Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Gracious Arasari Eyeshadow Review Pictures Swatches

Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadows are like tattoos and potato chips, you can't have just one.  Oh how I adore the silky feel of the shadows.  The hard powder that turns almost creamy when applied.  The magnetic quality of adhesion to my lids is indeed a plus.  But what I adore is the subtle color choices for this brand...color choices that I don't see every day and color choices that I wouldn't normally make for myself but find myself strangely attracted to.

For example. Gracious Arasari.  Named after a bird native to the amazon, Gracious Arasari is described as a Semi-matte Nude Taupe with the Barest Whisper of Pink.  To me it's a warm neutral taupe with no hint of mauve, purple or grey. It's barely taupe.  It's taupe by manufacturers description only. It's taupe but on the outer most reaches of the taupe spectrum. It's the nerdy, disassociated youth of the taupe family. It's...really close to tan.

But on my cool and fair toned eyelids it does look really tan.  However...on more NORMAL looking lids...mine tend to skew warmer colors from time to time...this will look like a neutral taupe.  So neutral , in fact, that it may not show up on your lid at all!  For those beauties with dark skin, well, this gem of a shadow would make an excellent nude/matte highlight or a great base for blending those harsher edges.

Does the fact that I think this shadow is better suited for those with dark skin mean that I don't like this color for myself?  Absolutely not.  I love the warmth of this shadow. It makes an excellent base for warmer browns or to use with dark, but cool crease colors.  As you can see in the picture below I used Rouge Bunny Rouge Gracious Arasari with Estee Lauder Midnight Star pure color eyeshadow in the crease and an Inglot liquid liner in #30.  It's a great matte shadow that does not make my eyes look too frosty with a metallic crease color.  It also tends to smooth out my lids (a benefit of matte shadow) and create a pristine canvas for other shadow application.

Do you NEED this?  Maybe.  It depends on your style.  Certainly, I have nothing like it in my collection, but I tend to gravitate toward cooler taupe colors anyway.  It certainly is of excellent quality and it lasts forever...but should this be your FIRST Rouge Bunny Rouge shadow purchase?  Probably not.  Should this be your third, fourth or fifth?  For sure!  I purchased Rouge Bunny Rouge Gracious Arasari from Zuneta.com for £ 22.00 (approximately $30-$35 USD depending on the conversion rate)


  1. Damn! I have seven, and I don't have this one!!

  2. I love the liner and of course, the taupe!

  3. Great review. I think your point about whether this should be your first RBR eyeshadow is a very good one. It's not a good one to start with and I've seen the response when it has been. This is a great accompaniment to a Rouge Bunny Rouge collection. Loving your work with it!

  4. This is one of the few RBR that I didn't buy but I kept hearing it wouldn't show up well. It looks great on you though!

  5. I definitely thought this was a bronzer. Thankfully I actually read the post....
    Pretty color, in any case, but do you think the price is really justified despite quality?


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