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Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette - Review Pictures Swatches

What can I say about the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette that has not already been said.  By now you have seen all the swatches on light and medium and dark skin, you have seen reviews and comparisons and even more reviews.  So what else can I add?

Well... not much really.  
That's why this post will be short and sweet.

1) Quality - The Urban Decay quality is the same as almost any other Urban Decay shadow; Excellent!  The matte shadows might need a bit more layering to get the finish or opacity you desire, but all in all the shadows are excellent.  They are pigmented, soft, and wear a long time (with a primer) without fading or creasing. 

2) Colors - With the exception of Half Baked, the Naked 2 Palette has 11 new colors compared with the first Naked palette.  This is nice.  While there are certainly more cool toned colors in the Naked 2 palette compared to the original Naked palette, I wouldn't call this a "Cool Toned" palette.The colors such as Half Baked and Chopper and even Foxy are far warmer than any cool toned palette should ever have in it.  Does that make sense?  And why did UD include a color, Half Baked, when it was already in the original Naked palette?  That kinda ticks me off.  It's a bit of a"F**K You" to include Half Baked in Naked 2. It's like they said...we know you have the 1st one so we are going to show you how ridiculous you really are for buying the 2nd one by including similar warm shades and an exact repeat of one shade entirely.  Well at least that's what my little reptilian brain tells me. But notice I purchased it anyway.

3) Packaging -  There was a lot of hubbub about the "cardboard" packaging of the original Naked Palette. I personally have not problems with it. It has yet to tear or break down in any way in the 10 months I have owned the original palette.  The Naked 2 palette comes in a much sturdier metal container, houses a dual ended brush and instead of coming with a mini primer potion, it comes with a lip gloss. It's a pretty gloss and it claims to cool and plum the lips at the same time.  Meh.  Whatever. It's nice even if it does or does not live up to the claims.  The original Naked palette first came with a dual ended 24/7 pencil but then switched to a brush.

4) Cost - This palette cost me $50 USD. That $5 more than the Original Naked palette with the pencil and $2 more than the Original Naked with the brush. Is it worth it?  Well let's see: $50 for 12 shadows, 1 brush and a mini gloss...that comes out to about $3.57 a piece.  Yeah. I say it's a good value if you adore neutral shadows.  If you are looking for a true cool toned palette this is NOT the one for you. But if you are like me, and can wear both cool and warm colors, then this is an excellent palette because there are definitely more cool toned colors than warm colors in Naked 2 than there are in the original Naked palette.

Do you need both?  No. No one needs 24 neutral shadows...unless you are a taupe hoor like me!

I  hope you all found this helpful...or at least enjoyed looking at the pictures.


  1. Taupe whore here! Didn't even need to see swatches before I decided to haul this sucker :)

  2. I enjoyed reading this post very much. I don't think I'll be buying it, I don't have the original and I'm not sure I'll cave on this one. It still has too many warm toned shades that I know I wouldn't use. I loved your observation that we all know they're taking the proverbial but we're still irresistibly drawn anyway. Why else would I be checking out swatches of palette I claim not to be interested in?! I am a (neutrals) sucker!! :D

  3. I am a taupe whore for sure, but I will pass on this palette. Or at least I PLAN to pass on it.. We will see how strong my resolve is when I actually see this in a Sephora or something.

  4. Great review! I ordered this so I'm just waiting for it to arrive today but I do think it is ridiculous that they added half baked in this one since its in the first.

  5. I just pulled out my original palette and I have to say I'm really more fond of it than this new one. I'm kind of partial to the colors Creep and Gunmetal. # 2 is nice but not interesting enough to buy. I'm going to try to hold tight for spring collections!

  6. I can't wait to get this. I still have the original Naked palette going on. Thanks for the swatches. I see lots of possibilities for smokey eyes.

  7. I had the old one - but a let a friend have it. NAKED2 actually suits me better, I think. I could never have enough neutrals as I am also a "taupe-a-holic". I like the heft of the packaging and the brush isn't bad. I think it is worth it to experiment with different looks.

  8. "Do you need both? No. No one needs 24 neutral shadows"
    And I would add: most of us probably already own dupes for all those colors.

    To be honest, I still can't understand the hype around the Naked palette(s). Just out of curiosity, I counted the neutral colors that I own-and I found around 40!! Do I need more? Definitely not. And I'm sure that if I do a quick check, I will find dupes for most of the "Naked" colors.

    Ok, for someone who just starts building a make-up collection this is a great investment. But I know for sure that most of the people who are over-excited abut these palettes already have big make-up collections. So... what's the point then?

  9. LOL!! OK, I'm still laughing about your taupe whore comment!! Yes, of course I found your post to be helpful-- I need to know what the Pink Sith thought about this palette! Your swatches are so gorgeous, too. Thank you for the post! xx

  10. I love it! I got mine yesterday (I too, am a taupe would adore the Silk Naturals haul I just got) and my friends were cracking up at me walking around yelling "I got Naked2!!"

  11. Too funny. I just love Naked2. But I love Urban Decay shadows in general. I will always buy their stuff, whatever they come out with. And they know it. lol

  12. Alex Kay, BelleBelle, Jenn Staz, Moxie, Janelle @ Life. Love. Nailpolish: Taupe Hoors Unite!

    Modesty Brown: I too was a tad disappointed by all the warm shades in this palette. I really thought they were going to come out with a cool palette b/c the first one was so warm.

    reene: You might wait until next year when UD or Sephora has a F&F event..but you won't die if you don't have it.

    KrySTYLES: I know! Half Baked was such an unnecessary addition to this palette. I hope you like the rest of it!

    Evelyn: Smart move. I say if you own #1 you are pretty much set. Spring is looking pretty this year if you like Hot pink and oranges.

    Jade: Sooo many possibilities for smokey eyes. This palette has them all and with a nice mixture of lighter colors to keep the smokey eyes from looking too dark.

    Corina's Makeup Playground: I'm not sure what the point is except maybe it is nice to have them all in one palette? All from one brand? Don't ask me. I have a taupe/Neutral eyeshadow addiction!

    Moxie: I think this palette has the same excellent quality that UD shadows have. I find the colors selected for this palette to be pretty, useful and workable. I think that if you already own Naked you don't need Naked2 because you probably have other Nude/Naked palettes from other brands and have enough dupes in your collection to make up for what Naked 2 brings you.

    Lilybeans: You are an addict. The first step is admitting so. Repeat after me: "Hi my name is Lilybeans and I am addicted to Urban Decay."

  13. Great review :) I have the first Naked palette but bought Naked 2 anyway because I'm a UD addict and a taupe hoor to boot!

  14. In CAD dollars, Naked 2 (52,50$) is actually cheaper than Naked 1 (58$)

  15. Thank you for telling us cool tone gals to buy something else. What palette would you suggest?

    1. Check out the Senna Cosmetics Haute Nudes Mystic palette. I just reviewed it on 1/8/13 :-)


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