Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chanel Illusion D’Ombre shadows

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I was all over the Chanel Fall 2011 makeup collection like white on rice.  I purchased directly from Chanel.com because they had free shipping at the time and hauled a massive amount of cosmetics.  Today I am going to focus on the 4 Illusion D’Ombre shadows I purchased.  I picked up

Counter Clockwise from Upper Left:
Illusorie  - A taupey grey purple.
Emerveille – A metallic warm peach
Fantasme – A sparkly icy white

Epatant – A metallic shimmery grey green that looks EXACTLY LIKE Lancome ERIKA F!

OK. Do I have your attention?!?
I thought so!

Let me talk about the consistency of this shadow. It’s gel like, it’s squishy, bouncy and cool to the touch. It is inconsistent as far as some shadows just get smoothed out when you run your finger over them, yet you pick up color and others stick to your finger and allow some of the silicone infused gel to cling to your finger.  I’m not sure why, but both reactions result in the same level of pigmentation.
This is NOT like the Armani Eyes To Kill shadows as those are a true powder.  They are SORT OF like the Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadows (You know, the ones named after different dog breeds) in the aspect that they are squishy but the Chanel shadows have more “bounce” than the Buxom. They are certainly NOT as liquidy as the YSL mousse shadows. They are unique unto themselves.

The packaging is a simple stout glass jars and each shadow comes with it's own brush. I found the brush somewhat useless but I'm not as skilled as some, so you might have better luck with  it than I do.

But how do they look, Elvira!?

I'm glad you asked.  They look...in a word..FANFUCKINGTASTIC!  These shadows can be worn sheer or opaque they can be layered with one another and can be worn with powder shadows for an even more intense look.  These shadows are versatile and beautiful.

But Elvira, I hear they are glitterbombs. I don't want to wear glitter to the office or during the day!

You see some people think they hate glitter. They think they do, but everything in the world is better with glitter. Just ask your neighborhood Drag Queen, She'll tell ya! 
My Favorite Drag Queen Manila Luzon. Image from http://www.manilaluzon.com
No. but seriously. the 4 shadows that I purchased are not the glitterbombs that some people have worried about.  Can you imagine war fought with glitter bombs?  The desert would be one big disco and far less casualties. Win-Win! 

OK. I admit that Fantasme is a glitterbomb. It is white and I'm sure with some deftly application you could get it opaque, but all in all it's just white shiny glitter. It makes an awesome highlight and layers beautifully over the other shadows, but let's face it. This is glittery.  I'm not sure if the shadow is lip safe, but if it is I guess you could layer it over lipstick and add a gloss on top...but I'm not taking that chance.

Ah Ha!  We thought so.  But Elvira, what about the taupe?!?

Settle down. I'm gettin to it.  Illusorie is a purple with taupe tendencies. I'm not saying it is entirely taupe because when I saw it applied to my local Chanel SA, Janine Greenberg, at Neiman Marcus in Tysons Corner, it looks down right purple on her.  When I applied Illusorie, it looked grey-ish purple. This is the Chameleon of the group. I believe it will look different on different people. I love the look of it on me but wish I could achieve the deeper purple look that Janine had.  I think I will be able to achieve that if I lightly layer Chanel Amethyst or another deep purple shadow over it.

You said there was an Lancome Erika F dupe?!?

I did. But I'm not ready to talk about that one yet.  Right now I want to introduce you to Emerveille.  Emerveille is a metallic peach. It's very warm and makes a great base for a shimmery sunset eye or metallic smokey eye when paired with the right shadows.  It also makes an excellent all over color wash and when paired with Fantasme, it lightens up and seems to give your eyes a glow!  That's right. I said it. GLOW! I believe this is my second favorite of the bunch that I purchased. I see myself getting a lot of use out of this shadow.

And now, how about that Lancome Erika F dupe?!

What Lancome Erika F dupe? Oh you mean Epatant?  Well yes. I will admit that it is grey green like Lancome Erika F. I will admit it is shimmery and metallic like Lancome Erika F. But you see, Erika F is a powder shadow, which means it can be manipulated a tad easier than the cream shadow. OK. I'm just making stuff up now, because this is a total dupe of Erika F....in creme form.  If you have had a hard time getting your hands on Erika F or feel as if the price is prohibitive, then Epatant may be the solution you have been looking for.  However, if you already own Erika F you probably don't NEED to get Epatant, unless you are like me and just a nutter for grey green shadows. I mean hello the darn color matches my eyes!  How could I NOT purchase it.  And if you have never seen what it looks like on brown eyes, prepare to be gobsmacked. It looks AWESOME! It makes brown eyes shine! Seriously. This color is the most beautiful after any taupe in the world.

OK. We're happy about the colors, but how do they wear?

Well....OK. I mean they are creme shadows. I don't expect them to last forever on the eye...especially my oily lids.  Applied without primer I got a few hours of wear.  Applied with primer I say I got about 6 to 8 hours of wear before slight fading and creasing. But I will say that with the proper application you can get a good 10 to 12 hours of crease-free fade-free wear.

What's proper application?

You sure do have a lot of questions today!  Proper application is. Eye cream, Foundation or concealer, Eye base like TFSI or UDPP or ArtDeco or NARS. Apply the Chanel Illusion D'Ombre shadow(s) of your choice THEN add slight dusting of translucent setting powder on top. Like MUFE HD powder.  I find that type of powder to be the best because it does not dull the color or take away from the finish.  I have also applied regular eyeshadow over top. I used Urban Decay Smog in the crease over the peachy Emerveille and I swear to the gods of makeup that my shadow looked as good after 16 hours as it did when I first applied it.

Do you NEED these?  Ah I get to ask the question now!  I say YES!  Of course you don't need to race to your local Chanel counter to get them ASAP. They are part of the permanent line.  These shadows are NOT limited edition.  I say, take some time, look at various swatches on various skin tones and make up your mind as to which one or ones you plan to purchase.  The formula is unique, some colors are unique and the wear time is decent. You can purchase these Chanel shadows from your local Chanel counter, form Chanel.com or you can call Janine Greenberg at the Chanel counter in Neiman Marcus for purchase over the phone. 703-761-1600 extension 3280. Happy Shopping!


  1. By the time we get these here it will be October and you'll have stopped wearing them, you privileged US customers!!!
    This is so frustrating.

    Oh well at least I do have Erika F!

  2. These cool colours look so beautiful against your pale skin!

  3. GAH!! Yours is the first review and swatches that actually has me considering trying these out. Damn you!

  4. Hmmm they do look gorgeous but I have had a lot of Chanel colours look dull on me so I am glad these are permanent and I have play with them before I commit. Thanks for the review!

  5. Epatant looks gorgeous. This color seems different from the green in the spring palette. Getting harder and harder to resist!

  6. Oh shit - I better get my ass to ordering then!!

  7. Epatant ans Illusoire are talking to me. I can't wait to poke at these, the texture sounds really interesting.

  8. Lancome Erika F & Chanel Epatant look a bit like Benefit's Creaseless Cream shadow in the color Skinny Jeans... do you own that as well to maybe do a comparison?

  9. i hate you. Now i want the peach one *scowls*

  10. Ok - I'll bite! I have to admit, of all of the reviews I've read about these shadows, yours is the best yet!

    I'm just looking for a free shipping source...missed the Chanel.com offer. But...that Erika F. clone will be mine!

  11. bisbee - Neiman Marcus is having free rush delivery til tonight at midnight ET. If you order today I think the latest it should arrive is Friday. I just ordered mine :D The code is on their site at the top ... NMFREE. HTH!

  12. I bought Epatant and didn't feel like removing my eye makeup at the time to try it on so I just patted it on over Chanel's Vert Khaki single and OMG, it was amazing!! This is one of those rare occasions when I want to buy a dupe of a color!

  13. Crap! You are creating huge lemmings over here! :D They look so breathtaking and your description does not help kill the lemmings! :D I am glad they will be perm though. I think I need Epatant and Illusorie. :D
    Poor wallet.

  14. My Illusoire and Epatant arrived just as I was leaving for a trip. I can't wait to photograph them and swatch them. Oh.. and wear them. Thanks for the tip on the powder over them. Your pictures are just terrific!

  15. thank you for this great review I bought Epatant, fantasme and illusoire before I even read your review just love them but now I do think I regret not getting emerveille but the sales lady said it was not a good colour for me I have brown eyes said it was not a easy colour to wear do you agree?

  16. i'm so late it's not funny. it's probably a makeup marketing sin that i am looking at the fall colors in the fall, but here goes. i do have the Spring cream pearl palette (5 color). and i held out purposefully on these fall shadows because i thought they were the same essentially. i'm a little irked with how powdery the spring palette is, SO if you own that would you mind telling me how you compare the two? thanks!!

  17. Hi LissaSioux:
    I do not own the spring palette but I do know from other people that do own it that the illusion d'ombre shadows are far more pigmented than the palette. Sabrina over at The Beauty Look Book did a good comparison

  18. New to your blog-thoroughly enjoying it! Love the review on these. It is sad to have the products but to continue to read about them, isn't it? I am always so interested to know how others are faring with their products, new ways to wear etc...Thanks for sharing!

  19. Your Royal Highest Taupeness - I adore my Illusiore and Mirifique. So while going through my makeup stash, I came across an unexpected dupe for Illusiore! MAC's mineralize eyeshadow called Midnight Madness. I picked it up from a CCO over a year ago and I recently reached for it to try something different. It's from the MAC 2009 holiday collection. Looking at it, the purple side looks like it would be just dark purple (ignore the half moon, small gold stripe on this shadow because that is rubbish). But when you apply the purple side, it is this magical grey-purple-taupe. It may be a smidge darker than Illusiore because of its base, but it is pretty damn close! I layered that over Illusiore and it was so unbelievably pretty.


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