Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Le Metier de Beaute Creme Fresh Tint in Poppy Review, Pictures, Swatches

By way of introduction, here are a few truths about me:
1) I am a packaging hoor.
2) I love hyperbole

Now, look at the packaging for Le Metier de Beaute's Creme Fresh Tint.
It's simple. Sleek. Unobtrusive. It is the antithesis of fancy packaging and hyperbole.
So what is it about this product that rocks my socks off?

Behind that matte black lid is a treasure so brilliant, so precious that Gollum would toss that ring away and covet this. ( < ---- Hyperbole)  Once you unscrew the simple yet functional lid to Le Metier de Beaute Creme Fresh Tint you are greeted by the sounds of angels singing, the world gets a bit brighter and doves start to coo outside your window.*

That is the experience you have when gazing upon Le Metier de Beaute's Creme Fresh Tint in Poppy.

Le Metier de Beaute Creme Fresh Tint in Poppy creates a sheer wash of color to brighten cheeks and lips for a radiant glow.  Described as a cool coral, Poppy reminds me of sweet innocence, Spring mornings, Summer sunsets and sand washed silks.

One can wear this blended over makeup or on fresh, clean skin.  The luxurious and hydrating formula instantly gives a radiant glow to cheeks. The Creme Fresh Tint applies smoothly and melts into the skin rather than sitting on top. Your cheeks and lips are enhanced with a natural looking, glitter-free flush.  The Creme Fresh Tint leaves no paraben or silicone residue, is water resistant and gives the effect of a true, natural blush or just bitten lips.

The formula is long wearing. Even those with oily skin can rest assured knowing that the color that this product imparts on their cheeks in the morning will still be there in the afternoon.  Creme blush-a-phobes need not fear this phenomenal product. It goes on smoothly and layers well so one can build up the intensity of the color.  A tiny smidgen goes a long way in this prodigiously pigment packed product. Expect it to last a long, long time.

Do you NEED this?  Yes!  This color is so universal it would look great on just about anyone. For $28 USD you can purchase Le Metier de Beaute Creme Fresh Tint in Poppy without a smidgen of buyers remorse.  Le Metier de Beaute Products can be purchased at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and Nordstrom.

*Actual Angels Singing and Doves Cooing results may vary.


  1. this is the perfect blush color... I want it... it's going on my US shopping list next time I visit... I hope it's not a limited edition item

  2. This is extremely close to Nars Portofino, my fave multiple!

  3. Forget the hyperbole, let's get down to brass tacks--how does it compare to Coral Nymph Sithy?

  4. Lucy: Oh it's a must have! Enjoy your shopping!

    Beccerz: OhRealLY? I'llhave to do a swatch comparison. This will save me $$!

    Cindy (Prime Beauty) - Poppy is cooler, lighter and pinker than coral nymph. If Coral Nymph is your HG creme blush then you don't need poppy. If I have time I'll try to do a side by side comparison and post it for you. :-)

  5. Ooh lemme know! I love Portofino and I would have to learn of a shade even

  6. Please post the comparison with coral nymph! I'm trying to decide which one to get. Thank you!


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