Friday, September 23, 2011

Chanel Joues Contraste Blush in Rose Ecrin Review, Pictures Swatches

In November of 2008 I wrote a poem about Chanel Joues Contraste Blush in Rose Petale.  Yes. I loved that blush so much I wrote a poem abut it.  Today I shall profess my love for a new Chanel blush.  Rose Ecrin.

There are any that try and keep us apart.  Your pink base and my pink undertones do not a happy Makeup Artist make.  While they try to push your peach and nude colored cousins on me. I long for your sweet pink embrace.

Your name befuddles me.  Rose Ecrin.  Rose is easy enough to understand, but Ecrin?  Translated from French it means Case or Box.  Like a Jewelery box or a box in which a ring or other jewelery is presented.  Perhaps you were named correctly.  You are a gem to behold.  For that matter any Chanel Joues Contraste blush is a treasure.  But Rose Ecrin, you are truly a nonpareil.

On days when I feel like I look like an old crone, and the image that stares back at me from the mirror confirms it, I need only open your sturdy black plastic case with it's ample mirror and behold in your beauty. Nothing can feel more luxurious than removing the square black compact from it's velvet pouch, seeing the minimal decoration of the white Chanel logo in the center and opening this "ecrin", jewel box, to reveal the perfect blush.

The perfect round dome of not quite pink and not quite rose and not quite peach glow as if it were a rare stone.  Your color is mysterious yet familiar.  One swipe of my blush brush and part of you is released in the form of a finely milled powder rich in pigmentation and sweet with the scent of roses.  

Then the miracle happens. Your color that is not quite anything becomes quite possibly the most natural, neutral hue that this old crone has seen in a long time.  The reflection in the mirror transforms me from crone to princess.  It is not the blush itself that makes me beautiful, it is the way the Rose Ecrin makes me FEEL beautiful, that is what the miracle is about.

Long in the day, when the sun has set and the babes are sleeping, you, Rose Ecrin, remain on my cheek like a lover's kiss.  You hold steady through the trials of the day and reward me with a natural and neutral flush that compliments and never contends for attention away from my smokey eyes or my red lips.

Rose Ecrin, you are worth your cost and then some. You, amongst all the other Chanel Joues Contraste Blushes I own, and I own MANY, are by far my favorite.


  1. You've made me really want to pick this up. I own 1 Chanel piece. One. It's just too rich for my blood. But this is really pretty...but I'm a peach girl. Oh, I'm so confused. I predict a trip to Nordies in my near future...

  2. ohhh wow that is a really pretty one!

  3. You're the only blogger that writes this well and you're truly experiencing the luxury that Chanel had intended to happy you're loving this JC :D I am still loving the Rose Temptation JC you forced me to buy against my will last year.

  4. I just got Rose Ecrin and have to say it may be my favorite (don't tell Rose Petale, she will be pissed).

  5. This makes me happy that I picked up Rose Ecrin during my Chanel haul at the Neiman beauty event. :D I got it yesterday but haven't gotten a chance to play yet.

  6. Really nice! I want to start writing poems about my favorite products... haha!

  7. I really love Rose Ecrin too! It's like the perfect everyday blush. It's what I chose to wear to my job interview on Wednesday!

  8. that looks so silky and subtly gorgeous!

  9. Rose Écrin means Pink Jewel. Your translation was inaccurate because it was done out of context. Does the name make sense now? This natural beauty by Chanel is a jewel, indeed.


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