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BECCA Cosmetics Balearic Love Palette - Review, Pictures, Swatches

If I had millions of dollars I would vacation with my friend Pili on Ibiza in the Balearic Islands, an archipelago of Spain in the western Mediterranean Sea, near the eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula.  I would have a lavish house and Pili and I would hide from the sun as we are both pale as sheets.  But that is just a distant fantasy. I have no where even close to millions of dollars, nor do I have the plane tickets to Spain.  

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What I do have, however is the new Palette from BECCA Cosmetics called the Balearic Love Palette.  I guess that will have to do.  I purchased it from Zuneta as soon as I was informed they had it for sale.  It took all my strength not to buy the entire collection.  I do love BECCA cosmetics very much. Everything I have ever purchased from them has been top notch and perfect.  I purchased the Balearic Love Palette without hesitation.

The BECCA Balearic Love Palette consists of three neutral shades of eyeshadow.  They are housed in a smart yet small compact with the familiar matte brown finish of most BECCA products. 

If you remember, a last year around this time I reviewed the Enigma Palette from BECCA.  I was very much enraptured by the cool taupe deliciousness of this palette.  Well the Balearic Palette is the warm toned answer to the Enigma Palette...however...

Enigma on Right - Balearic Love on Left. Click to enlarge.

There has to be a however.

However, the Balearic Love Palette's quality is inferior to the Enigma palette and I believe inferior to most of the BECCA Cosmetic singles I own.

Allow me to explain.

Texture:  The Shadows in the Balearic Love palette are hard.  This is uncharacteristic of BECCA shadows.  They are usually powdery soft bordering on creamy.  These shadows in the palette are hard and take an effort to produce any powder. All shadows are matte with the exception of the shadow called Marcella, which is described as a "Demi Matt" but does have a significant amount of glitter in it.

Pigmentation:  The shadows in this palette are inconsistent as far as level of pigmentation.  I had to rub a foam tipped applicator several times over the lightest color in the palette, Atlas, just to get any color to show up on my arm.  The middle or what I refer to as the liner color is well pigmented.  It's almost an identical color to the center shadow in the Enigma Palette, which is a letdown in and of itself.  The sparkly color is pretty in the pan, but I had issues again getting that shadow to show up properly on my skin. it seemed to be mostly sparkle and little else.

Application:  The shadows applied unevenly.  The base shadow, the lightest tan color, was splotchy and resistant to blending.  The glittery shadow needed multiple layers to show up beyond just sparkle, and when I did finally achieve some color the end result was muddy.  The Center Shadow, which I used as a liner and for the outer V of my eye, worked like a charm. It was pigmented and applied easily. However when it came to blending with the other shadows the result was less than ideal, but I think that was because of the other shadow ad not because of the dark center shadow.

Performance:  The shadows held up well over a primer. there was no creasing or fading. However, it was still a muddy mess at the end of the day. It just didn't look so great. I also experienced some slight glazing on the lightest shade in the palette which made picking up the color even more difficult. I'm assuming it was because of my brush not picking up enough power from the shadow in the first place, coming in contact with my eyelid that had primer on it and some of that primer transferring to the brush, and then from the brush to the shadow.  I guess.  Either way I had to start scraping off the glazed over layer each time I wanted to use that shadow.

Do you NEED this?  NO!  It's not worth the money. Sorry.  With the inferior performance, pigmentation, and texture of the shadows combined with the repeat of the same liner color from another palette I own, I wish I had not purchased this. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone that was thinking about purchasing either.

At least Spain's Balearic Islands are nice to look at.


  1. I love Becca as well, however they are having issues with the products. They were bought out and in turn they have changed the manufacturing and quality. Im sad to say that the Becca of yore is just that. So sad, but I'll join you in Ibizia, simple gorgeous!

    1. I did not know they were bought out. That explains a lot. Yes. Let us all journey to Ibiza to mourn the loss of BECCA quality and celebrate the fact that we can afford to go to Ibiza!

    2. Hi Pink Sith,

      My name is Claire and I look after the PR for BECCA. Thank you for your review of the Balearic Love palette - I am sorry that you have not been happy with your purchase. I personally haven't experienced the same issues with this palette (and I've been using it daily), however I will investigate this further and have let Rebecca know your concerns.

      Polish Pauper - BECCA has not been sold or bought out - where did you hear that? It is still privately owned and all creative development comes directly from Rebecca! The Enigma Palette and Balearic Love Palette both were produced from the same manufacturer, which is why I am surprised Pink Sith feels the quality is different. As I said, I will investigate this with our artists globally and come back to you.

      Could you please send me your email address Pink Sith?

      Thank you, Claire

  2. Bummer. It looks beautiful. I've been dying to try some Becca products, but I was having trouble finding someone who stocks them, so I appreciate the Zuneta link.

    1. Hi Indie!

      BECCA's full range of stockists can be found here -

      The BECCA website stocks the full range, and other online stockists include Cult Beauty, Zuneta, Look Fantastic and Style Passport.

      Best wishes, Claire

  3. The more I read about this, the happier I am that I didn't get it, it has nothing to do with the promo pic colors to start with!!

  4. I was so tempted and I'm SO GLAD I didn't buy it!

  5. What a shame...........and a relief ;). I'm disappointed to hear that the texture has hard work. Once my ban is over, I'm going to invest in some of the single pans as fascinated by how their texture differs to the palettes.

  6. I had a palette from Becca , I think it was called Show Girl-it was just like this. The shadows were hard and barely pigmented. The only saving grace was that it had a cream cheek colour that was awesome. I wish Becca was more consistent in quality.

  7. I'm quite sad about this palette not living up to expectations and even more sad that Becca was bought out, as now I do not believe I shall purchase from them moving forward unless I read a review praising them to high heaven for a future product.

    1. Hi Mandy,

      BECCA has not been sold or bought out!

      Best wishes,

  8. Haha, what a shame about the palette. I am generally impressed by Becca as a brand.

    I'll join you in Span :) No problem!

    Whats in my purse

  9. I also purchased this palette and am disappointed with it. I have had the same issues as Elvira with the shadows being hard and poorer quality than, say, the Enigma Palette, which is my favorite Becca palette. I also found the advertising deceptive, as it completely misrepresented the colors. Perilously Pale had the same complaint.

    Claire - it is inappropriate for you to be commenting here. Elvira has purchased this product and given her honest review. Please respect that. If there is some misinformation about company ownership then perhaps you should issue a statement.

  10. Hello!!! I love this palette, it's so beautiful! I love Balearic island!!!

    XoXo from Spain, Balearic Island, Majorca ;).

  11. I don't know how I missed this review! My experience with the palette was a bit different. The shadows are of good quality and pigmentation in the palette I ordered from Zuneta. Not outstanding but quite good. I did however come across another review very early on mentioning the hardness of the shadows. My disappointment was a result of the misrepresentation of the shades in the promo pictures and shade descriptions. I am still waiting for a BECCA palette that has shadows that actually match those descriptions because they sound AMAZING! ;-) Sounds like I should really try Enigma!

  12. I have this palette and love it. I've had no issues with pigmentation, blending or having the shadows cake up in the pan. You do need to use a base as with most eyeshadows in order to bring out the richness and brightness of the colours. The shimmery colour is divine. Love this palette and love Becca products in general.


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