Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Poll

For a while I thought the word Quinoa was pronounced "Quin-no-ah". It's actually pronounced "Kin-wah".  I corrected my pronunciation but I still read it at "Quin-no-ah".  I know how to say most french cosmetic and fashion brands Givenchy is "Je-vaun-shee" and Guerlain is "Ger-lauhn" or there about.  Brands like Lanvin "Lawn-van" are a bit more tricky. But note these are mostly french words.  The English language has all sorts of words that are mispronounced. For example: Some people say Affidavid instead of Affidavit  The T in affidavit is turned into a D a lot.  Then there's the unnecessary X. Escape, Espresso are mangaled into Ex-Scape and Ex-sPresso.  The classic Liberry instead of LibRary is common. Even a former president mispronounced the word Nuclear. He would always say Nuke-u-ler.  That irked me to no end.  The one I don't hear as often as I used to is Irregardless. The correct word is Regardless. Thank goodness that is dying down.  I work with someone that has an almost pathological block with two words. Moot and Specific.  She says Mute and Pacific.  It used to drive me bananas, until I learned to just let it go.  I am certainly am not going to correct her, she would get really pissed off.  But then there are phrases that are just butchered in the English language.  For example: "For all intensive purposes."  That's incorrect. It should be "For all intents and purposes."  I think I have been guilty of saying that incorrectly once or twice.  Others include "It's a doggy dog world" when it should really be "It's a dog eat dog world", and it's not "One in the same." It's "One and the same."  Now you all are probably reading this and thinking to yourself, "Elvira, you have some of the worst grammar and punctuation ever. Don't you think it's a tad hypocritical of you to 'lecture' us on this subject?"  And to that I say, "Newp."  (<--- see what I did there?) I'm just amusing myself with mispronunciations. We all do it from time to time. Plus I'm talking about speaking, not writing.  Here are a few more that I find amusing:  
Incorrect: I could care less
Correct: I couldn't care less (If you COULD CARE less then you actually COULD.  Get it?)
Incorrect: A whole nother     
Correct: A whole other ("Nother" isn't a word.)
Incorrect: Hot water heater     
Correct: Water Heater (If the water is already HOT why are you heating it? From the department of redundancy department)
Anyway. I bring this up because I find language and the use of the spoken word so very interesting.  I like seeing how the spoken word evolves, how words like Keenex and Clorox become substitutes for the words tissue and bleach. How phrases are altered by the way people HEAR then and then they are altered further by the way people write what they hear.  Of course that doesn't explain why I got a C in my Linguistics class in College...I'll blame it on the professor. He could make describing rainbows flying out of a unicorn's butt sound boring.

On To The Poll!

1.  Blush Of The Day? - Chanel Joues Contraste in Rose Ecrin. The perfect blush. The blush to end all blush. Did I mention I plan to get at least one of the 2 new Chanel Blushes that just came out this week?

2.  Favorite or most annoying mispronounced word (in any language you speak)? Nuclear. I constantly yell at the TV when ever people say "Nuke-U-Ler".

3.  Next planned beauty purchase? - You know Sephora is having a VIB sale starting today. VIBs get 15% off. I JUST purchased from Sephora. I had NO IDEA they were going to do this.  So I'm kinda ticked I didn't save 15% and that I don't really "need" anything right now.

4.  Do you read words incorrectly but pronounce them correctly? Do you correct people what say words or phrases incorrectly? - Yes. and It depends. I correct Darthypie, because he is still learning. Like, he will say "That guy got shotted." instead of shot. But other people...not so much.

5.  Last beauty item(s) you finished? Will you re-purchase? - I finished a cleansing water from Korres, a Foundation from Giorgio Armani, and a Mascara from Josie Maran. I will probably re-purchase only the Mascara.

P.S. There are tons of 7 and 8 second videos on Youtube on how to pronounce certain words like Givenchy, Lanvin, Versace, etc.  THIS one is my favorite.  How to pronounce BVLGARI:



  1. 1. Blush Of The Day? - RBR Orpheline which I got a few weeks ago but haven't worn much, which is a shape.

    2. Favorite or most annoying mispronounced word (in any language you speak)? What really, really pisses me off, is people at work trying to speak Italian by adding a's and o's at the end of French words. It is a language, people, with real words and rules, why are you even trying? Do I try to speak your language that way? Would you find it funny? Then, let Italian alone.
    (very problematic when you're the only Italian Immigrant's child in the whole company).

    3. Next planned beauty purchase? - None today, but that never lasts long; I got the Nars TM yesterday though. Oh, I know! A YSL liquid liner in pen form. My Lancome Art Liner is drying up.

    4. Do you read words incorrectly but pronounce them correctly? nope, but some words I still read them wrong, meaning I pronounce them wrong in my head when reading them only. Mostly words I misread when I was learning to read and still remember this way. Like cacahuète (peanut) which I had been reading wrongly for years as a kid.

    5. Last beauty item(s) you finished? A Shiseido HydroPowder eyeshadow in a champagne color. It's discontinued, they don't have a similar shade in the new range, so I got Mac Bare Study pp as a replacement.

  2. 1. NARS Orgasm, the ultimate peachy pink blush! I love it.

    2. Hmmmm... another Bushism, I think my favorite would definitely be Strategery.

    3. I think I need the entire Pantone collection. Or maybe just the lipgloss set. And the blush duo. And maybe the eyeliner. Hell, I'm going to get the whole set.

    4.I try not to read them incorrectly. I certainly don't try to connect people outside of my immediate family. They never think I'm right, even when I am. It's just not worth it.

    5.I just finished of my favorite eyeshadow. It is surprisingly enough an elf, but as of yet I dont have a dupe for it. Sad. And it was limited edition so, I can't buy another one, but I would if I could.

  3. I enjoyed this muchly! I was always really into linguistics, too. And for some reason, even though of course I know it's wrong, I like saying "a whole nother," perhaps for emphasis? I was just thinking about "another thing coming" and "another think coming." I think either could be right depending on the context. Anyways...
    1)Topshop Neon Rose topped with Tarte Tipsy
    2)Sake. It's not "sockee," people! It's "sockay," emphasis on the first syllable!
    3)Tokidoki Airways Palette and Fresh Sugar Coral Lip Treatment <3
    4)I don't correct people unless I know I can casually take the piss out of them ;)
    5)I rarely finish anything except body wash! Last finished one was Philosophy Bubblegum Lollipop and I can't repurchase as it's LE.
    Man, I wish I had audio on my computer at work for that Bvlgari video! I usually say "bulgary" but I'm tempted to say "be vulgary!"

  4. Love this one!
    1) Benefit Posietint
    2) Mispronouned words don't really bother me, it's written words that have always nagged at me (You're still tops!). I blame my mother, she's a technical/training writer so she started dosing me with the Kool-Aid very young.
    3) Givenchy Bucolic Poppy blush and Hourglass Muse lipstick
    4) I used to correct people all the time (Also a trait from my darling mother) but I've stopped for the most part. I still correct them in my head.
    5) I hit pan on an eyeshadow last Sunday!! NYX True Taupe, perfect crease shade for me. Will totally buy another when I run out.

  5. I'm welsh and we have a lot of saying's that contradict us but we love it. :)

    1) MAC Mocha
    2) "I'll Be there now, In a minute." Most of the time I don't realise I'm saying anything wrong until one of my english cousins asks me if im either going to be there now. Or in a minute.
    3)I want to add some Models Own Nail Polishes to my collection so I'm off to boots some time this weekend :)
    4)Probably. I don't think I correct other people because I hate it when they do it to me, If I do It would only be to tease them :)
    5) I just finished my Estee Lauder double wear foundation and It's my favorite for nights out so I'm going to have to repurchase.

  6. 1. Blush Of The Day? - Is it weird that I'm wearing three of them? MAC Sur (contour), MAC ... something (highlight) and MAC Pink Cult (apples).

    2. Favorite or most annoying mispronounced word (in any language you speak)? They all irk the shit outta me or roll right off my back depending on my mood. Plural apostrophes are probably the worst offense ever like for reals period.

    3. Next planned beauty purchase? - I don't really know. I just hauled some MAC stuff from Tres Cheek and Reel Sexy. Now that I know that I'm gonna get a BI 15% off code that starts tomorrow, I'm toying with the idea of picking something up...but then again I can't think of anything. derp.

    4. Do you read words incorrectly but pronounce them correctly? Do you correct people what say words or phrases incorrectly? - Oh for sure with the reading, but I pronounce them correctly. Occasionally I will correct SO, but uh he better just get used to that. He has this strange habit of mispronouncing the word "peruse" and saying "briefly" when he means "shortly" ie "I'll be with you shortly". Totally different meanings! Drives me nuts sometimes lol.

    5. Last beauty item(s) you finished? Will you re-purchase? - Uh, I'm done with a couple mascaras but they aren't finished, know what I mean? Rimmel ScandalEyes, Lancome Doll Lashes (SUCK), and L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes. Might repurchase the L'Oreal but I have loads of others waiting to be tried so it wouldn't be for a while.

  7. 1. Blush of the day?
    Nars Orgasm because I'm trying to make myself love it like everyone else seems to.

    2.Favourite or most annoying mispronounced word?
    My fiance is a fiend for mispronounciation! Pacific, pacifically drive me apeshit.

    3.Next planned beauty purchase?
    Some new NYX goodies at Salon Melbourne over the weekend, and I too have my eye on a Chanel blush (can you believe I don't own one!)

    4.Do you read words incorrectly but pronounce them correctly?
    L'Occitane, and Givenchy, for sure.

    5. Last beauty item(s) you finished? Will you re-purchase?
    I finished my Bourjois Healthymix foundation which I will repurchase once my back up is through. I also finished my sample of Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes, am super tempted to repurchase even though it annoys me to buy high end mascaras. Tossing them breaks my heart!

  8. I love those stupid pronunciation guides! My favorites are "yves st laurent" and "Ralph fiennes."

  9. 1) blush of the day: Youngblood Sugger plum and Youngblood Riviera
    2)Favourite or most annoying mispronounced word? My mom is really good at it she mispronounced words all the time when I was a teenager it was just plain annoying now it's just funny. But my Grandma had de best Gamasin (instead of Magasin 'Store in english) and Cocholat (instead of chocolat) I still mispronounced those two words in her memory!
    3)Next planned beauty purchase? a couple of blush from MAC LE collection Tres chic (tres cheek) and I have invitation for the L'Oreal wharehouse sale in april, and last year they had in stock armani prive perfume!!!!
    4) Do you read words incorrectly but pronounce them correctly? All the time, and of course it is worst when I read in english because it is my second language.
    5) Last beauty item(s) you finished? Will you re-purchase? I'm always done a night cream from NUXE and i'm waiting to see at L'Oreal sale to see if I can find something interesting with Laroche-Posay or Kielh's

  10. 1. blush of the day- Stila's love at first blush
    2. misproncounced words- it's not mispronouncing that drives me nuts but when written words are used inter-changably that sound the same but aren't. For example: to, too and two. Too girls go two the store and get to beers. gah! that makes me want to fix it cause it doesn't make sense!
    3. I've been wanting to try Illamasqua for some time but my local Sephora stopped stocking the brand.
    4. nope, they are usually pronounced incorrectly and internally & externally.
    5. I finished Shanghai lippie stick by Buxom and just repurchased today!

  11. "There are tons of 7 and 8 second videos on Youtube" What kind of tons? gross tons, short tons, metric tons or maybe megatons?

    1. M.A.C. Plum Foolery
    2. Supposedly
    3. Sonia Kashuk Complexion Perfector or Elizabeth Arden Makeup blender. Haven't decided yet.
    4. I don't scold or correct adults as if they are children, but I do correct and scold children, even if I don't know them.
    5. Arcona cranberry toner, and I buy it every time I run out.

  12. 1. Blush Of The Day? - No blush for me today, I'm going au naturale. AKA "sickly." lol

    2. Favorite or most annoying mispronounced word (in any language you speak)? "Hearth." I play World of Warcraft and people are notorious for mispronouncing it. They say it as though it rhymes with "Colin Firth." Like hirth. It drives me bonkers.

    3. Next planned beauty purchase? - I've got my eye on some Inglot eyeshadows -- the rainbow ones. I feel like I need ALL THE COLORS!

    4. Do you read words incorrectly but pronounce them correctly? Do you correct people what say words or phrases incorrectly? Oh, most definitely. I think my dyslexia plays up here so I often get letters changed around. I don't mind when people correct me... and I sometimes but not always correct others.

    5. Last beauty item(s) you finished? Will you re-purchase? - Vapour Organic Foundation -- and I am definitely repuchasing b/c it's my Holy Grail!


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