Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lancome Le French Touch Absolu lipstick in 314 Rouge Saint-Honoré Review Pictures Swatches

I am a sucker for
a) Red Lipstick
b) Vintage Packaging
c) Limited Edition

When Lancome came out with Le French Touch Absolu lipstick in 314 Rouge Saint-Honoré it was a no brainer.  I HAD TO HAVE IT!

I was prepared for the smaller vintage style size of the lipstick
I was prepared for the higher price $35
What I wasn't prepared for was the color and finish of the lipstick.  Now don't get me wrong. I knew it was going to be red, but I didn't realize it was going to be sheer and have SHIMMER in it!

I am very happy with my purchase, don't get me wrong, but just looking at the lipstick I wouldn't expect a beautiful sheer glossy finish!  I mean when it comes to VINTAGE lipstick one usually thinks of Matte and opaque reds.  Amirite or amirite? But this red.  This gorgeous shiny neutral to blue based red with red shimmer. This is unique and beautiful!

The Limited Edition lipstick with packaging inspired by Lancôme's heritage lipsticks, is smaller in size than most lipsticks.  Compared to the following:
Illamasqua Size: 0.14 oz
Clinique Butter Shine Size: 0.14 oz
Urban Decay Size: 0.13 oz
YSL Rouge Pur coture Size: 0.13 oz
Bobbi Brown Size: 0.12 oz
Guerlain Rouge G Size: 0.12 oz
Hourglass Size: 0.12 oz
Dior Addict Size: 0.12 oz
The Lancome Le French Touch Absolu lipstick in 314 weighing in at only 0.10 oz it might be a hard pill to swallow.  But if you are a lipstick addict like me...size doesn't matter. (Yeah right..That's a lie all the girls tell.) I have yet to finish a lipstick in the last 4 years.  I doubt I will ever again.

Now Lancome is touting that the Le French Touch Absolu lipstick in 314 Rouge Saint-Honoré has this miracle ingredient called Pro-Xylane™. According to the Truth In Aging website, Pro-Xylane is an ingredient that was originally developed by Lancome in 2006. It is basically a sugar-protein hybrid made from xylose, a sugar found in beech trees.  This protein is known to stimulate the production of glycoaminoglycans (GAGs), molecules which are responsible for defending the skin against water loss.  When Pro-Xylane enters the skin, it begins building of a gel-like network of proteins and sugars that acts as a scaffold and shock absorber between cells.  These molecules absorb water, making the matrix more gel-like, increasing the firmness of the cells and hence the skin.  When we age our skin looses its elasticity and we can’t produce "youth-boosting proteins", such as collagen. Pro-Xylane tells aging cells what to do and transmits information to younger cells and re-stimulates older cells. "According to Lancome (not an independent lab), 'tests and human trials reveal improvements across the board, or rather, matrix: be it the relationship between the matrix and the cells, skin density and firmness, or in the production of youth enhancing fibres, such as collagen.'"

OK Science aside let's just say that this lipstick with Pro-Xylane in it makes my lips feel soft and smooth and I never feel like I lack for moisture when I wear it.  If it does all that Lancome claims it does, then all the better, but honestly I'm happy with my lips not feeling like they are drying out.

Do you NEED this?   Well you know what?  Despite the high price tag and the small size, I'm going to say YES!  Yes if you are afraid of wearing red lipstick.  This sheer cherry red lipstick is the perfect introduction to red lips for those that are averse.  If you are an old pro at red lips then this is also a wonderful lipstick to have as it's a slick on and go red lip that does not require a liner or as much precision in application as some other reds.  If you are a sucker for packaging, this is a "Must Have".  The sweet Lancome rose at the top of the case and attention to detail would make an excellent addition to your makeup vanity.  It's a winner all around!

I purchased this lipstick from Neiman Marcus with the wonderful assistance of Kathy Shoreman.


  1. IDK if it's just my monitor, but it looks more pink than red to me o_O Pretty though!

  2. Very pretty but it looks a little on the pink side? Somtimes its hard to tell in a pic. I do love red lipstick, just so hard to find that perfect shade of red, its either too pink or orange. Im always on the lookout for a little deeper red with blue undertone

  3. Weird, it looks pink to me too! I love the casing, though.

  4. Hmm, it's a pretty color, but like you said, I'm shocked that the payoff is so sheer. I would've guessed it to be a very pigmented deep red. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging so I like the look of it. :-) Great post.

  5. I really like the fact it's sheer, for me that would make it super wearable - I love it! And the packaging is beautiful <3


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