Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Poll - by Joeybunny!

I’m currently, once again, facing the perennial battle every makeup addict/blogger faces: what to do when he or she realizes that his/her stash is eating him/her alive.

My room has been taken over by eyeshadows, highlighters, and bright pink lip colors. I need someone to help me make sense of this. The other day I was digging for an eyeshadow I had reviewed here a few months back, and found about twenty eyeshadows I had either used once and forgotten about, or had never used and forgotten about. It was a major epiphany, considering how much money I have spent lately on makeup. I felt gluttonous, selfish, and mostly - incredibly disorganized.

Now I damn well know better than to say “Oh, I’ll just no-buy it for a while!” - I can’t do that right now. I’m at a bad place in my life right now and makeup has proven to be one of my biggest comforts. Can I low-buy, though? Sure! Besides, it’s about six weeks until my birthday and I have an unspoken rule that anything non-essential that I buy myself in the six-week period before my birthday has to be saved as a birthday gift to myself and not touched until June 17th. Also, I have realized that I truly need more storage space. I am planning on moving apartments by the end of the summer, but until then, I need me some sort of drawer system.

Eh, we’ll see. At the end of the day, I’m a blogger, and an aficionado, and a collector: life is too short to punish myself for pursuing something that makes me happy and keeps me looking pretty! The only real worry I should have is if my makeup really, literally starts eating me. Mutation, it’s only a good thing in the X-men/Marvel universe!

(Logan, you're the only mutant for me! Swoon!)

Now, onto the poll!

  • Lip of the day?: Knowing me, it’s going to be NARS Schiap. Since I bought this lipstick, I can’t seem to put it down. A statement lip is a beautiful thing, and I love hot pink on me.

  • Last book you read, and the next book you’re planning on reading?: I finished NARS Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself this weekend and I am once again stunned at the genius that permeates Francois Nars. I have Turin and Sanchez’s “Perfumes: The A-Z Guide” and I’m a few pages in and loving their writing and obvious passion and knowledge.

  • Latest makeup acquisition?: I was gifted a bottle of NARS Super Orgasm Illuminator by one of my closest friends who knows my love of makeup and NARS very well. I am in love with it, as I am in love with Copacabana Illuminator. Expect reviews of these soon.

  • Random makeup related fact about you?: As addicted as I am to buying makeup in general, the one item I don’t buy often is bronzer. Weird, right?

  • Random non-makeup related fact about you?: I have an abnormally good memory for people’s names...because I associate names with hair. I will forgot someone’s name if their hairstyle changes.


  1. •Lip of the day?: Currently By Terry Baume de Rose, need to soften my lips up!

    •Last book you read, and the next book you’re planning on reading?: Last book, was possibly Irvine Welsh The Acid House Stories. I want to try and read the Halo book that made it's way into my bookcase.

    •Latest makeup acquisition?: A little haul at Boots & Superdrug (as blogged) Revlon ColorBurst lipgloss in Papaya, Super Lustrous lipstick in Kiss Me Coral, Just Bitten lipstain in Passion, Accessorize Eye Dusts, Barry M Dazzle Dusts in Old Gold & Petrol Black and Hot Pink Kohl Pencil.

    •Random makeup related fact about you?: I never curl my lashes. I just forget tbh :D

    •Random non-makeup related fact about you?: I have the ability to mix at 260bpm... bring on the bounce :)

  2. Whoo! A poll I get to answer after it has been created! Oh and I purge often. Not puking, but getting rid of makeup. My local friends and not so local friends are the recipients of these makeup purges because I don't find it ethical to sell makeup as a blogger. I do get a lot of press samples and while I would NEVER EVER sell a press sample I don't want someone to think that I am so I give my MU away. My last recipient was my Niece. My brother & sister in law are probably going to kill me b/c I sent her a ton-o-stuff. My stash is back to a manageable pile.
    1) Lip of The Day - Chanel RA in Delicate.
    2) Last Book and Next Book? Retail Hell by Freeman Hall. A hilarious "bio" of a tortured sales associate. I finished it in like 2 days. It was a blast. Next book. I'm thinking about starting the "A Song Of Ice and Fire" series (A Game of Thrones HBO series is based off of) But I rarely have time to read b/c I'm addicted to crossword puzzles and just got a 350 puzzle book yesterday.
    3)Latest Makeup Acquisition: - Chanel JC blush in Tourbillon an Asia Exclusive and sold out in Asia so basically a Blush YOU CAN'T HAVE! Muwahahahah
    4) Random Related MU fact about me: The same as Joey. I don't really buy bronzer yet EVERY makeover MA wants to put it on me.
    5) Random non-makeup related fact about me: As girl as I am, I love a lot of GUY things. I LOVE Mixed Martial Arts, UFC fights. I LOVE NFL Football, I LOVE Ice Hockey, I LOVE listening to Howard Stern, I LOVE Action Movies and I can talk Comics/Sci-Fi/Fantasy with the best of the geeks. In fact, at most socials with the Neighbors I avoid the house fraus & end up chatting with the husbands b/c talking about The Washington Redskins and the latest UFC match up is far more interesting.

  3. Lip of the day? Chanel RA Flamboyante

    Last book you read, and the next book you’re planning on reading?Am finishing Freakonomics and will then read Cosmetics and Compacts that has just arrived :)

    Latest makeup acquisition? Dior Aurora

    Random makeup related fact about you? I never wear makeup on Sundays (unless I go out but I normally don't)

    Random non-makeup related fact about you? I love books, when I wasn't into makeup, I hoarded books.

  4. Lip of the day?
    Darling Girl Lipstick in Shy Girl.
    It's a bright, almost neon coral-pink with a hint of violet.

    Last book you read, and the next book you’re planning on reading?
    Last book - Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins
    Currently reading - Real Vampires Have More to Love by Gerry Bartlett
    Next book I'm planning on reading - Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris

    Latest makeup acquisition?
    Estee Lauder Double Wear in Shell

    Random makeup related fact about you?
    I never thought I'd be able to wear a bronzer, but I was able to use Tokidoki Inferno Bronzer in Royal Pride very lightly to give me a bit of color yesterday.

    Random non-makeup related fact about you?
    I'm a huge animal lover.

  5. •Lip of the day?: Clinique Stellar Plum

    •Last book you read, and the next book you’re planning on reading?: THe secret of Scent. The boxcar children for nostalgic reasons.

    •Latest makeup acquisition?: 3 dazzleglass, 1 lipglass in Prr

    •Random makeup related fact about you?: I have never owned a bronzer. I would not even even know how to put it on.

    •Random non-makeup related fact about you?: I like to pay for a strangers gas or groceries.

  6. •Lip of the day?:
    Probably my Clinique long-wear gloss in Tenderheart. Love it!

    •Last book you read, and the next book you’re planning on reading?:
    I need to finish "Tell me Where it Hurts" by DVM Nick Trout & Jodi Picoult's "House Rules." This whole college/ work thing had really affected my reading time.

    •Latest makeup acquisition?:
    Some Clinique- mostly lippies and the Pretty in Pinks and Plums kits (which happens to have a taupe and a slightly taupey plum in the palette)

    •Random makeup related fact about you?:
    Putting on my make up in the morning is like my "me time"- it helps me to feel more balanced and ready for the day.

    •Random non-makeup related fact about you?:
    I own a cow & a baby calf :)

  7. * Lip of the day?: Clarins Jolie Rouge 717 in Plum.

    * Last book you read, and the next book you’re planning on reading?: Just stayed up to finish Ariana Franklin's 4th book in the A mistress of the Art of Death series, last night. Its called A Murderous Procession. I have no idea what my next book will be, I am fairly voracious reader and always have several waiting in the wings to be read.

    * Latest makeup acquisition?: Guerlain Terracotta Inca stuff - terribly bad for the bank account.

    * Random makeup related fact about you?: I love plum lippies - I probably have 700 million shades that look almost the same because I can't resist them. *sigh*

    * Random non-makeup related fact about you?: I really want to have a Red Fox as a pet.

  8. Lip of the day: just MAC tinted lip conditioner in Fuchsia Fix

    Last book you read, and the next book you're planning on reading?: The Lover's Dictionary, by David Levithan. The next book is Tinkers, by Paul Harding.

    Latest makeup acquisition: my Sephora 15% haul had...many things. Yikes.

    Random makeup related fact about you?: I hardly ever wear mascara or lipstick.

    Randmon non-makeup related fact about you?: I'm a rock climber :)

  9. LOTD--3 Custom Color Peacock gloss--a coral with pink iridenscense--gorge!

    Currently reading The Dressmaker of Khanda Khair--will start The Bird Sister after that.

    Latest acq--Smashbox Soft Effects powder eyeliner in Gunmetal--lurve!!!

    Random m/u fact? --I still suck at liquid liner--even tho I'm a beauty blogger and I've had 50+ years to get it right.

    Random non m/u fact-I do voices--British (Cockney & Posh), Southern, New Yawk (cawfee),Russian, French--it drives my friends and family nuts so I do it a lot.

  10. Lip of the day?: Dior Addict 762 Paris. I just got this as a belated birthday present to myself about two weeks ago and I can't stop wearing it! I think I wore it for almost 5 days in a row when I first got it. The texture is way better than the old Dior Addict/High Shines and Paris is a really pretty rose pink with enough pigmentation to actually show up on me. :D

    Last book you read, and the next book you’re planning on reading?: The last book I read was Terry Pratchett's Making Money from his DiscWorld series and it was absolutely HILARIOUS. I'm actually also currently reading The Guide.

    Latest makeup acquisition?: I just received Clarins new blush in 03 Miami Pink last week as a belated birthday present. It's really pretty!

    Random makeup related fact about you?: LOL. I'm the same as you! I have one bronzer. And over my makeup-wearing life, I think I've only had 3 or 4 ever.

    Random non-makeup related fact about you?: I more often than not wear tights with a skirt or shorts, not so much because I wish to be fashionable (though I do love my shorts and skirts) but really, because I have pretty bad dermatographia and the rubbing from jeans (I guess I buy cheap jeans) gives me hives all over my legs. Except for one super ridiculously soft pair of barely-denim jeans that's 4 years old now and starting to come apart at the seams. I figure it's that or wearing dress pants every day so....

    (Like seriously, I have it bad, even a purse ribbing against my side can cause hives. And it's exacerbated by dryness. When I lived in Ohio, during the wintertime I couldn't even make it 3 blocks to the nearest coffee shop. ;_;)

  11. * Lip of the day?: Nothing. I must be sick. Oh wait, it's allergy season and I'm saving all my tricks for tomorrow's crazy Facinator post in honor of that thing going on across the pond.

    * Last book you read, and the next book you’re planning on reading?: Pale Demon, by Kim Harrison. Next book... not sure, but I'm planning on writing some more.

    * Latest makeup acquisition?: Oh gawd... a whole lotta INGLOT from my Vegas trip!!! Unless you count the Hourglass lip glosses I purchased from Gilt (because of Elvira's review mind you) that I finally received yesterday.

    * Random makeup related fact about you?: I have never had a lip gloss turn on me to the best of my knowledge. Everyone complains about this, but I still have some that are as old as my marriage.

    * Random non-makeup related fact about you?: I love my rubics cube collection on my desk at work.

  12. 1. rhubarb lanolips

    2. the omnivores dilema

    3. le metier foundation and lip gloss in cannes

    4. i can never have too many lip products

    5. i am currently having disneyland withdrawls (yes, I have the mentality of a 5yo)

  13. •Lip of the day?: WnW 904 - Megalast - I have 8 of these now and I can't get enough. This is a bright corally pink.

    •Last book you read, and the next book you’re planning on reading?: I just finished Jonathan Franzen's Freedom at Joey's recommendation.

    •Latest makeup acquisition?: ♥ UD Rollergirl Palette ♥

    •Random makeup related fact about you?: I'm a champagne e/s ho.

    •Random non-makeup related fact about you?: I'm a rollergirl who likes to cook and eat.

  14. Lip of the day?: Burt's Bees Honey lip balm...zzzz, boring right?

    Last book you read, and the next book you’re planning on reading?: One of Laurell K. Hamilton's Merry Gentry series (can't even remember which one). Next up will be Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Should have read it about 30 years ago, shame on me.

    Latest makeup acquisition?: All of the WnW newest Color Icon trios.

    Random makeup related fact about you?: I am obsessed with getting everything in a collection even if I only really use a couple of items.

    Random non-makeup related fact about you?: I used to build race cars, you know dragsters and nitro-funny cars? I still do the occational tune-up, but thats about it.


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