Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday Poll (and June's Blush You Can't Have!) - By Joeybunny!

Today I bring you a very special episode of the Thursday Poll!

Since today is the end of the month, that means that it’s time for the June edition of BLUSHES YOU CAN’T HAVE! If you recall, last year Elvira and I brought you TAUPES YOU CAN’T HAVE!, because we’re sadistic bitches and we like to show you all pretty things that you can’t have. This year, we’re doing blushes: January was Chanel Joues Contraste in Poesie; February was MAC powder blush in Afterdusk; March was Shu Uemura Sakura Glow-On; April was Inoui ID blush in PK-1; and May was Chanel Joues Contraste in Turbulent.

Today also happens to be Thursday, which means that it’s poll time! What’s a bunny to do, then, when she’s faced with so many blog responsibilities? COMBINE THEM, DUH! It’s kind of like when the Power Rangers would come together to form that Megazord thing.

(Ah, I miss the 90s!)

Anyhoo, on to today’s poll!

1) Blush of the day?: Well, I’m wearing the much beloved, much coveted, and now discontinued Wet ‘n Wild blush in Naive.

I’ll never understand why Wet n’ Wild discontinued this color (it was discontinued before the brand’s entire overhaul), because this was - in my (not so) humble opinion - their best blush. The color is hard to describe: not quite orange, not quite pink, but not quite coral. Ok, maybe coral would be the best descriptor, but still - there is a decidedly melon edge to Naive.

(Mr. Octopus Ring was one of my birthday presents from Elvira!)

Whatever, the color is ridiculously gorgeous and flatters literally every single imaginable skin tone. Oh, and Naive is one of the most insanely pigmented blushes ever.

(Unblended swatch on top, blended swatch on bottom)

I have to use a skunk brush when applying it, or else I get way, way too much color on my face. Nobody likes a clown face. Clowns are scary.

2) Your favorite drugstore blush(es)?: Well, the Wet n’ Wild ones for sure! They retail for around $3USD (crap, I should have bought like twenty Naives!) and they’re ridiculously pigmented. I love Pearlescent Pink (which was not discontinued and exists in the new, revamped line), and I adore the MegaGlo powders (which have 5 stripes of color) - I own three of those, and Rock n’ Rose is my favorite.

3) Your favorite high-end blush(es)?: Oh, easy - NARS! I also do love the MAC blushes, but the LE ones are always my favorite. But NARS blushes are so dependable. I love both the powder and cream formulas. My two favorites are Penny Lane (cream) and Madly (powder).

4) Your favorite blush brush?: What a hard question! Hm, if I had to choose, probably my MAC 109.

5) If you could have your dream blush made (color, texture, formula, finish), what would it be and what brand would make it for you?: I’d want NARS to make me a shimmery taupe-brown cream blush.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow in Prelude

I didn't want to believe the press images of the new Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow palette when I saw them. I have been let down by PR images in the past.  However, when the notion of a new TAUPE eye shadow palette from Chanel was planted in my tiny lizard brain, I went into full survival mode.  

All unnecessary bodily functions were shut off in order to survive until the Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow Palette in Prelude was released. I ceased bathing and tweeting. I camped out in front of Neiman Marcus inspecting each delivery truck like a bomb sniffing dog.  I sat in the hot, hot sun and in the cool, wet rain but I never strayed from my post.  I would scurrry about when the mall security cops came by with my large Chanel sunglasses and Louboutin heels so as to blend in and not look like the stalker of taupe eyeshadow that I actually was.  Eventually the Sales Associates at Neimans adopted me and left me croissants, expired Dylan's Candy Bars and bowls of Vanilla half-caf latte outside the doors at night.  I was greeted every morning with a stronger and stronger yearning for a TAUPE eye shadow palette from Chanel.  Finally, On Friday I met my reward.

Like walking into the promised land, when I opened the doors of Neiman Marcus the lights shown a little brighter. I heard angels singing. The sparkle from the silver and gold accents in the store twinkled in my eye.  And there she was. My favorite Neiman Marcus Chanel Product Specialist, Janine Greenberg.  Her expertly applied makeup beckoned to me like a siren's song. She said with no more than a whisper, "We got the new Fall collection in. Do you want to see it?"  Like words spoken from a prophet I accepted the invitation and floated over to the display for the Chanel Fall 2011 Color Collection.

There it sat. The Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow in Prelude in all of it's TAUPE-y Glory. I had a Taupegasam on the spot. I managed to collect myself, purchase Prelude and quickly scurry back to my home to photograph, swatch and test it.

This WAS the taupe I was looking for. The press images didn't lie. This was taupe in definition and in application.

Behold the First Shadow in the upper left hand corner of the Quad.

TAUPE! A true grey brown. But with the added accent of green and pink shimmer gives this taupe a depth beyond reproach.

See how it practically melts into the skin? A soft powder envelops the skin and creates the ideal crease or base for a smokey TAUPE eye.

Moving Clockwise we come upon the highlight shadow.

An inviting and friendly neutral creme color that hearkens back to childhood vanilla ice cream cones.

A sweet not too frosty highlight that shows up even on my pale vampire skin.  Applied to the inner eyelid, it brings a glow to the eyes that lights up the entire face.

Moving to the bottom left hand shadow we have the steadfast beige.

Some blasphemers have said that "Beige Is Boring" but where would we be without beige? Without beige we would have no suitable neutral base for a delightful taupe crease color.  Without beige we would have no suitable carpet in model homes.  Without beige we would only have IVORY.  A world without beige is not a world I care to live in.

As you can see from this swatch, this beige is special. It is shimmery and opaque at the same time. It is an excellent base shadow and can double as a highlight for those with darker skin tones than I.  This beige has teeny tiny shite silver sparkles that do not fall out on to the cheeks but give a luminosity to the color once applied to the eye.  This my dear readers is a beige to be reckoned with.

Last but not least. On the bottom right hand side of the Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow in Prelude, we have a rich smokey brown.

Almost purple in some lighting, this deep dark richly pigmented shadow can act as a liner, a crease color or used in the outer V of the eye.  

The lush pigmentation of this shadow applies smoothly and softly.  The elegant fine peach and pink like shimmer is not as apparent applied to the eye as it is in the pan. However, it gives the shadow an intensity that is not equaled with lesser red based browns.  This brown is the icing on the cake, the bow on the package, the glue that holds this elegant Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow in Prelude all together.

The overall quad is decently pigmented and the shadows are slightly harder than the Chanel singles.  The Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow in Prelude can be used wet or dry for a varied intense to subtle look.  One need not worry about fall out or fading when wearing this quad with a primer.  One only need worry about the envy of others who see your stunning and alluring eyes once you have applied the shadows.

Do you NEED this?  Does a fish need water?  I think you have your answer.

The Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow in Prelude retails for $57 and can be purchased at your local Chanel Counter or from or from the darling and helpful Jenine Greenberg at Neiman Marcus by calling her at 703-761-1600 Extension 3280.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Guerlain Fall Colour Collection 2011

image from Guerlain
You know that look of wonder that is on the faces of every child in every Christmas movie when they look out the window and see snow falling on Christmas eve and the sound of sleigh bells rings softly in the distance?  Well that's the look I have every time a new fall Color collection is announced.  I adore fall color collections. It's the perfect time of year to introduce smokey taupes and rich lip colors.  Well this year is sure to be a treat with the release of Guerlain's color collection for Fall 2011!
Available in August at Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Bloomingdales and Bergdorf Goodman, this new collection of 4 Color eyeshadow palettes, Rouge G lipsticks and eyeliners will be selling like hotcakes!

Ecrin 4 Couleurs Eyeshadows ($59.00)
Guerlain’s Ecrin 4 Couleurs is an adaptable ready-to-wear eye creation that allows you to blend a multitude of colors. Each harmony of Ecrin 4 Couleurs is composed of an interplay of four different and specially selected textures: Iridescent: tiny pearly particles that play with the light and release luminous color with an iridescent finish, Matte: an extra-matte, ultra-soft finish for ultimate comfort; Velvet Satin: perfect glide for a velvety result that feels soft and delicate; Alcatar’eyes: metallic finish with unbelievable softness. Available in nine shades.

Les Violets (01)
Les Bleus (02)
Les Verts (03)
Les Bois de Rose (04)
Les Gris (05)
Les Fumes (06)
Les Cuirs (07)
Les Perles (08)
Les Noirs (09)

Rouge G Lipstick ($47.00)
Garconne (25) Deliciously intense, daringly bold, a real red, chosen by Natalia for its incomparable, timeless chic
Gigolo (70) Pigment rich plum with a terribly couture style
Girly (71) Pink that plays up its delicate side but is less innocent than it appears
Eyeliner Pencil ($30.00)
Kohl Me Navy (20)
Kohl Me Ebony (30)
Kohl Me Jungle (40)

Liquid Eyeliner ($35.00)
Brun Cendre (05) Chic, intense brown

Will you be purchasing from this collection?  What looks like your favorites?

Personally I'm interested in the Kohl Me Jungle (40) and at least 2 of the Ecrin 4 Color eyeshadow palettes!

Chanel Illusion D’Ombre shadows

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I was all over the Chanel Fall 2011 makeup collection like white on rice.  I purchased directly from because they had free shipping at the time and hauled a massive amount of cosmetics.  Today I am going to focus on the 4 Illusion D’Ombre shadows I purchased.  I picked up

Counter Clockwise from Upper Left:
Illusorie  - A taupey grey purple.
Emerveille – A metallic warm peach
Fantasme – A sparkly icy white

Epatant – A metallic shimmery grey green that looks EXACTLY LIKE Lancome ERIKA F!

OK. Do I have your attention?!?
I thought so!

Let me talk about the consistency of this shadow. It’s gel like, it’s squishy, bouncy and cool to the touch. It is inconsistent as far as some shadows just get smoothed out when you run your finger over them, yet you pick up color and others stick to your finger and allow some of the silicone infused gel to cling to your finger.  I’m not sure why, but both reactions result in the same level of pigmentation.
This is NOT like the Armani Eyes To Kill shadows as those are a true powder.  They are SORT OF like the Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadows (You know, the ones named after different dog breeds) in the aspect that they are squishy but the Chanel shadows have more “bounce” than the Buxom. They are certainly NOT as liquidy as the YSL mousse shadows. They are unique unto themselves.

The packaging is a simple stout glass jars and each shadow comes with it's own brush. I found the brush somewhat useless but I'm not as skilled as some, so you might have better luck with  it than I do.

But how do they look, Elvira!?

I'm glad you asked.  They a word..FANFUCKINGTASTIC!  These shadows can be worn sheer or opaque they can be layered with one another and can be worn with powder shadows for an even more intense look.  These shadows are versatile and beautiful.

But Elvira, I hear they are glitterbombs. I don't want to wear glitter to the office or during the day!

You see some people think they hate glitter. They think they do, but everything in the world is better with glitter. Just ask your neighborhood Drag Queen, She'll tell ya! 
My Favorite Drag Queen Manila Luzon. Image from
No. but seriously. the 4 shadows that I purchased are not the glitterbombs that some people have worried about.  Can you imagine war fought with glitter bombs?  The desert would be one big disco and far less casualties. Win-Win! 

OK. I admit that Fantasme is a glitterbomb. It is white and I'm sure with some deftly application you could get it opaque, but all in all it's just white shiny glitter. It makes an awesome highlight and layers beautifully over the other shadows, but let's face it. This is glittery.  I'm not sure if the shadow is lip safe, but if it is I guess you could layer it over lipstick and add a gloss on top...but I'm not taking that chance.

Ah Ha!  We thought so.  But Elvira, what about the taupe?!?

Settle down. I'm gettin to it.  Illusorie is a purple with taupe tendencies. I'm not saying it is entirely taupe because when I saw it applied to my local Chanel SA, Janine Greenberg, at Neiman Marcus in Tysons Corner, it looks down right purple on her.  When I applied Illusorie, it looked grey-ish purple. This is the Chameleon of the group. I believe it will look different on different people. I love the look of it on me but wish I could achieve the deeper purple look that Janine had.  I think I will be able to achieve that if I lightly layer Chanel Amethyst or another deep purple shadow over it.

You said there was an Lancome Erika F dupe?!?

I did. But I'm not ready to talk about that one yet.  Right now I want to introduce you to Emerveille.  Emerveille is a metallic peach. It's very warm and makes a great base for a shimmery sunset eye or metallic smokey eye when paired with the right shadows.  It also makes an excellent all over color wash and when paired with Fantasme, it lightens up and seems to give your eyes a glow!  That's right. I said it. GLOW! I believe this is my second favorite of the bunch that I purchased. I see myself getting a lot of use out of this shadow.

And now, how about that Lancome Erika F dupe?!

What Lancome Erika F dupe? Oh you mean Epatant?  Well yes. I will admit that it is grey green like Lancome Erika F. I will admit it is shimmery and metallic like Lancome Erika F. But you see, Erika F is a powder shadow, which means it can be manipulated a tad easier than the cream shadow. OK. I'm just making stuff up now, because this is a total dupe of Erika creme form.  If you have had a hard time getting your hands on Erika F or feel as if the price is prohibitive, then Epatant may be the solution you have been looking for.  However, if you already own Erika F you probably don't NEED to get Epatant, unless you are like me and just a nutter for grey green shadows. I mean hello the darn color matches my eyes!  How could I NOT purchase it.  And if you have never seen what it looks like on brown eyes, prepare to be gobsmacked. It looks AWESOME! It makes brown eyes shine! Seriously. This color is the most beautiful after any taupe in the world.

OK. We're happy about the colors, but how do they wear?

Well....OK. I mean they are creme shadows. I don't expect them to last forever on the eye...especially my oily lids.  Applied without primer I got a few hours of wear.  Applied with primer I say I got about 6 to 8 hours of wear before slight fading and creasing. But I will say that with the proper application you can get a good 10 to 12 hours of crease-free fade-free wear.

What's proper application?

You sure do have a lot of questions today!  Proper application is. Eye cream, Foundation or concealer, Eye base like TFSI or UDPP or ArtDeco or NARS. Apply the Chanel Illusion D'Ombre shadow(s) of your choice THEN add slight dusting of translucent setting powder on top. Like MUFE HD powder.  I find that type of powder to be the best because it does not dull the color or take away from the finish.  I have also applied regular eyeshadow over top. I used Urban Decay Smog in the crease over the peachy Emerveille and I swear to the gods of makeup that my shadow looked as good after 16 hours as it did when I first applied it.

Do you NEED these?  Ah I get to ask the question now!  I say YES!  Of course you don't need to race to your local Chanel counter to get them ASAP. They are part of the permanent line.  These shadows are NOT limited edition.  I say, take some time, look at various swatches on various skin tones and make up your mind as to which one or ones you plan to purchase.  The formula is unique, some colors are unique and the wear time is decent. You can purchase these Chanel shadows from your local Chanel counter, form or you can call Janine Greenberg at the Chanel counter in Neiman Marcus for purchase over the phone. 703-761-1600 extension 3280. Happy Shopping!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Le Metier de Beaute Ken Downing's Lipstick & Nail Lacquer Ken's Korals

image from

When I first heard that the very handsome Fashion Director for Neiman Marcus, Ken Downing, had collaborated with one of my FAVORITE brands of cosmetics, Le Metier de Beaute, I just about peed myself.  I reached for the Depends undergarments to read more about this enchanting collaboration. The dapper Ken Downing created a new color for fall. After falling in love with all the orange he saw on the spring runways Ken worked with Le Metier de Beaute to juj up the orange to a universally flattering shade of red hot coral.  This collection is not for the shrinking violets of the world.  This lipstick is for those that want to announce their arrival and the nail polish (a.k.a. lacquer) says in no uncertain terms that this is not your first time at the rodeo!  

Stylish Ken Downing. Fashion Director - Neiman Marcus
This collection is what I had been lusting after since the end of MAY!  When I found it had arrived on Tuesday the 14th at my local Neiman Marcus I was ecstatic yet in dismay as I would not be able to get to the store until Friday.  Surely, a Neiman Marcus exclusive would be well stocked right?....RONG!  Upon arrival on Friday the last lipstick had been sold around Wednesday night/Thursday morning.  I was told that someone even tried to buy the remaining stock when they showed up on Tuesday to purchase their lipstick. I don't blame them. It's a beautiful color, worthy of a shrine built in it's honor!  My Neiman Marcus in Tysons Corner was sent a measly 9 Ken's Korals Kissable Koral Lipsticks.  That is a shame.  As of last Friday, the 24th they still had not received replenishment.  Well my hopes and dreams of being THE FIRST to introduce you to this loverly combination of red hot red and Coral was not to be.  But that's OK.  Sometimes it's better if you wait.  I quickly hopped on to and ordered the lipstick and nail polish ASAP!  Delivery set for Wednesday the 22nd and once I was able to test it and take pictures it wasn't until TODAY that I am able to share with you this gem from Le Metier de Beaute.

First the Nail Lacquer.Ken's Kontagious Koral is formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) free.  The thin consistency of the polish allows for an even application. I used three coats and still has the slightest visible nail line (but I am uber picky) but the color...oh the color.  It reminded me of the bottom of a Louboutin heel.  It was red but coral. It off set my pale skin beautifully and made my hands and toes look stunning.  I know this is a fall color, but hot damn this rocks in the summer too!  I managed to wear this shade of polish with my Creative Nail Design (CND), Stickey nail base and CND top coat for 4+ days without any chipping. I did experience some minor tip wear but nothing that was overly noticeable.  

The bottle. Oh the bottle is abut 3X the size of the typical Le Metier de Beaute nail polish bottles and since I have only had experience with one other nail polish from this brand, Kontagious Koral was much more fluid and easy to apply than the one small bottle I have. This is a polish, if I wasn't such a nail polish HOOR I would buy a back up of.  In fact I might just do that because of all the reds I own, this is one of the few reds that is Orange based versus blue based and a straight creme versus a shimmer or glitter.  All in all this Sith thinks that Ken's Kontagious Koral is sophisticated, stunning and stupendous!

Now on to the Lipstick.  I believe i have already waxed poetic about Le Metier de Beaute's Color core Moisture Stain Lipstick. This newest edition is NO exception.  Richly pigmented, smooth as silk and moisturizing, this lipstick would be my new boyfriend if Mr. Sith was not in the picture.  I have never felt so confident about wearing a red lipstick this bright as I have with Ken's Kissable Koral Lipstick. 
 The orange based red reminds me of a sweet rockabilly red for summer and fall.  Not mired down in the blue based red that turns fuchsia on some. This red makes people take notice. It makes the room halt all conversation and then a slight murmur rises as people try to figure out who this beauty is with the striking complexion and fabulous lip color!  This is a coral based red that lasts and lasts and does not fade with the dreaded ring o' death around your lips. It fades evenly and true turning not yellow, orange or pink in the process.  This I would call a Marilyn Monroe red. Bright, happy and smiling. 
You just can't help but smile when you wear this lipstick.  Not only does it feel great on your lips it looks great too!

OK. So what do we have, Swoon Worthy, Shrine Building, Smile Inducing, Sophisticated color for lips and nails. Need I ask the question?  YES YOU NEED THIS! This collection is limited edition. As of right now the Neiman Marcus website still has the lipstick and polish in stock. You can purchase them HERE and, if you do so by June 28th, you get Free Rush Delivery with the code: NMFREE (no minimum purchase).  You need both pieces of Ken Downing's Koral Kollection, if only to experience the power of wearing a red lip so bold and nail polish so beautiful that you feel like Joan Crawford at a Pepsi Cola Board meeting. "Don't fuck with me fellas. This ain't my first time at the rodeo!"

Saturday, June 25, 2011

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Review by Joeybunny - Le Labo Santal 33

Given the extraordinary range of perfumes that exist in the world, I think that anyone would be hardpressed to find one that manages to smell incredible on the skin, stop people in their tracks, and last and last for hours (if not days)- all the while transforming and blooming into something new, different, and beautiful.

Well, I found one: I introduce you to Le Labo’s newest creation, Santal 33.

(photo courtesy of the Le Labo website)

Le Labo is a perfume firm known for its undeniably creative transmutations - and I use ‘transmutations’ specifically because Le Labo has a gift for creating scents that smell nothing like what the bottle leads one to expect (the ever famous Rose 31 is a classic example of this - it is, in my opinion, a truly masculine scent with a bare hint of rose offsetting a dusty amber wood). Santal 33 sits comfortably within this description.

I would have difficulty describing to you exactly what this perfume is. The description that Le Labo offers is almost hilarious; it spouts something about the Marlboro Man being the inspiration behind this scent. I call bullshit, as this smells so sexual, so biting, and so warm as to almost be dangerous if worn on the right kind of man or woman. I smell this on myself, and I kind of want to sex myself. I’m not kidding (nor am I narcissistic - I just really smell amazing)!

A long-time fan of Le Labo, I was drawn to Santal 33 because of the notes: musk, leather, violet, sandalwood, among others. It sounded made for me, and I purchased the $58 15mL EDP bottle from the store as a birthday present to myself. The Nolita, NYC store itself is a chemist’s dream, with tubes and bottles to play with. My dear friend Joe (he of the fudge), whose favorite movie is “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer”, was enchanted by the displays. I myself didn’t have to look around. I was on a mission. The lovely associate, Kate, poured a fresh bottle for me, and graced it with a label that has my name and an expiration date. Before leaving the store, I sprayed a tester of Santal 33 on my wrists; yes, I actually BOUGHT the perfume before I SMELLED the perfume - I just knew I would love it. What I didn’t expect was how complex and gorgeous it would be, and ultimately, how besotted I would be by it.

The first spray shook me: cedar, something metallic and sharp, leather, violet. It screamed sex to me; it took me back to sweaty Manhattan nights, to intoxicating first kisses, to under the cover whispers, to 3am walks along Riverside Drive. I stuck my hand underneath Joe’s nose, and his reaction was surprising. For someone who vehemently refuses to wear cologne (although I try to convince him otherwise), he was instantly enamored with the smell. For him, it brought back a huge rush of summer memories (his words, not mine!), and he instantly approved of my purchase. I knew I had a winner if it had his approval (and considering how the two of us continued to smell me all afternoon and all evening, I knew that I definitely had chosen well.).

As Santal 33 blooms on the skin, it takes its wearer on a journey through its different notes. On my skin, the leather note never dissipates; rather, it intensifies and sharpens the other notes. The drydown becomes increasingly smokier and more violet-y. Even better, this perfume lasts forever on my skin - I can smell it still 24 hours later, and it smells just as fresh. Everything about Santal 33 screams “that leather jacket that the hot guy you met at that bar in the West Village was wearing before he took you home and did things to you that made you sweat” and I cannot get enough of the smell. Of course, that’s just my take - for Joe, it reminded him of youth and summer. 

The entire point I'm trying to make is that this fragrance actually does what perfume in general is meant to do: stimulate the senses, engage your memory, and make people take notice of you.

I love Santal 33. I love it for how it smells on me, and how it makes me feel. I love that it brings all of these wonderful associations back to me; I love that it created a moment between me and my friend; I love that I feel confident and sexy and alluring while I wear it. What more could I possibly ask for, besides a lifetime supply of it?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Poll

It is a few days after the official meteorological start of Summer and the Fall makeup collections are hitting the stores and blogs.  Summer is the time of year when I am most in need of money as I tend to adore pretty much every Fall cosmetic collection out there.  I have seen pics for Givenchy, Guerlain, Chanel, Armani and I have to say, I "NEED" something from each collection.  I understand intellectually why designers release fall collections now, but honestly I just can't seem to wrap my head around deep red lips and pale white skin in the middle of Summer.  I'm not one to tan, as you all know, but I certainly like to have some color on my face in the summer, if for no other reason then to blend in with the general population. Let's face it. I look like a vampire most of the time...sans pointy teeth.  That doesn't mean I shun my undead albino brethren.  Quite the contrary. I adore the "Vamp" look that Armani and Givenchy are pushing this fall.  Let's face it, "True Blood" on HBO is extremely popular and the fact that Alexander Skarsgard is in it doesn't hurt.  
 But back to the subject at hand.  Fall makeup? My Paleness? The Undead?  I guess I really am all over the place today. It's all the new makeup I have and so little time to feature it to you all before it becomes old news (or sold out). I guess what I'm saying is, Both Joeybunny and I have a lot of things we want to post about but not enough time to do if we feature something one day that is a little bit "old news" please forgive us, but remember, we're gonna make the review as fun, irreverent, absurd and interesting as possible because that's how we roll!
On To The Poll!

1. Blush Of The Day? - Chanel Joues Contraste in Caprice. I featured it already on the blog under Blushes You Can't Have...but I'm happy to say that at first looks the new Chanel JC in Rose Ecrin looks strikingly similar!

2.  Any Fall 2011 makeup collections you are excited about? - I already listed some above, but I am also intrigued by the Becca Fall 2011 collection as well as the Lancome one!

3.  Do you watch True Blood? If so, How excited are you for Sunday? If not, is it because you just don't care for Vampires, don't have HBO, don't have the time to watch, etc.? - Honestly, If I didn't have HBO I think I would still find a way to watch True Blood.  Mr. Sith has only seen a few episodes from the 1st season!! He's gonna be sorry when I insist on watching the new episode every Monday night (because I just can't stay up that late to see it on Sunday night)!

4.  Recent beauty acquisition(s)? - Most of Chanel fall creme eyeshadows, the 3 nail polishes (I'm wearing Peridot right now) and the Rose Ecrin blush!

5.  Do you have enough hours in the day, week month or year? - No way. Time seems to be moving so fast lately. I hardly feel like I have time to do anything any more.  Or perhaps in this digital age we live in there are more things to do, learn, see and hear.  I think it's a combination.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Review by Joeybunny: Le Metier de Beaute Écumes D’or Lip Kaleidoscope (and a makeover story!)

There are some days where I have to admit that I’m pretty spoiled. Today is one of those days.

As I type this, I’m sitting on my bed staring at the Dustin Lujan-designed Le Metier de Beaute Écumes D’or Lip Kaleidoscope. Yes, the lip palette that has taken the blogging world by storm is currently my bedmate. Oh, and I’m eating a huge box of handpicked Dylan’s Candy Bar fudge that one of my closest friends bought me for my birthday (hi Joe!). Yeah, be jealous of my glamorous lifestyle! Honestly, I’d share the fudge if I could - and the Lip Kaleidoscope too.

For my birthday I went to Bergdorf Goodman to have Dustin do my makeup for my big night out. I am lucky to call Dustin a friend, and I had been looking forward to my makeover for a while. I asked Dustin to give me a smokey navy eye, hyperreal skin, and glossy subdued lips. Well, here’s a look at what he did!

Dustin used the “couches de couleur” technique on my eyes, layering the following eyeshadow colors to create my smokey navy-plum eye: Jojo, Fire Lily, Fig, and Midnight Sky (the Noir eyeliner was used as a base, and the black liquid liner was used underneath Midnight Sky as my eyeliner). The Eye Brightening and Setting Powder in Revive along with Angel eyeshadow served as browbone highlighters. Of course, my brows were filled in with Le Metier’s brow pencil (a serious HG for me). My skin was a combination of Peau Vierge and Classic Flawless Finish Foundation in #5 (and some concealer, of course, applied with the genius concealer brush). My glow was created with the Traviata Blushing Bronzed Duet and Whisper highlighter.

And my lips? Oh, my lips were courtesy of Écumes D’or, which a certain somebody had sent to me as a birthday present (and yes, I had a proper excited meltdown when I opened the box and saw it!). I asked Dustin to show me how to use the gorgeous colors, and again the “couches de couleur” technique was used to achieve a perfect nude-coral glow for my lips.

Écumes D’or is Dustin’s second Kaleidoscope, his first being the incredible Smoldering Embarkment Eye Kaleidoscope from this past January (reviewed here). As all devoted Le Metier de Beaute fans know, the “couches de couleur” technique is best exemplified by the Eye and Lip Kaleidoscopes: four colors of various textures that layered together in different combinations lead to the creation of a myriad of beautiful shades. Dustin’s eye is impeccable, and everyone agrees that the colors in the Écumes D’or Kaleidoscope are just stunning and perfect for any and every skintone. Dustin told me that the colors in Écumes D’or were inspired by a gorgeous Mediterranean sunset; what a lovely inspiration!

The colors are meant to be layered either from top to bottom, or bottom to top. I usually mix them however I feel. From the top, these are the four colors in the Kaleidoscope:

Soft Dew: An ever-so-slightly milky beiged baby pink with a hint of gold shimmer - your lips but better. I feel like this is a lipstick-y version of Sweet Cream Lip Creme Lipgloss.

Morning Light: A yellowed gold with a smattering of a darker gold shimmer - yes, this looks terrifying in my swatch but it gives lips a lovely glow on its own and warms up any color layered over or under it.

Deep Sea: A gorgeous, shimmery grape color - it translates as more of a slightly cooled-down sheer plum on the lips. I need this in a regular gloss or lipstick version. Are you listening, Le Metier?

Calm Phoenix: A beautiful deep pinked coral shade - Dustin said this color was the hardest to formulate because he wanted it to have a very specific tone. There is not a woman in this world who wouldn’t love this color, and I mean it: I normally despise corals and this was the shade in the Kaleidoscope that made me gasp.

Every color in this Kaleidoscope can be worn solo, or together. During my makeover with Dustin, he layered the colors from the bottom up.

In the picture below, I layered the colors from the top down.

In the picture below, I mixed all four colors.

Écumes D’or retails for $95USD is available at Bergdorf Goodman, and like all good things is limited edition. Call Dustin or Nikki at (212) 872-8612 and tell them Joey sent you!

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