Monday, December 12, 2011

Red Lips Week - UltraFlesh Perfect Reds Lipstick Set

What's that? It's Red Lips Week again?  Yes my loverlies. It is Red Lips Week again here on the Pink Sith Blog, but this week we will be talking about Red Lipsticks that are priced over the $18 USD mark.  A few weeks ago we explored red lip products for $18 and under, but this week we bring you, what I like to call, the "High End" of lipsticks.  What better way to celebrate the holidays, the beginning of winter and the new year than with red lips. Right?  For years women have known the power of red lips, it is an iconic color for lipsticks and there is a red lip product for everyone in the me.  This week I will be focusing on the more bold red colors for the lip products but there are many wonderful sheer red lipsticks in the High End neighborhood, such as the sheer red lip from Lancome I wrote about a while ago.  However, I feel that if you are going to splurge on a red lipstick let it be a bold one. Make a statement!  Wear a red lipstick that you can seal envelopes with a kiss. Let it be a red lip that you leave on cheeks of friends and lovers as a memento and let it be a red lip that YOU wear and one that does not wear you.  

To kick off the Red Lip Week for High End Lipsticks I bring you a set of red lipsticks that has a color that will suit almost everyone in the world.  Ultraflesh Perfect Reds lipstick set comes with 6 lipsticks in total.  Three of them are sheer and three are matte.  They range from a cool red to a neutral to a warm red.  If you are trying to figure out which red is right for you, this is the set to try before to dive in and start gobbling up red lipsticks like they were candy.

Click on photo to enlarge Left to Right: Bonfire Sheer, Matte, Torch Sheer, Matte and Spark Sheer, Matte

Ultraflesh is a small brand but sold in many places from QVC,, Nordstrom, The Bay and Beautyhabit, to name a few.  Ultraflesh is from Gold Grenade a beauty brand that began its focus with fragrance, but has branched out to cosmetics and niche skincare.  Ultraflesh might be better known for their Panthera Mascara, but the lipsticks offered in the Perfect Reds lipstick set are truly unique.

The lipstick shades included in the Ultraflesh Perfect Reds set are:
Bonfire -a clear cut neutral red
Torch - an orange based warm red
Spark - blue based cool red  

Click on photo to enlarge

All colors of the lipsticks come in two formulations of sheer and matte. The sheer formula is buildable and the matte formula is opaque upon first swipe and not drying in the least. The sheer lipsticks are great for layering. One could mix the sheer neutral with the warm or cool sheer for a unique color or mix the mattes for a more bold lip that is truly suited to the wearer.

Size comparison against a full size MAC lipstick
The lipsticks are small. Teeny tiny to be precise, but what they lack in size they make up for in pigmentation and long wear.  The sheer lipsticks even have a decent amount of wear time. And despite the small size a little goes a long way with these lipsticks, so don't expect to run out quickly.

The feel of the lipsticks is slightly waxy and they do not have as much slip as other lipsticks I wear. I find that these lipsticks apply precisely, despite the wee size and the formula seems to stay put and not bleed like other brands are wont to do. The do not feel heavy on the lip but the also don't provide as much moisture as other brands.  The lipsticks are formulated without parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, phthalates and GMOs ...which is nice!
Click on photo to enlarge Left to Right: Bonfire Sheer, Matte, Torch Sheer, Matte and Spark Sheer, Matte

I do wish that Ultraflesh sold each and every color in a full size.  What better way to get a consumer to try all the colors and then become a loyal customer by offering a full size version of the colors they like.  ::Ah hem. Gold Grenade. I'm looking in your direction. Offering a full size of each color would be super awesome::  I know I would buy full size versions of Bonfire in sheer and matte!

Do you NEED this?  YES.  If you are not sure which red would look best on you, this set would be ideal.  At $29 for the set, the cost of each lipstick is only $4.83 each.  That's not bad considering that you will probably find at least 4 lipsticks that you can wear. Everyone can wear the neutral red of Bonfire pictured here:

Bonfire Sheer Lipstick

Bonfire Matte Lipstick

Then, some will find that the cool red of Spark fits their cool complexions, while others will find that the warm base of Torch is their ideal. I find this set to be great for experimentation for those not sure what red is best for them. It's also a great set for those more experienced red lip aficionados that are happy to wear any red lip color and are more daring to mix and layer the colors for that one of a kind red lip!

P.S.  In the photos of the lipsticks you will notice that 2 of them are damaged.  For some reason I received this set and two of the lipsticks had been nicked by the caps before I even opened them.  To a red lipstick addict this was heartbreaking.  There is nothing more beautiful than a brand new lipstick. Unmarred, immaculate, full of potential. I was not able to experience the joy of a brand new lipstick with this set because 2 of them had been damaged before I even was able to gaze upon them in all their pristine glory.  I didn't bother returning the set because I didn't have time, but I hope that it was some sort of fluke.  I purchased this set on line from

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  1. I love reading your blog, and even though I rarely post on any blogs, I just had to chime in here.

    I LOVE your red lipstick series. So many blogs focus on neutrals or pinks, but red lipstick is just my absolute favorite and I could look at swatches and read reviews for DAYS. Red lipstick is magical. Thank you for highlighting it!!

  2. wow this is red extravaganza ;)

  3. Loving Bonfire and Torch! You have such pretty-shaped lips!

  4. Surprisingly I'm more drawn to the sheer lipsticks! This set looks like awesome value, shame about the nicks :(


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