Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Technical Difficulties - Please Stand By

We are experience Technical Difficulties - Please Stand By.

OK. Not the blog per se, but my home. I forgot to upload the pictures for today's post last night. They are stuck on my home computer. No Problem, I say to myself. I'll call Mr. Sith before he goes to work and have him upload the pics.  Nope. There is an area wide power outage and we may not have power until this evening.  Oh and the phones are out too!  Whee!

So as a blogger with serious mental issues, what's the first thing I think about?  Is it:
"Oh dear all our food is going to go bad in the refrigerator."
Is it:
"Oh Poor Floydiepie and Cujo. They won't have AC and it's supposed to be really hot today."
"Thank goodness Darthypie is at daycare so he won't be affected by this."
And the Bad Mother of the year award goes to....

No. I worry about the fact that my photos are trapped on a home computer that has no power or connection to the Internet.  That's my first thought.

Ugh!  I need a vacation or therapy or both.

So, let's take this time to chat shall we?
Let's talk about things we like and hate about the beauty industry, cosmetics, skincare, our own skin, anything beauty related.

I'll Start:

Things I like:
  • I like that skincare and cosmetics have improved since I started wearing this stuff DECADES ago.
  • I like Chanel Blushes.
  • I like Fall cosmetic releases.
  • I like flowery perfumes.
  • I like reading your comments on this blog as well as reading comments on other blogs.
  • I like niche cosmetic lines even though I personally don't blog much about them.
  • I like looking at Alexander Skarsgard...Oops, a bit off topic.
  • I like the new Armani glosses.
  • I like Cosmetic companies that actually interact with their Twitter followers like Le Metier de Beaute, Guerlain, Liz Earle, etc. etc.
  • I like Drag Queen Makeup
  • I like having someone think I'm 5 to 10 years younger than I actually am.

Things I don't like:
  • My skin and it's aging lines with acne to boot.
  • My skin.
  • My skin.
  • My skin.
  • Beauty Companies that make outrageous claims that can never be verified.
  • My poor use of the English language and grasp of grammar.  Oops! Off topic again.
  • The fact that my hair is not naturally Strawberry Blonde and I have to get it colored.
  • Talc in face powders and foundations.

What about you?  Want to vent or rave?


  1. Is your power out due to brown outs or a big storm? We get storm outages all the time here in the Wild Wild Mid West.
    formulations- so much better foundations and powders than in the 70s and 80s.
    Color Choice- I always looked like I was wearing a mask back in the day- nothing matched my ghosty skin 'till Bobbi Brown came on the scene.

    George Clooney is single and my restraining order expired... ;-)

    Not So much-
    pushy SAs with less knowledge about their line than ME.
    The high cost of looking good.
    My jaw line ain't what it once was. I see cute short haircuts on thin, pretty actresses and think- ahh, I could do that. No, I can't. not without looking like a man.

  2. I like:

    FusionBeauty's LipFusion plumping gloss.
    Reading beauty blogs and finding posts about stuff I want to try.
    Finding something that WORKS.

    I don't like:
    When my conditioner suddenly starts making my hair go all wonky.
    The terrifying lady at my LaMer counter.
    When eye cream does not reduce my bags under my eyes but also takes the opportunity to give me blackheads just below my eye-skin.

  3. I like:

    -Reading blogs and seing a variety of opinions
    -wandering through Nordstrom's or Niemann's cosmetics department with nothing I need to buy, just taking it in
    -Nail Polish
    -Lots of Nail Polish
    -Lip Gloss
    -Christopher Meloni - preferably with no shirt on.

    I don't like:
    -Nail polish that looks great in the bottle, but applies like crap
    -Makeup brushes that shed worse then my dog
    -Yellow eyeshadow - just a preference
    -Mascara ads that use obvious false friggin lashes

  4. speaking of talc, do you know if the famous Chanel loose powder and Cle de Peau loose powder have talc in them? I know La Prairie one does. I tried contacting CdP with the question but got completely ignored. I am thinking of trying LMdB loose powder since the company says it contains no talc among other things. Do you know of any other loose powder that does not contain talc? Anyhoot, I hope the powder outage situation gest resolved ASAP.

  5. Ah, I agree with you 100%! When the power goes out I think "Aww man! I can't do any new posts tonight!"

    Alexander Skarsgard?? *Drool* Can't wait for the new episode of True Blood!

  6. Whippetlady: The power outage was due to construction. Someone dug where they should not have and cut the wires. and LOL @ Your Clooney Comment!

    Jennie: LMAO. I have a terrifying lady at my Cle de Peau counter. They must hire them special!

    Jeannine: Mascara ads that use fake lashes piss me off to no end. I wish there was a law about it!

    Liz: I just found out that Chanel JCs have Talk. But oddly enough they don't bother me. Maybe it's the ton of product i put on underneath them that protects me. LOL Chantecaille has a loose powder that is Talc Free. It's supposed to be wonderful!

    Yami: ASkars is sooo droolworthy!


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