Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Review by Joeybunny - Tocca Aqua Baci Lip Glosses

There’s nothing I love more than to give kisses. Who doesn’t love a kiss? Kiss is such a fun word too: KISS! It sounds sweet, and happy, and a little naughty.

Even in different languages kiss sounds lovely! In Spanish, kiss is “beso”; in Italian, kiss is “baci” - and this leads us to today’s review!

Tocca, who is as well known for their delicious fragrances as they are known for their beautiful clothing, released a line of rollerball lip glosses a few months back called Aqua Baci. I know what you’re thinking: rollerball lip gloss, Joey!? Yeah, I know. It struck me as a bit unsophisticated for such an elegant line. However, after having tested all three flavors of gloss, I can only describe the Aqua Baci glosses as cheerful, fun, but grown-up. Looking past the little girl exterior, the scents, flavors, and general feel of these glosses is perfectly suited for us big girls!

The Aqua Baci glosses come in three flavors: Amalfi (apple lemon), Catania (sweet sugar vanilla), and Salina (raspberry peach). If you are at all familiar with Tocca’s absolutely dreamy scents, you could only imagine how terribly delicious these glosses taste and smell. It was hard for me to pick a favorite, but Catania’s sugary sweet and warm taste won my heart (my darling guy friend, who’s sitting on my bed as I type this, picked Amalfi as his favorite). All three glosses are clear, and not overly glossy. Wearing these won’t make you look like you drooled on yourself. They look lovely on a bare lip, and they shine (haha, I made a pun, sort of!) over lipsticks or lip liners.

What I find to be exceptional about these glosses besides their smell and taste is their moisturizing capability. These glosses are as moisturizing as my favorite lip balm (Labello, if you had to ask), and my lips feel plump and soft hours after the glossy shine wears off. I would go so far as to call these glosses a liquid balm, really. Truly, they are a treat for the lips! Mille baci to the Tocca people for thinking to create such lovely lip products.

The Aqua Baci come in 2.2mL rollerball tubes (which I find to be pretty large!) and retail for $14. They’re available on the Tocca website, and I really recommend picking one up, especially if you need a lovely pick-me-up; these are as much as an aromatherapy/taste treat as they are a lovely addition to your lip arsenal. Also, you'll be able to give delicious kisses!


  1. I NEED these! If for any other reason that they are rollerball glosses and they will transport me back to the 1970's but keep me planted in the 2010's without making my lips look like I just ate a bucket of fried chicken! I can't decide which one I want most tho!!!

  2. They sound awesome! Thanks for the review.

  3. Elvira, they're all very yummy. I say go with whatever flavor Jon would most prefer =D

    Mighty J, you're welcome! They are fun glosses.

  4. I want the raspberry peach. These really take me back to my teen years--but do I wanna go there again? Some days yes, some days no!

  5. I am dying to try one of these!

  6. Mmm I've been wanting to try one of those for a while. I kind of have an obsession with anything about Amalfi. Thats where I want to travel to in italy :)

  7. Oh my!! Elvira this does bring back the 70's kissing potion.

    What I wouldn't give for another Straberry Cheesecake gloss!

    I love the idea of these, and the not making us look like we drooled on ourselves is a big plus.

  8. I searched the world for these and finally found them on Sephora last year. As usual they stopped carrying them. Have to search a littler further and they are quickly being snapped up. Yes, back to the 70's, but if it's good it's timeless. I have a small stock pile.


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