Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum

The End Of Days is upon us.  How do I know? I just fell in love with a SECOND Clinique product. I think you all may be familiar with my dislike of the Clinique brand, It all started almost 25 years ago with a terrible makeover of such epic proportions that I had to endure years of therapy and medication just to stop the reoccurring nightmares.  You may also remember that I likened the Clinique Skin Care "Computer" to the antithesis of a Cray Supercomputer and felt that the entire three step skin care line was a huge joke.  Well I am slowly coming to the realization that maybe...perhaps...the Clinique cosmetic and skin care line may have undergone some improvements in the last 25 years and maybe, perhaps, might NOT be the same nightmare that it was almost TWO and a half DECADES ago.  You see since I'm still stuck in the 80's listening to Tears For Fears The Hurting* album, I sometimes forget that the world has progressed in all things ... including makeup.  My dislike of Clinique is so well known among my friends that when I told Joeybunny I was going to write this post today, she started to panic, curl up in a little ball in the corner of the interwebz and rock herself slowly back and forth chanting "End of days. End of days." over and over again.

So what is this miracle product?  What has started The Rapture early and will be the end of the world as we know it. Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum.

image from clinique.com
There. I said it out loud. I holds no power over me anymore.  I am free! I am free to tell you that I received a generous sample from Neiman Marcus and then a deluxe sample from Sephora and I was hooked!  According to Clinique, this ..."pore resurfacing complex quickly, gently clears out debris and rough flakes. Pores ‘snap back’ into shape. In 2 weeks, pores look 58% smaller. Guaranteed. Over time, help skin create stronger supports and healthier cells to see more improvement."  As the Clinique website does not list the ingredients I can't tell you what specifically makes this a wonder product, but I can tell you the results I had.

1. Face felt slightly smoother after two weeks of use
2. Pores were not 58% smaller, but many looked were less congested
3. My oily face was LESS OILY!!!
4. I don't need any other results because this product made my face less oily!

Yes. I used this product only in the morning and I can say that my face did not require the 5 blotting sheets to remove the oil slick until 2pm when normally I would need those blotting papers by 12pm.  Yep. I still was oily but less and less blotting papers were required to rid the oil from my face.  This, my dear readers, is a WIN!
image from clinique.com

The white semi opaque liquid comes in an airless pump dispenser so I'm not sure how many pumps it takes for a full face as I was using samples in different containers, but I can say that a small amount spread evenly over my T-zone and absorbed and dried almost in an instant.  My skin felt immediately dry and matte and while my skin didn't feel tight, it certainly felt firm.  I used the Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum under my regular moisturizer and then applied my beloved Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Instant Perfector (now in new packaging) as a primer before foundation.  The Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum tightened the pores on my face slightly and I found that the Clinique Instant Perfector worked even better than it had before.  I did not encounter any breakouts while using this product, nor did the product dry out my skin making it flaky or itchy.  I really was pleasantly surprised at how well this product worked.

Do you NEED this? YES! Yes if you have oily skin. Yes if you have very large pores that you want to refine. Yes yes yes!  The one ounce bottle retails for $39.50.

image from clinique.com

So I was going to purchase a bottle myself though my Buddy Jenine who sells Clinique, but I JUST found out about a deal on Clinique.com that allows you to pick out your own Gift With Purchase (GWP) with any 21.50 purchase...plus spend $40 and you get free shipping!! This started today, May 17th 2011. I'm not sure how long it will last.  The deal is. Pick 6 skincare & makeup treats (one from each category) and get them all with a pretty silver metallic bag. Let's face it. Aside from Estee Lauder, Clinique has some pretty fantastic makeup bags. The categories you can choose from are:
Makeup Removers
Eye Specialists
Cheek Colour
Lip Colour
Skincare (Yellow GOOP is not an option Whee!)

I can't resist a good GWP, especially when I get to choose what goes in it so I purchased my Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum along with a replacement Pore Refining Solutions Instant Perfector and chose the following for my GWP:
Blushwear Cream Stick sample in Rosy Blush
All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage sample
Dual-ended Different Lipstick & Glosswear sample in Think Bronze & Air Kiss
Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 40 sample
Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips sample
Online Bonus - High Lengths Mascara in Black sample 

Oh, and to make the deal even better, I used ebates to get 4% back on my entire order!!
Not a member of ebates? You can sign up here using this referral link. Please note that by signing up though that link I will get a $5 bonus if you sign up for ebates and make a purchase through them. If you would rather NOT sign up through my referral link (and I'm totally cool with that) you can simply go to http://www.ebates.com and sign up from the main page.  So far, using ebates since 2007 I have earned over $500 cash back...and that number could have been more if I didn't forget to use it 20% of the time! (for example Sephora and Drugstore.com are 12% cash back today!)

* Tears for Fears The Hurting Album is the single most depressing album from the new wave era ever.


  1. Elvira - Judgment Day is May 21 and now this Clinique gush post confirms it - WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!
    I am glad you found something that works for you though! And LOVE GWP's - I buy half my shit just to get free crap I will never use :D

  2. Love the review ;)

    I will look into this. I have oily skin, clogged pores, and some large pores. :/

  3. Everyone who orders on-line should use Ebates. There are great cash back incentives for all kinds of things: department stores, travel, electronics, home furnishings, clothing, you name it. Those quarterly cash back checks can really add up. I also like that you can search for the latest coupons good at the participating sites. For example, I recently received an order from Beauty.Com that was 20% F&F at the site, plus free shipping, plus 12% cash back from Ebates. Awesome!

    I'm glad to see so many bloggers putting the word out there about Ebates. The more people who join, the more stores will be motivated to offer great deals. And, no, I'm not affiliated with Ebates in any way. I just love a good deal.

  4. Oh my God, you are not kidding about that album. Loved it though.

  5. I had no idea about ebates. I did use your referral link - it's the least I could do ;) That comment about T4F cracked me up.

    I think The Cure has the most depressing music of that time frame.

  6. You have drafted me to the dark side!!! I placed my order at Clinique this afternoon and I have to say I am so excited!!!

    The GWP was just too good to pass up :-)


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