Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday Poll

Last weekend Mr. Sith and I took Darthypie to Mount Vernon.  This is the home and estate of the first president f the United States, George Washington.  The entire house and surrounding lands have been made into a national park.  On some special weekend they have all sorts of festivities.  This weekend thy were celebrating fall harvest days.  They had wagon rides, a straw bale maze for kids to run around in, corn husk doll making, all sorts of great stuff.  The estate is HUGE and much of it is outdoors so service dogs and pet dogs are allowed on the grounds. (just not in the buildings)  So why do I mention that dogs are allowed?  Well, It was a beautiful crisp fall day. The sun was shining the air was cool (around 65 degrees) and the leaves were changing color.  Picture perfect.  We arrived at Mount Vernon around 10:30 AM. This was about an hour later than i wanted to be there.  Perhaps if we had arrived at 9:30 we would not have seen THIS

I was tempted to not obscure the a-holes license plate in the photo above, but I don't want to get sued or break any privacy laws. 
You are looking at a dog, a real dog, sitting in the back window of a car. The car is all black with a black interior AND all the windows are rolled up.  There is no water in the car for the dog and no fresh air coming in.  Now this car had already been parked by the time we go there so we figure it had been there since at least 10:30 if not earlier.  You see. although it's a nice crisp fall day, the sun is out, and the sun creates HEAT. something this a-hole didn't realize.  The sun will heat up a car and literally cook its contents in a matter of hours.  Even if it is only 65 degrees outside, the inside of the car can get much warmer and stifling.  Keeping a pet in a locked car with no air or water is beyond stupid, it's cruel. There was another couple near us that also spotted the dog and both them and Mr. Sith immediately took pictures of the car with the dog in it.  We both went to the park police about it.  They explained that the parking was not in the jurisdiction of the park and that the local police would have to respond.  They said they would alert the police.  We all went about our day hoping for the best, but Mr. Sith and I were wondering if we shouldn't have broken a window of the car and rescued that dog.  

Fast forward to 4:00 PM. Yes. That's right. Almost 6 hours later.  We are walking back to our car and we see the same couple that took pictures of the car & dog standing on the corner.  We were surprised to see them.  I certainly thought that by now the owners had come to claim the dog or that the police had rescued the poor thing.  Nope.  Nothing had happened.  almost 6 hours later and that dog is still in that sealed up car panting away.  Mr. Sith was about to take our car escape hammer and bust open the window.  
The couple told us they called animal control and they were waiting for them to show up.  about 10 minutes later the animal control van shows up.  The "officer" and I put that word in quotes for reasons you wills see in a minute, was confrontational as soon as he stepped out of his van.  The situation was explained to him and he took a quick look at the panting dog and said. "I don't thinks this animal is in distress. there is nothing I can do."  To which Mr. Sith said, "You're joking right?"  The Animal control officer just was not interested in hearing anything else. He said "It's not that hot out." even though it was explained to him that the dog had been in the sealed car for over 6 hours.  At that point Mr. Sith surmised, out loud, "You just don't want to rescue this dog because you don't want to do the paperwork.  It's almost 5:00, it's the end of your shift and it's the weekend. You just don't want to be bothered." The animal control "officer" turned red and said, if you have a complaint you can call my supervisor, handed Mr. Sith his card and drove off.  Seriously.  He just drove away.

A few moments later the OWNER of the car walked up.  Oh boy. Did he get an ear full from Mr. Sith and the other couple waiting for him.  He seemed to think he had done nothing wrong and was annoyed and bewildered as to why anyone would be concerned.  He eventually said.  "OK. Jeesh. I'm sorry, alright?"  Mr. Sith was like, "Don't apologize to us. Apologize to the dog!"  Of course that wouldn't have made a difference...the poor thing was shaking and panting so hard.  The owner drove off and a bunch of people THEN came up to Mr. Sith and the other couple and said "You did the right thing" or "That guy was a jerk" or something.

So that was our Saturday. Fun.  Oh and I got a migraine from being out in the sun too long.
On To The Poll.

1.  Blush Of The Day? - Le Metier de Beaute creme fresh tint in Mystique. you can read about it HERE. It's a pretty pale lilac-y pink.

2.  What would you have done in the situation above? - Personally I wanted to break the window but I had Darthypie with me and well...I'm not sure that would have been legal.

3.  Anything coming in the mail, beauty or otherwise? - I'm waiting on a pair f jeans from Old Navy and a hoodie.  I got my makeup goodies earlier this week. (See my post on Sephora Friends & Family)

4.  Do you have any pets? If so, what kinds and what are their names? - I have a English Bulldog named Floyd (Floydiepie) and a Tabby Cat (grey & black) named Cujo.

5.  Favorite season for makeup? - The fall. So many neat colors come out and the weather is cool enough that my makeup does not slide off my face by mid day!


  1. OMG, I can't even... I don't know what we'd have done in that situation. I can't see me breaking someone's window, mainly because I'm a weakling. But that poor, poor animal. How could someone do that??

    I don't have pets of my own. I do, however, love my mom's dog madly. She had two until a couple of weeks ago... sad situation. It's never good when your pet becomes too ill to continue. *sighs*

  2. 1. Blush Of The Day? - Blush gallore: Dior Aurora, Illa Lover and Unrequited. That's how I play the game.

    2. What would you have done in the situation above? - I would have called the police at some point, or would have asked around for help? Dunno.

    3. Anything coming in the mail, beauty or otherwise? - Nope, my Winter coat arrived yesterday and I'm no utterly broke.

    4. Do you have any pets? If so, what kinds and what are their names? - nope, unless the 29 goldfish in the pond count but I didn't put them in there

    5. Favorite season for makeup? - I love Summer for bronze and glowy stuff but I love the rich Fall shades as well!

  3. That is so horrible!

    1. No blush :( I left to work in a hurry this morning and forgot to pu blush on :(

    2. Here in Finland there is a service number you can call to and they will tell to whom the car is registered. I would have called there and then called to the cars owner and tell him to get here asap and let the poor dog out.

    3. I'm waiting my first Illamasqua order to arrive.

    4. I had a cat when I still lived with my parents put don't have anny pets atm. Thinking about getting a cat though.

    5. Definately fall! I'm not a pastels person and usually spring/summer collections have so many pastels etc in them. Also it's so much more fun wearing makeup in fall when your face is not melting of because of the heat.

  4. 1. No blush as I have a horrid cold and am home in sweats.
    2. I would have contacted park security and police and animal control AND I would have called the local ASPCA and PETA. Hopefully the threat of nasty publicity for the police etc and personal vilification of the idiot/owner would have got someone off their arse. what is wrong with people???
    3. Not awaiting anything in the post, sadly.
    4. We have an old chubby vat who lives the life of Riley and is loved by the whole family particularly my daughters.
    5. Autumn definitely, love the fashion the colours and the weather ( I miss NE weather- England is not the same).

  5. 1. Off today so now make-up yet.

    2. I tend to lose my mind it these types of cases so I won't go into it.

    3. My first Manglaze polishes.

    4. Have you seen my profile pic LOL. Yes, Kirby "everything here is mine" Peka-poo & Hoover our 80lb lap dog Golden mix.

    5. Winter -Holiday colors you wouldn't normally wear.

  6. 1. Blush Of The Day? - Jane Shimmering Blush in Roses, I am really into blushes with a sheen right now because they give a great lit from within/soft focus look to my cheeks. They aren't glittery/shimmery, but almost...metallic? Anyways I love it, and the one I am wearing is a great natural looking color.

    2. What would you have done in the situation above? - I don't know...probably would have called the police.

    3. Anything coming in the mail, beauty or otherwise? - My F&F stuff is coming today! Woohoo!! :D

    4. Do you have any pets? If so, what kinds and what are their names? - I have a Pug named Keoni :)

    5. Favorite season for makeup? - Spring! The girliest cutest stuff comes out for spring, it's my favorite!

  7. Poor dog!!! Isn't that animal cruelty!!! And I can't believe that animal control. Someone should have called his supervisor!!!

  8. What a jerk!! The poor dog :(

    1. Blush Of The Day? - Le Metier de Beaute creme fresh tint in Mystique. you can read about it HERE. It's a pretty pale lilac-y pink.

    2. What would you have done in the situation above? - I def. would have called animal services but I guess calling them didn't help anyway.

    3. Anything coming in the mail, beauty or otherwise? - Yes, tickets to Mary Poppins show - yay!

    4. Do you have any pets? If so, what kinds and what are their names? - I have one spoiled kitty named Lucifer.

    5. Favorite season for makeup? - Summer - everything is bright and fun!

  9. 1. Blush of the Day - LMdB Tenne/Poppy blend

    2. What would you have done in the situation above? I would have made a ruckus. ("Could you describe the ruckus?") First thing that comes to mind is setting off a bunch of car alarms to make people in the facility come out to the lot.

    3. Anything coming in the mail, beauty or otherwise? Rec'd Sephora F & F package yesterday so that'll be it for a while.

    4. Do you have any pets? Two cats, Mike and Ed

    5. Favorite season for makeup? Fall. Darker, richer colors suit me better.

    Best wishes for a spooky weekend, everybody!

  10. Blush of the day? Guerlain meteorite voyage, Terracotta Bronzing powder 01 and MAC Foli of Plum
    2) What would you have done in the situation above? See if the dog was still alive and curse the owner loud enough so people could hear but not much else .... :(
    3) Anything coming the the mail?I just got my order of MAC the blush Foli of plum and the travel kit brush (mineralize)
    and i'm waiting for my ipod nano 3rd generation case order on Ebay. Because of course Apple doesn't sale anymore because it is SOOOO old! :-S
    4) do you have any pet? nope if i do not count the numerous stray cats on my streets
    5. Favorite season for Makeup? Holiday !!! bright red, shimmery golds and extra details on packaging what not to love!

  11. I worked at a 311 line for a city, that's citywide information, and calls like that would have gone to the police because it was an act of animal cruelty that was happening right then and the animal was in immediate danger. This was the protocol there, it's a southern state where it got very hot and if an animal was left in a car like that, it would not have survived. So, at least initially, it would have gone to 911 Emergency, and might have been downgraded to Non Emergency at the discretion of the 911 operator.

    And those calls made me so livid I couldn't have remembered my blush, but since I am wearing some new samples I do remember. I'm wearing 2 products by Darling Girl, Pixi blush and aloha as a contour, for which it's perfect :)

  12. So many dog owners are idiots and don't know how to be a dog owner. I think dog owners should have to take government mandated training classes. Idiots.

    1. Blush Of The Day? - My natural flush. When I work I don't wear makeup. Well, I was supposed to work, but they kicked me off the movie set so I wouldn't infect the talent.

    2. What would you have done in the situation above? - I would have hot-wired the car, taken the dog, and left. He obviously doesn't deserve a dog since he is too stupid to comprehend the green house effect.

    3. Anything coming in the mail, beauty or otherwise? - I just received all my goodies yesterday. Girl meets pearl highlighter and UDPP pro size from sephora, a brush belt, graphtobian HD foundation palettes in warm and neutral, mascara wands, from Camera Ready Cosmetics.

    4. Do you have any pets? If so, what kinds and what are their names? - I feel like I have pets because my best friend who I hang out with almost daily has 2 pit bulls and 2 Chihuahuas. She also recently took in 3 foster Chihuahuas who were being bread by some idiot who was selling the puppies for $100 each and then left the parents on the street. Her friend Linda took them and asked my bff to foster them and then called Animal Control on him to make sure he couldn't own an animal again. Between the 2 females and one male they had 70 puppies. The females were the sister and mother of the male, so the puppies have a good chance of having birth defects. Also the male had a hernia when she got them. They are now all healthy and neutered and extremely happy to be living with someone who has a brain.

    5. Favorite season for makeup? - The fall. I like that there seems to be more makeup on the face for fall, and I like more extreme looks.

  13. I just realized my first answer did not make sense because I did not state that I have a cough and cold. that would be what I could infect others with.

  14. My husband and I are horrified at the dog's treatment! Thank you for doing something about it and calling out the owner. I'm just as upset about the "officer." I've voluntered at the Humane society and his actions are unacceptable for someone supposed to be protecting animals. I hope you talk to his supervisor and burn his ass.

    Oh yes, and I have three cats who I would never, ever, EVER leave in a car for hours without water. :)

  15. Thanks for caring and actually trying to help the dog out. I hope the owner thinks about why a bunch of strangers were horrified and change his behavior. I also hope you will be writing a letter to the animal control people and get the awful officer in trouble. Why is he even in that line of work if he can't be bothered?

  16. Sithy,

    I live near Mount Vernon Estate and Kathy Shoreman is my friend. The Animal Control don't rescue animals. The local Fairfax County Police should have been called and they had the authority to search for the owner on the estate and then to liberate the doggie and ticket the owner. Also, someone could have called the Humane Society or the local animal welfare organization. Thankfully, the little doggie was all right and no harm done, but doggie still has to live with that trashy human. I have never left my little doggie in any car and I would never bring him anywhere that such a situation would come up.

  17. 1. Blush - NARS Desire
    2. Broken the window, or if someone I was with could get into the car to roll the windows down, I'd ask them to do that. I've seen people do it with a coat hanger. I can't abide animal cruelty. I'm not above calling the police over it. Your husband is a good man. So are you. I personally would never leave my pets in a car with the windows rolled up, no matter the time of year. I've left Phaedra in the car for 5 minutes, with the car running and the doors locked, so I could run into Walgreens to pick up my prescription. She barked and threw a fit the entire time, and I felt awful over it. I won't ever leave my dogs outside in Florida, no matter the time of year. I can't imagine locking a dog in a car for 6 hours with no windows cracked, no AC!
    3. Luminess Air airbrush kit from Hautelook.
    4. Yes!
    Phaedra - white Standard Poodle (the large size)
    Maximus - black Pug (not overweight)
    5. Probably summer for the brights, and maybe fall for the golds.

  18. OMG I am so mad, I just told my family what happened (I was reacting verbally while reading) and my son was mad too. He's 9 and knows better!

    Please tell your husband he is MY HERO!

    My head is hurting in sympathy. (HUGS)

    1. The blush of ANGER. grrr.
    2. I think I would have called animal control, SPCA whoever then--and after 6 hrs I think I would have broken the glass. I'm just crazy that way (I understand why you chose not criticism from me).
    3.Um I got my first Sephora box yesterday (creeping away).
    4. We have a malinois/retriever/whippett mix, 4 yr old Willow Nymphadora, who is a SPCA rescue (and I used to volunteer there so yes I despise animal abusers), and 2 fish, Merry & Pippin.
    5. season for makeup--when it's cooler. FL humidity really kills makeup.

  19. Way to take some action to get that dog out. The way the Animal Control acted is absolutely disgusting. I do hope you contact his supervisor. If he felt comfortable enough to walk away with an audience, I hate to think how lazy he would be with fewer people watching.

    Had I been there alone, tried the whole chain-of-command approach and then likely broken the window. Had I been there with my fiancee, he would have broken the window, then...well, let's just say he would have made the guys face resemble to broken window...

    1) LMdB Creme Fresh Tint in Poppy

    2) See above; on a side note, kind of about animals (and now kids, too) I often go running along a park/lake where there are quite a few deer as well as children. Every now and then there will be a real jerk who feels cool enough to go double the speed limit. I'm not above yelling at the car to slow down and taking a pic of their license and letting them know I'll report them for reckless driving.

    3) Received my Sephora goodies, loving my LM Luxe Beauty Palette (with the 3 e/l and 2 blushes)

    4) We have a dog, she is an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier and has me wrapped around her furry little paw. I love to lay there and rub her ears and give her backrubs and tell her in a gentle voice, over and over "I love you, I love you." I know she can't understand me but I just want her to feel love. I've spoiled her a bit too much with the treats and have to cut back, she's gotten a bit chubby.

    5) Fall then spring; no summer.

  20. Some people are so stupid that it makes my blood boil! What was their reasoning for taking the dog with them in the first place if the dog wasn't to leave the car??? Good on you guys for standing up for an animal that can't stand up for itself. Poor thing has to live with those morons :(



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