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LEONOR GREYL Natural Hair Products

I recently has the immense pleasure of trying out two LEONOR GREYL hair products. The Shampooing au miel (Gentle volumizing shampoo) and the Regenerescence naturelle (Pre Shampoo Treatment Essential Oil).  Before I get into how wonderfully these products work let me tell your a few things about LEONOR GREYL and my own hair.
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First LEONOR GREYL.  The LEONOR GREYL brand has been around for over 35 years focusing on hair care treatment using only natural products.  The meeting with her future husband Jean-Marie Greyl, in 1968, decided the creation of LEONOR GREYL brand. Jean-Marie Greyl has an extraordinary knowledge in botanics. While history may have been rewritten to reflect that the late 1960's was widely accepting of all natural products, in actuality "Natural" was not yet the fashion but it was at this time that the first products to have success, and continued to have success today. One of the first treatments was called: HONEY SHAMPOO and it is now known as shampooing au miel.  With the high quality and attention to detail of all the LEONOR GREYL products, success for the company was inevitable. 
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Now in the 21st century this family business is spearheaded by Caroline Greyl and her husband, a biologist, chemist and plant lover. I have no doubts that they will continue the success of this family tradition of silicone free and harsh chemical free products that contain healthy plant extracts for beautiful hair.

Second. My Hair. My hair and I have never gotten along. I was born with beautiful brick red hair and it slowly turned strawberry blonde then almost platinum, but then it decided to turn on me and become an ashy dark blonde (read: mousy dishwater blonde) color.  At the time I was using the LEONOR GREYL shampooing au miel and treatment oil. my hair was uncolored-Virgin hair. It is still fine, prone to breakage and limp. My hair can be blown out with the most heavy duty volumizing products and be limp in a few hours or after a stiff breeze. My hair is fairly dry as is my scalp. My scalp and hair are so dry that I can go up to three days without shampooing (Of course I shower!!) and still have no oil or grease in my hair. My hair is also fairly wavy and turns frizzy with just the slightest humidity. It lacks shine and bounce and basically looks blah.

OK. So now that you know about LEONOR GREYL and my disappointing hair let's get down to brass tacks shall we?

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 First the treatment oil!  Regenerescence naturelle is a mix of essential oils and botanical oils to stimulate and purify the scalp while encouraging hair growth.  The product is rich in amino acids, proteins and botanical oils that work to increase hair flexibility. It also increases surface blood and circulation, preventing deficiencies of the scalp. (read: dry scalp, or thinning hair)  I applied a dropper full of oil to the middle part of my hair and massaged it in and worked it all over my scalp. I also used a few drops on my fingertips when it felt like I needed a bit more oil.  I would massage this oil into my scalp at least 15 minutes before my shower. Since I shower at night I had no problem timing this, but for those that shower in the morning it might be wise to iron your shirt for the day or brush your teeth and feed the pets while you wait for this to work.  Once the oil has been in for 15 minutes I started the process of washing my hair. My scalp felt energized and warmer...probably because of the massage. My shampoo had no problem lathering as a result of using this oil, as some oily treatments can retard the later of most shampoos. Once finished washing and conditioning, my hair my scalp felt exceptionally clean and my hair did not lay as flat on my head as it once did.  Most important, my scalp did not feel as dry as it had before.  I believe that using the Regenerescence naturelle oil has significantly improved the condition of my scalp as far as dryness AND has contributed to my hair seeming more full and having more volume than usual.  This items runs for $49 USD and I used it once every 2 days. I still have plenty after a month of use and I have noticed that I now only need to use it at every other shampoo since my scalp has been normalized. I plan to purchase Regenerescence naturelle treatment oil when I run out.

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Second the Shampoo. OK. I admit this is my FAVORITE part. I was extremely skeptical when I received this small 4 oz bottle of shampoo. But when I opened the bottle and smelled the divine honey scent I was won over. It's not the synthetic honey scent, it smells like honey and flowers and herbs. It is he most beautiful smelling shampoo I have EVER used and I wish I had a scent matching conditioner and body wash to go along with it.  It makes taking a shower a luxury.  OK. but 4 oz. That's small.  Ah ha! But you only need a small amount to thoroughly cleanse your hair.  Following directions of depositing a small amount in your palms and emulsifying it then applying it to my hair starting at the scalp and working down I found that a little bit of the shampoo went a long way. I also found that if it didn't seem to foam as much, a splash of water helped it along and I was able to get my whole head and shoulder length hair into a beautiful foamy, honey scented, vision of decadence.  This shampoo rinsed out so clean and so well I never felt any residue on my hair. My hair was literally squeaky clean!  After using this shampoo for a month (every other day 2 washes per use),  I have a little less than half of a bottle left.  At $28 this may seem expensive but the results are sooo worth it. Oh did I not tell you the results?

Oh my goodness this shampoo made my hair so light and fluffy and bouncy and shiny. I almost didn't recognize it.  I had "Breck Girl" hair (those that know what I'm talking about are smiling and those that don't...well you're missing out!) 

The wave in my hair was soft and my hair felt so incredibly silky. Blow outs were a cinch and flat ironing left my hair with still more volume than I had before I had started using this shampoo.  I was truly amazed at how healthy my hair looked. The fact that my fine limp hair now had body and movement  it made the delicious honey floral scent more of a treat!  Now that my hair is colored I am thinking of trying the Bain Vitalisant B shampoo next.

Do you NEED this? YES! If you have fine limp hair I think that with proper use you will find a dramatic change in the look and texture of your hair after just one wash. If your hair is not fine and limp you are still in luck, LEONOR GREYL has a product for a wide range of hair types.  You can easily purchase directly from or from,,, or

What about you? What is your hair like and do you think you need a change in products?


  1. Kim Basinger is my favorite classic Breck Girl! I'm old, too!

    I have course Asian hair that won't take a curl if you paid it to! I have a lot of it but it's not super thick - is that an oxymoron? I have been curious about this line and I have a dry scalp. This may be what I need but I like sleeping in and showering in the morning.

    Guess, I have to start waking up on time again!

  2. I have thin curly hair that gets on my nerves. My scalp is always itchy and I'm trying to find a better shampoo. I do like my conditioner (Goldwell) because it helps with my frizzies, but not entirely. I'm hoping to find a leave in treatment or like a deep conditioning treatment that won't weigh my hair down.

    My main gripe with hair stuff is that it leaves my hair either super dry/frizzy, or it weighs my hair down.


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