Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Review by Joeybunny: Le Metier de Beaute Écumes D’or Lip Kaleidoscope (and a makeover story!)

There are some days where I have to admit that I’m pretty spoiled. Today is one of those days.

As I type this, I’m sitting on my bed staring at the Dustin Lujan-designed Le Metier de Beaute Écumes D’or Lip Kaleidoscope. Yes, the lip palette that has taken the blogging world by storm is currently my bedmate. Oh, and I’m eating a huge box of handpicked Dylan’s Candy Bar fudge that one of my closest friends bought me for my birthday (hi Joe!). Yeah, be jealous of my glamorous lifestyle! Honestly, I’d share the fudge if I could - and the Lip Kaleidoscope too.

For my birthday I went to Bergdorf Goodman to have Dustin do my makeup for my big night out. I am lucky to call Dustin a friend, and I had been looking forward to my makeover for a while. I asked Dustin to give me a smokey navy eye, hyperreal skin, and glossy subdued lips. Well, here’s a look at what he did!

Dustin used the “couches de couleur” technique on my eyes, layering the following eyeshadow colors to create my smokey navy-plum eye: Jojo, Fire Lily, Fig, and Midnight Sky (the Noir eyeliner was used as a base, and the black liquid liner was used underneath Midnight Sky as my eyeliner). The Eye Brightening and Setting Powder in Revive along with Angel eyeshadow served as browbone highlighters. Of course, my brows were filled in with Le Metier’s brow pencil (a serious HG for me). My skin was a combination of Peau Vierge and Classic Flawless Finish Foundation in #5 (and some concealer, of course, applied with the genius concealer brush). My glow was created with the Traviata Blushing Bronzed Duet and Whisper highlighter.

And my lips? Oh, my lips were courtesy of Écumes D’or, which a certain somebody had sent to me as a birthday present (and yes, I had a proper excited meltdown when I opened the box and saw it!). I asked Dustin to show me how to use the gorgeous colors, and again the “couches de couleur” technique was used to achieve a perfect nude-coral glow for my lips.

Écumes D’or is Dustin’s second Kaleidoscope, his first being the incredible Smoldering Embarkment Eye Kaleidoscope from this past January (reviewed here). As all devoted Le Metier de Beaute fans know, the “couches de couleur” technique is best exemplified by the Eye and Lip Kaleidoscopes: four colors of various textures that layered together in different combinations lead to the creation of a myriad of beautiful shades. Dustin’s eye is impeccable, and everyone agrees that the colors in the Écumes D’or Kaleidoscope are just stunning and perfect for any and every skintone. Dustin told me that the colors in Écumes D’or were inspired by a gorgeous Mediterranean sunset; what a lovely inspiration!

The colors are meant to be layered either from top to bottom, or bottom to top. I usually mix them however I feel. From the top, these are the four colors in the Kaleidoscope:

Soft Dew: An ever-so-slightly milky beiged baby pink with a hint of gold shimmer - your lips but better. I feel like this is a lipstick-y version of Sweet Cream Lip Creme Lipgloss.

Morning Light: A yellowed gold with a smattering of a darker gold shimmer - yes, this looks terrifying in my swatch but it gives lips a lovely glow on its own and warms up any color layered over or under it.

Deep Sea: A gorgeous, shimmery grape color - it translates as more of a slightly cooled-down sheer plum on the lips. I need this in a regular gloss or lipstick version. Are you listening, Le Metier?

Calm Phoenix: A beautiful deep pinked coral shade - Dustin said this color was the hardest to formulate because he wanted it to have a very specific tone. There is not a woman in this world who wouldn’t love this color, and I mean it: I normally despise corals and this was the shade in the Kaleidoscope that made me gasp.

Every color in this Kaleidoscope can be worn solo, or together. During my makeover with Dustin, he layered the colors from the bottom up.

In the picture below, I layered the colors from the top down.

In the picture below, I mixed all four colors.

Écumes D’or retails for $95USD is available at Bergdorf Goodman, and like all good things is limited edition. Call Dustin or Nikki at (212) 872-8612 and tell them Joey sent you!


  1. You live up to your name, Glowy Joey Bunny!

  2. As always you look beautiful! And I love the lip palette! What beautiful colors and what a beautiful result!

  3. Joey, you look absolutely beautiful (in every picture!) You're so lucky to be able to wear nudes so well.

    If this kaleidoscope was just a bit darker or brighter, I'd be on it like white on rice. As it stands, I'll just live vicariously through those of you who actually have pigment in your skin.

    Thanks so much for the review!


  4. You look gorgeous! The lip palette seems to produce the most amazing colours when layered. The yellow does look quite scary. I seem to think Le Metier like to add one challenging colour, like the lilac in Penelope. They always work well though.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Jane x

  5. you look absolutely gorgeous. Dustin did a wonderful job :) I can't wait to receive my kaleidoscope in the mail!! yayy

  6. I don't mind telling you again how gorgeous you look in these pics!! Fabulous! I really need to add Fig to my collection!

  7. You look gorgeous, I see you had a great time for your birthday. And by the way, Dustin looks just a teeny bit like Jake Gyllenhaal, right, right?

  8. Really beautiful. I am no longer "afraid" of the one odd duck in these palettes because I know they are meant to bring everything together.

  9. So pretty! Will you do a breakdown of makeup he used on you? (Pic of you wearing the purple top).. it's gorgeous!

  10. Wow! I've been lurking for months but now have to comment: I love your look in the final photo. Thanks, Elvira and Joey, for all your great posts - especially since I'm closest to Joey's coloring out of all the beauty bloggers I follow. It's nice to know that all this pretty makeup might just look good on me too :) Thanks again - and happy bday!

  11. Those colors look stunning on you. I hope you had a great birthday.

  12. Gorgeous look for your debaucherous party night. You are stunning and a very lucky girl!

    Just another thing to add to my WANT list - thanks alot!

  13. Everyone, thank you SO much!! xoxo

    Jamilla, you're too sweet.

    Elvira, you better think my ass is beautiful!

    Lipstick Musings, you flatter me! I will pass along a message to Dustin to ask the higher-ups to do a more pigmented lip kaleido =)

    Modesty Brown, you're welcome love!

    Christina, let me know when you get it!!

    Flyavsted, thank you!

    PP, Fig is lovely! I can't believe I don't already own it.

    Klara, he is MUCH hotter than Jake G.!

    Zuzu's Petals, the scariest color is often the most useful!

    LuvJ, I did give a breakdown - it's at the beginning of the post. I changed clothes from when I went to Bergdorf later that night for when I went out =)

    Elizabeth, thank you so much!! If you ever need any beauty advice please email me! xo

    Ammie, I did! xoxo

    Lexi, you're making me blush! I am very blessed.

    ProductDoctor, come to NYC!!


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