Friday, February 24, 2012

My Natura Bisse The Bubble Facial at Tyson's Galleria Neiman Marcus

Wow.  How do I even begin this post?  I had one of the most amazing facials in my entire life.  Now granted I don't really get facials all that often.  I do a lot of at home masks but a real facial?  Well, it's been years!  This is going to be a fairly long post. I'll include tons of pictures to amuse you but if you want the "Cliff's Notes" version of my Natura Bisse "The Bubble" Facial at my local Tyson's Galleria Neiman Marcus, I can sum it up for you in three words:


Yes. It was that good.  I told you all about "The Bubble" in an earlier post. So if you want all the details please look there. (I don't want to make this post any longer than it has to be)  As you can see, this space aged looking dome of skincare goodness, was situated on the first floor of the Neiman Marcus Store.  "The Bubble" goes on tour and if you are interested in booking a Natura Bisse facial in "The Bubble" you can contact your Natura Bisse counter specialist or check out the website.  Regardless, it is an amazing experience that I am so thrilled to tell you about.

click to enbiggen!

Here is the little sign that explained what was happening at my Neiman Marcus.

And here are the wonderful women that helped make this experience possible.  Michael Ann, on the left, is the Natura Bisse National Sales Director.  Not only is she charming as all heck she really knows what she is talking about with skin care.  By the way, her skin looks amazing! Seriously. She's older than I thought, and honestly, she glows.  This is a woman that spent years on tanning beds and in the sun. Now, she has wisely stopped that practice and look what Natura Bisse has done for her!  Oh and we also connected by regaling stories about the greed and excess of the 1980's. Good times.  (By the way, for those readers that were born in the 1980's and beyond, The original Wall Street movie does not even do the 1980's justice; but watch it to get a better idea of what it was like, my little new born fawns)  On the right is Alexis the esthetician that preformed my amazing facial.  Her hands are like butter and she told me exactly what she was doing during the entire facial and made me feel completely relaxed.

Because the air in the bubble is 99.5% pure oxygen, which means it is scrubbed clean of pollens, pollutions, fragrances, irritants, you "feel" so much better having spent time in it.  Alexis also told me that because of the high concentration of the oxygen, your skin receives the serums and treatments better in this environment.  The air filter looked like this:

OK.  Pretty basic, but I'll tell you, it made a huge difference.  I am terminally "stuffy" all winter long and going into "The Bubble" I was able to breathe better than I have all winter.  Of course the effect is not immediate but by the end of the facial, my lungs felt years younger!

The facial lasted an entire hour.  During that hour Alexis pampered my from head to toe with the finest Natura Bisse products.  The end result was Amazing Skin. I looked like a new woman. I'm not going to say I looked 8 years younger or any such nonsense, but I did look incredibly rested, glowy and pretty.  Isn't that what it's all about? Looking pretty?  Well that's how this amazing facial made me feel and look!

Now, for a play-by-play of all the products used, read the following:

image from

Since I just arrived from work, Alexis cleansed my skin with The Cure All in One Cleanser.  This is a gentle cleansing cream that works for all skin types.  It thoroughly removed all of my makeup, even the waterproof eyeliner and concealer without stripping the moisture from my skin.

image from

Then she used The Cure Hydro-Gel Toner on my skin.  There are essential oils, native to the Mediterranean, in this toner. (Olive Leaf, Orange, Mandarin, Lemon, Lavender, Rosemary, Cypress and Sage). The toner eliminates any impurities left behind after cleansing and soothes the skin with Green Tea Extract. Oh and it smells fantastic!

image from

Then came the Glycolic Peel! The Glyco Extreme Peel is a Pro-Enzyme peptide exfoliant.  This triple exfoliating system is formulated with a 50% buffered complex of Glycolic Acid and other AHA's. Also  included in this peel is Prickly Pear Extract which is supposed to help with the natural cell renewal mechanisms and stimulates the exfoliation process, Exfoliactyl Mimetic Peptide, an exfoliating peptide, and Beta Lipoacid which is supposed to stimulate the exfoliating process from within and contains anti-aging properties.  

Now I know what you all are thinking: "Elvira! You have sensitive skin!  What the heck are you doing putting a 50% Glycolic Acid peel on your face?"  I was thinking the same thing. Trust me.  Alexis did a small patch test before applying the peel to make sure my skin could tolerate it.  Once she saw that there was no adverse reaction to the peel, she went ahead an applied it all over my face.  My skin turns red VERY quickly, so you can imagine my surprise when I did not turn beet red when the peel was on my face or when it was rinsed off my face.  

image from

Speaking of rinsing off.  Alexis used the Natura Bisse Round Cleansing Sponges to help cleanse my skin. Oooh were they soft!  Natura Bisse’s sponges are unique in that they do not allow bacteria to produce between uses. Once the sponge is moistened after use it quickly dries, preventing bacteria formation. This keeps your sponges sanitary and allows for re-use. The sponges can be cleaned in the wash machine after several uses, if necessary and they last an average of 6-8 months before replacement is advised.

image from

After the Glyco Peel, Alexis applied the Oxygen Mask. This mask is supposed to help with congested skin (like mine) and hyper pigmented skin (which I have from sun exposure in my ill spent youth)  This gel mask is supposed to infuse the skin with Oxygen, decongest, soothe, hydrate and soften. Alexis said it is ideal for use after a long flight or particularly sleepless night.  What is also nice about this mask is that it prevents the proliferation of bacteria, which as we all know is the culprit for the cause of acne.  The Natura Bisse Oxygen Mask is a dream come true!
image from

After the Oxygen mask was cleansed off and some more The Cure Hydro-Gel Toner was applied, Alexis used Natura Bisse Diamond Gel Cream on my skin  This is an Anti-aging and bio-regenerative  treatment cream.  The light gel formula was perfect for my oily skin.  Alexis recommends the Diamond Extreme cream for those with very dry skin.  The Diamond Gel Cream has a lifting effect on the skin. It firms the skin and helps with repairing and adding elastin and collagen to you skin.  There are some powerful anti-oxidants in the cream and with repeated use the Diamond Gel Cream is supposed to diminish expression lines and wrinkles.

image from

Speaking of expression lines...One of my FAVORITE Natura Bisse products was used during this facial.  The Natura Bisse Inhibit-Tensolift.  This is called Botox in a bottle!  The product is a bio-emulsion with 71% highly active ingredients that is supposed to be an effective cosmetic alternative to micro-injections and other aesthetic medical procedures. Inhibit-Tensolift is formulated with What Natura Bisse calls a three-dimensional, 3D Lifting Technology. It has a cumulative lifting effect, providing visible results. Having used this product in the past I will tell you it works.  It is worth every penny.  Oh, and if you currently get Botox injections, The Natura Bisse Inhibit-Tensolift used in between injections will make your Botox effect last longer, which means fewer injections!

image from

Let us not forget about the delicate eye area.  Alexis used Diamond Extreme Eye, which is described as an energizing lift for eyes.  This intensely moisturizing eye cream has an almost balm like texture to it.  It is supposed to provide firmness and luminosity and is also supposed to diminish fine lines and wrinkles as well as have an upper lid lifting effect. 

image from

As the final facial treatment Alexis applied a sheet mask that was infused with Natura Bisse Diamond Drops.  It's described as a DNA Shield.  This sheet mask is exclusive to the facial procedure but you can purchase Diamond Drops to use every day without the sheet mask.  According to Natura Bisse this product is supposed to hydrate and soften the skin while restoring elasticity. It's a serum that you apply OVER your day cream, "...creating a transepidermal membrane that protects the skin by ensuring the absorption of previously applied treatments."  It is also supposed to have an immediate lifting effect and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.  Diamond Drops contain Marine DNA which is supposed to act as a protective barrier against environmental aggressors.

image from

LAST but not least Alexis provided a neck and arm massage with Natura Bisse Diamond Body Cream.  This anti-aging body cream smells slightly like lavender and is supposed to nourish the skin and help prevent skin aging in areas such as the arms and thighs.  She also gave me a light massage of my legs and feet too. Ahhhh.

When the facial was over I felt like a new woman.  I was almost in a dream like state when I realized it was time for me to get dressed and go home.  Looking in the mirror my skin looked soft and smooth and happy. It wasn't red or angry as it is wont to look after any facial.  But the real amazing part was the next morning.  My skin actually looked BETTER than it did when I left the facial the night before. BETTER!  My skin as soft and hydrated and GLOWED! I only needed a sheer tinted moisturizer and a little concealer under my eyes and I was ready to go. Even little Darthypie told me I looked beautiful when I was getting him dressed the next morning.  How awesome is that?

Now, like I mentioned above the Natura Bisse "Bubble" facial is "on tour" but you can always contact your local Neiman Marcus to see if it coming to your town.  I also suggest that if you are seriously into skin care and want to make a change to your skin WITHOUT resorting to medical procedures (Hi! That's me) invest in some time and some money Natura Bisse.  Your local Product Specialist can do an analysis of your skin and determine which products will work best for you.

I would like to thank Neiman Marcus, Natura Bisse, Michael Ann and Alexis for this amazing experience.  I cannot tell you what a difference it has made for me...well actually I can. I just did. 

I also want to thank Denise Thomas, the Product Specialist for Natura Bisse at Neiman Marcus Tyson's Galleria. If you have any questions about the products she will be able to help you out.  Her number is 703-761-1600 X-3305 She is sweet and knowledgeable and not pushy!

Last, but not least, I want to thank Kathy Shoreman for introducing me to Denise and for helping facilitate getting "The Bubble" Facial for me.  If you want to purchase any of the Natura Bisse products I mentioned in this post or anything else for that matter, Kathy is the woman to call. Not only is she helpful she is also a sci-fi geek and can tell you more than you need to know about Star Trek.  How awesome is that?  You can reach Kathy by phone at 703-761-1600 X-3282.

P.S. Wanna know how good I looked after the facial?

I came in looking like THIS:

And left Looking like THIS:

*photos of me may not be 100% accurate.

During the Neiman Marcus Spring Beauty Event (2/23/2012 - 3/4/2012) you can get this deluxe gift with purchase from Natura Bisse with your $250 Natura Bisse purchase.

Set includes:
Intensive Tolerance Booster, 6mL.
Diamond White, 6mL.
Cure Sheer Cream, 7mL.
SPF 30 Daily Defense Fluid, 10mL.
Natura Bisse pique bag.


  1. Sounds absolutely divine. Now I shall go sit in the corner and once again lament that I live nowhere near a Neiman Marcus.

  2. LOVING! I'll have to hunt this down - NM is no longer on my shit list now that they accept MC!

  3. Aw, your skin still looks amazing. And I LOVE your hair! So sexy!

  4. And I wasn't talking about jessica rabbit :D

  5. i adore some Natura Bisse !! i have the extreme glyco peel and that stuff is magic ! the oxygen cream is good too...this makes me want to buy the mask ;D

    im glad you had an awesome experience :D

  6. LOL I always say that I feel like Jessica Rabbit....but live in the body of Thumper the Rabbit ;)

    Wow, that sounds amazing! Though--weird factoid--high oxygen levels give me migraines. At least thru a nasal canula. Yeah. Only I would get a headache from AIR.

    I am running over to the NM site to see about a few of those products, esp the eye lift! Stoopid pollen around here makes me look like someone insert Louis Vuitton bags in my upper eyelids :X

    And you are ALWAYS gorgeous ;)

    1. Um. Yeah. Ouch. I think I performed my own eyelift when I saw the prices. Le sigh. Maybe I'll splurge on the eye cream tho.

  7. I am intrigued! I think I need to further investigate a few of these products. I told my skin care specialist about the products that claim to be botox in a bottle and she went on a rant. She said there is no way to replicate an injection without getting one. I would still love to try the one that says it like botox in a bottle.

  8. Pink Sith you've done it again!! I actually feel as if I had the facial myself, thanks to your incredibly accurate and life-like step-by-step description! It actually made me feel refreshed. By the way, all of us at Neimans were so tired on Saturday were were making jokes about sitting in the bubble for five minutes just to oxygenate our blood. I wish I had a bubble at home!
    The Glyco-Peel is amazing. I have incredibly sensitive skin with rosacea - aka pink face, and I can use this peel. It is buffered, so it is not at all acidic nor does it sting when applied like the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel feels when applied. The skin is shiny and smooth and glistening once it is removed and is receptive to any serum that you might want to apply afterward, enhancing penetration. You can use the Glyco-Peel with any other product line that you use, too. It is one of the best ones out there.
    NB has lots of other great products - another one I am trying is the NB Ceuticals Tolerance Enzyme Peel - it is also a peel, but enzymatic, not as strong as the Glyco Peel, for those with hypersensitive skin. I feel no tingling or anything once I spread this baby on. Any of you, feel free to stop by Neiman's for samples of any of the products used on Pink Sith during her facial; I'd be happy to oblige!
    Thanks again for an excellent review, Jessica Rabbit!


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