Monday, November 28, 2011


What do you get the makeup addict in your life, that has everything?

PAPERSELF Eyelashes, of course!

Unlike other false lashes on the market, PAPERSELF has incorporated an exclusive concept with intricate cut patterns and unique designs for the false lashes market.  Introduced in 2010, PAPERSELF lashes have made a dramatic impact to the beauty and fashion industry. Inspired by the art of Chinese paper-cutting, The PAPERSELF challenges the way paper is used by blending traditional culture with contemporary design and uniquely invented paper, creating a brand new concept in the lashes world.

This is the ultimate eye Jewelery/Accessory for the future!  PAPERSELF Lashes bring intricately cut patterns and pretty designs to the eyelid. Creating a visual impact with the lashes can be seen as delicate and decorative jewelery for the eyes. PAPERSELF Lashes ideal for those who enjoy to experiment and create a fresh, artful, playful, and trendy new look.

Most of the PAPERSELF false eyelashes come in two sizes: 
Individual - Small Lashes: Accentuating the corners of your eyes either at the top or bottom with smaller lashes to create a subtle daytime look. 
Regular Lashes: With the regular lashes you can wear it in various ways to create different looks. You can either wear it in full to create dramatic party look or cutting it into smaller pieces (with the same piece) to accessorize the eye for daily look. 

PAPERSELF Symbolic Meanings:
PAPERSELF lashes come in 11 styles (5 collections), and are full of impressive visual aesthetics with beautiful story-telling details, each infused with symbolic meaning.

Lace Garden: Glamorous Elegance

Birds: Happiness and Fulfillment

Scorpion: Fatal Attraction

Spider: Mysterious Power

Horses: Success

Peony: Happiness and Good Fortune

Peach blossom: Love and Romance

Deer & Butterfly: Free, Beautiful and Sensitive

Peacock: Auspicious and Lucky days

Clown: Happiness & Joyful.

Under the Sea: Secret Treasures

Ideal Gift Made Packaging:
PAPERSELF Lashes packaging are exquisitely made, unlike traditional false eyelashes, the delicately embossed patterns and prints with tactile details make the packaging itself a luxury. Moreover, the packaging and the lashes are both created in eco-friendly way.

Eyelashes are available to purchase from PAPERSELF or from other stores listed on the PAPERSELF website.
Such as and Zuneta!

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  1. Nicholas: Anywhere one likes! :-)

  2. I have been drooling over these for so long - some of the promo images kinda worry me because they're cut up, which makes me wonder if the lashband is impossible. In love with the... well, all of them though, tbh.

  3. i love these and need to use mine!!!

  4. These are sooo cool. I knew of them but hadn't really seen any good photos and I'm so impressed! They look awesome. I'd never be able to have the patience for them, I don't think but I can appreciate the photos!

  5. I guess cutting paper snowflakes and people isn't enough anymore, now we have to wear them on our eyes. I just have this fear that I will have a bad papercut on my eye or eyeball. I know excess fear but that is how I think when I see these.

  6. I've never even tried fake lashes before but I love & want to try these!

  7. I've been drooling over these for a couple of months now. I definitely don't have any where to where them, but I think I need them just the same lol.

  8. I've been wanting to try these out for a while..I wonder though, are they re-usable? I'd hate to drop down money on a pair just to have it fall apart after one use.

  9. wow love these!!!! their works of art all on their own :D id definitely rock these!
    xoxox Relish

  10. I have been lusting over the peacocks but now I MUST have the horses (they look like zebras to me) as well.

    I wonder *if* you could do something like decopage to make them last longer? It seems a crime to have them last only once.

    SO pretty. Lemming lemming lemming.

    (LOL my word verification is faces)

  11. I just. I'm. I've got no words for this. Completely gorgeous and weird at the same time.


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