange Crush is that it is not shimmery or glittery, but is rather a satin texture. This is the sophisticated way to wear orange, if you were so inclined. The pigmentation is superb - my swatch is one swipe of my finger against the eyeshadow, but I know I could have used a lighter touch and built up my swatch if necessary.

(look at that orange!)

This orange isn’t neon, although it is bright. Also, to my eye this is a slightly pinked orange. I think that makes all the difference, as the pink undertone lends a warmth to the shadow that a bright true orange would have lacked. Instead of being just stark against the skin, this shadow appears punchy rather than clownish.

(the eyeshadow is more true to the picture above than in the previous pic!)

Of course, I’m a braver soul than most and I’d wear this layered to full intensity. I love bright eyes. A normal wearer could run this shade along the lashline for a small pop of color (I imagine a neutral eye with this shade along the bottom lashes). Or, this could be worn in the center of the lid with a brown or taupe eye. Or, in the outer corner. Really, I think this will be a nice accent color. I’ll just slap it everywhere and call myself couture. Hell, I’m even going to try it as a blush!

(goddamn, that's a pretty orange! are you brave enough to wear it?)

Since not everyone is as lucky/cursed as I am to have Bergdorf Goodman so close by, you can order this eyeshadow on the Estée Lauder website. It retails for $20, and I highly recommend it - it’s an instant makeup wardrobe update, and really, it’s just fun!


  1. It looks like a gorgeous, intense colour. Not sure if I'm brave enough to wear it full blown couture style though.

    Thanks for the swatch!

  2. Now I know where to look for this. Thanks Joey, I bet it looks gorgeous on you and yes, I'd wear it as a blush too!

  3. So pretty! I find oranges hard to wear, but I bet it looks fab on you.

  4. I just got Jones from Urban Decay & I'm really excited to wear it.

  5. I love EL since TP took over as well, I can see myself buying this, although it would probably land on my cheeks more often than my lips!

  6. Jen W. - It is very bright, and very intense. I might have to do a separate post on how to wear this eyeshadow!

    Lexi - We are makeup twinz <33333

    Phyrra - Thanks love =)

    Auroragyps - UD Jones is SO pretty! I wonder where mine is...

    Jbrobeck - I have always loved EL but I love it more now!

  7. I love Estee Lauder eyeshadows, and many things from this brand! And this orange is simply gorgeous. Don't have too many orange eyeshadows in my stash, will have to find this here in the UK. But I wonder if this would be available here.

  8. I applaud anyone who can wear orange, and that one, indeed, looks great. MAC makeup artists *always* try to sell me Rule, but I just can't do it. It overwhelms my delicate features, so I stick with taupe!

  9. Vonvon, I hope you can find the eyeshadow in the UK! Keep me posted.

    Zuzu's Petals, taupe is always a good thing =)


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