Friday, March 30, 2012

Highlighters You Can't Have - Estee Lauder Pure Color Night Collection Luminous Highlighter - Review Pictures Swatches

I'm back again with my third installment of Highlighters You Can't Have.  Every month for the rest of the year I will feature a Hard To Find, Discontinued or rare Highlighter from my collection.  I have done this before with Taupe Shadows and Blush, I figure why not Highlighter.  I like to torture you all, and your jealousy tastes delicious.  I started off this sunny little series with a Dior highlighter that had remained untouched in my collection for over 4 years.  I swatched it just for you all!  (Feel Special?)  In my second installment I showed you a highlighter that was recently released and sold out quicker than a 1980's one hit wonder band being asked to sell the rights to their song for a car commercial.  That was Guerlain Cruel Gardenia. (The highlighter, not the band) Some of you warmed my cold, dead, black, withered heart by letting me know you were able to hunt this gem down and purchase it.  See? I'm not THAT evil.  Well today I bring you a highlighter that almost has no name.  It's from Estee Lauder and it's called Estee Lauder Pure Color Night Collection Luminous Highlighter 01.
Back in June 2010, Tom Pecheux, who is the Creative Director over at Estee Lauder came up with his Pure Color Night line of cosmetics.  Released at a limited number of stores in New York and London the collection had only three limited edition products, one of which was a highlighter.  The highlighter has not specific name, just Luminous Highlighter 01. I was hoping Estee Lauder would release a 02 in this range, but so far, no dice.

As you can see I have hit pan on my highlighter. It's quite tragic.  And while the pan showing is minuscule. I had stopped using this highlighter as often, in hope that I could ration it to make it last my entire life.  Of course this makes no sense at all. Why own a makeup item you are never going to use?  I have started to wear it more often now, and I have fallen in love with it all over again.

The Estee Lauder Luminous Powder comes in a large Estee Lauder signature navy blue case.  It's slightly difficult to open.  Instead of a simple plastic protector for the powder, this case has a gold metal colored protector.  Tres chic! (however I think that's what is making it hard to open.)  

The powder itself is golden. Slightly leaning toward the peachy spectrum, but not so much that people with a cool skin tone couldn't wear it.  I know you are looking at the pan and thinking,  "Meh". I would too, but you see I know the secret of this powder.

I looked in the thesaurus and could not find any adjectives to properly describe the texture and finish of this powder once applied to the skin.  Words like Sheer, Luminous, Finely Milled don't seem special enough to describe this powder.  Ethereal, Heavenly, Magical..that's almost close.  You see, when this powder touches the skin it melts. I mean, MELTS into the skin and looks like you are lit by candlelight or have that special glow one has when they are in love...or pregnant.  This powder applies over your blush or contour like fine golden gossamer wings of a butterfly. It is not glittery or sparkly. It is not metallic or heavy. It is sheer and luminous and beautiful.

If you were lucky enough to have purchased this a little less than two years ago, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  If you haven't, you will never fully appreciate how wonderful this powder is. And for that, I pity you.


  1. The guerlain sun in the city highlighter you featured recently gives the same effect and is already almost impossible to obtain.

  2. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog posts everyday. You are a talented writer and never fail to make me laugh and smile. Katheryn R., McRae, GA

  3. Elvira, you HAVE to try the SENSAI Bronzing Duo--you will go ape shizz!!


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