Monday, April 30, 2012

Highlighters You Can't Have #4 - Estee Lauder Shimmering Jewel Powder - Review, Pictures, Swatches

I'm thinking I might have to change this series to Highlighters you MIGHT not be able to have because this month's highlighter is certainly available for purchase on evilbay and the like, just not for sale on the actual Estee Lauder brand page.  I mean I still go with the "You Can't Have" definition of: Discontinued, Hard to Find, and/or Limited Edition. The Estee Lauder highlighter definitely meets two of those criteria.  It is discontinued and it was Limited Edition, but Hard to Find.  Not so Much.

OK. Let's review.  I started this series with a Dior Highlighter that was 4 years old, I then teased you with a Guerlain Highlighter that was released only a few months before but had sold out in almost seconds, then I showed you an Estee Lauder Highlighter that was not only limited release, limited edition and discontinued, but possibly one of the prettiest highlighters I own.  Today I bring you ...  Another Highlighter from Estee Lauder?  Sorry for the such a quick repeat of the brand.  It wasn't intentional.  It's just...well.. I put my other highlighters away for safe keeping for this series.  I put them away so safely  can't quite remember where I put them. So this was the ONE I was able to find.  Sorry about that.  I blame poor organization and a failing mind from lack of sleep.

Moving On!

The Estee Lauder highlighter was released back in 2008 during the Estee Lauder Vintage Jewels Collection for 2008 Holiday.  The size of the compact is ample, hefty, almost grotesque. The mirrored gold compact is about the size of my hand.  It's VERY large.

The powder that is held inside of this Estee Lauder compact is far from grotesque. It's ... beautiful.  The geometric shapes protruding from the pan, the gold overspray. (Yes. It's overspray), the shimmer, the shine, all of it, is just enchanting.

The powder itself, hypnotizing.  One could get lost in the peaks and valleys of this gold wonderland.  Once applied, using a soft fluffy brush, the shimmering powder takes an almost shape shifting form and translates from shimmer to a soft candlelit glow to the cheeks and temples.

The powder under the gold overspray is ivory but there is still shimmer built into the powder to impart that seductive glow that only candlelight can give.  The soft shimmer hides tiny lines and small imperfections, giving your skin a soft airbrushed incandescence. 

It's not often that I try and help you all find products on the "You Can't Have" list but It would be pretty much impossible to keep this one from you.  This jumbo sized compact can be found for sale for as little as $16 on evilbay and an almost identical dupe can be found from Too Faced cosmetics called Absolutely Invisible Candlelight Powder.  So don't say I never gave you nothin'.

What say you?  Is this the highlighter of your dreams or do you already have this gargantuan compact?  Will you pursue the original via evilbay or other venues or will you view for it's doppelganger from Too Faced?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Reverse Thursday Poll

While I lie in my sick bed wishing for the sweet release of death or hot tea with honey, whichever comes first, I am skipping the Thursday Poll. But I ask you to leave comments with questions you would like to see in a future Thursday Poll. This way I get you to do my work fo me without you realizing it. So ask away and some day soon your question will be answered and you will be given credit for the question.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New from Rouge Bunny Rouge and Zuneta

This Friday April 27, 2012, on Zuneta, Rouge Bunny Rouge will come out with REFILLABLE Eyeshadow Palettes!!!

There will be a Duo Eye Shadow Keeper (£12; approx $19.50 USD) and 

Trio Eye Shadow Keeper (£15; approx $24.50 USD)

The shadows available for the refillable palette will include 6 new shades and 3 of the bestselling shades in Rouge Bunny Rouge’s beloved long-lasting texture (£16; approx $26 USD)

The shadows are securely wrapped in a sleek black compact adorned with the classic Rouge Bunny Rouge flowers. You can then use these shadows with your duo or trio shadow keeper, swap and change your shades according to your mood.   These palettes are perfect for traveling and for saving space.  Included in each palette is a double sided applicator.

Releasing with the Duo and Trio Shadow Keepers are 6 brand new eyeshadow shades and 3 of Rouge Bunny Rouge's bestselling shades.  The Shadow Keeper system will allow you the freedom of  mixing rich natural shades such as bronzed champagne and dark umber chocolate with bestsellers like ‘Abyssinian Catbird’, ‘Solstice Halcyon’ and ‘Unforgettable Oriole’. Plus more of the bestselling shades will be available as refills soon!
New Shades include:

Lilac Reef Curassow - Pale lilac with iridescent effect

Trumpeter Koel - Dark lead-grey with lilac-blue iridescence

Bohemian Waxwing - Iridescent bronzed champagne

Olive Violeteare - If ever there was a smoky olive this is it; with satin finish

Golden Rhea - Iridescent pale gold, pure and simple

Umber Firefinch - Iridescent dark umber chocolate

Bestselling Shadows:

Unforgettable Oriole - Delicate, metallic white gold

Solstice Halcyon - Semi-matte mauve beige

Abyssinian Catbird - Metallic bronze with golden highlights

Will you be indulging?  

I might!  That Olive Shadow looks pretty sweet and I don't own Unforgettable Oriole yet!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ManGlaze Santorum Matte Nail Color. - Review, Pictures, Swatches

If one were to google the word "Santorum" one would most likely get a definition of the word in one of the top three results on Google.  The definition is pornographic and in the interest of my more sensitive readers I will not "define" it here. But you can do a google search for the word "Santorum" and there will be a definition of the word for you to read.

Santorum Back Label

In May 2003, gay rights activist and columnist, Dan Savage held a contest among his readers to create a definition for the word "Santorum".  This was in response to comments by then-U.S. Senator Rick Santorum during an interview with the Associated Press that had been criticized as anti-gay. Savage announced the winning entry, which defined "Santorum" as "XXXXXXXXXXXX" and created a web site, (and, to promote the definition, which became a prominent search result for Santorum's name on several web search engines.  

Santorum Matte

The geniuses at ManGlaze came up with Santorum as the name for their newest Matte Brown Nail Polish.  It think it is a fitting name.  As you can see by the label on the back, they carefully craft each Santorum.  When Senator Santorum pulled out of the race for president after repeatedly coming in Number 2 and his campaign was aborted, there was talk that they might change the name. Despite Santorum pulling out early, ahead of the race’s climax, ManGlaze didn't rename the polish, and I'm glad. 

Santorum with accent nail in gold glitter with matte top coat

There is no shame in having Santorum on your fingers. It happens to a lot of people ...that are as excited about matte nail polish I am.

Santorum Matte with "Fish Egg" Accent Nail.

One thing I can say, is that it is a lot nicer having Santorum on my nails than I ever thought it would be.  Of course you don't want to get Santorum under your nails as it might prove hard to remove. Santorum is incredibly versatile and can be worn many ways.

Santorum with Glossy Top Coat and "Fish Egg" Accent Nail.

This Santorum is thick.  I suppose it has to be.  It's not so thick that is doesn't spread easily and self level, but this Santorum is thick enough that only one coat may satisfy you.  I certainly like the quality of this Santorum. It's neither frothy or runny. It's just the right viscosity one would expect from ManGlaze making Santorum.  Be careful when pulling the brush out of Santorum. You don't want to drip Santorum all over your clothing. That would be a stain very hard to get out.

Extreme Close Up of Santorum Matte

Extreme Close Up of Santorum Glossy

Santorum is as you expect a Chocolatey Brown. It has a deep red shimmer that is present when it is matte and glossy.  I personally like glossy Santorum, but everyone is different.

Extreme Close Up of "Fish Egg" Accent Nail with Matte Santorum

Say what you want about the polish, at least Santorum is raw and unfiltered, something I always enjoyed. Best yet, Santorum works well the "Fish Eggs" on my nail and I had no adverse effects while wearing it.

You can purchase ManGlaze Santorum and all the other shades they offer on their Facebook page. Santorum retails for a mere $11.82 which is quite a bargain and it won't make your wallet hurt. Actually getting some Santorum was the least painful thing I did all day!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense Eyeshadow in 20 Obsidian Black and 23 Madre Perla - Review, Pictures, Swatches

Just released if the Bronze 2012 Color Collection from Armani Beauty. 4 new Limited Edition shades in the popular Eyes To Kill Intense formula. Today I bring you two of those colors, #20 Called Obsidian Black and #23 called Madre Perla.

As you can see from the extreme close up above these shades are multifaceted, multidimensional colors.  I have reviewed the excellent quality of these shadows HERE and HERE. With a base, they last 12 or more hours, without a base up to 6-8 hours.  Yes. This formula is that WONDERFUL.

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.  As much as I love Chanel and all things Chanel. I find that the Armani Beauty Eyes To Kill Intense is far superior to the Illusion de Ombres cream to powder shadows that Chanel offers.  Don't tell anyone. It will be our little secret.

As usual the Armani Eyes To Kill Intense Shadows come in a small glass pot with a black screw on lid and an under cap to make sure the shadow is protected.  I lost the under cap to one pf my other shadows and have not noticed it "drying out" or any change at all in it.  So it won't be the end of the world if you misplace one...but I recommend keeping it if anything to keep any loose powder from gunking up the actual lid of the product.

OK. So here are the 2 colors I picked up.

#20 Obsidian Black.
This is a black based shadow with a generous amount of teal and aqua blue mixed in.  The result. a gleaming black based multi dimensional color.  Similar to the color found on the lid of the Armani Limited Edition eyeshadow quad or the underside of a black mother of pearl button, or the inside of a dark seashell.  Simply loverly.

You can wear #20 alone on the lid for a deep tealish-blackish smokey eye or as a crease color.  You can apply it wet for more intensity or dry for a softer look.  The powder is as expected with this formula. Soft and smooth and almost creamy.  It applies like a dream using your fingertips, a brush or sponge applicator.  There seem to be no wrong way to apply it.

#23 Madre Perla
This white based shadow with iridescent green and pink mixed in makes this the seasons MUST HAVE.  Not only could you wear this as an eyeshadow but you could apply a little to your upper cheek bones and temples for a truly ethereal look.  The colors in #23 are hard to capture.  The shade radiates green and pink and lavender and sometimes light blue. 

If any of you are familiar with the age old Dior Moonray Quint, this Armani #23 is all of those colors mixed together.  A fairytale of iridescent shades that one could imagine a forest sprite or garden nymph leaving as a trail behind them.  This one is truly stunning.

Do you NEED this?  YES!  You need this eyeshadow.  If you have never purchased one before I recommend that you do so now.  If you are particularly in love with the colors i have shown you today, please remember that they are limited edition and won't be around forever.  I purchased these at Neiman Marcus the day they came in.  I'm sorry it took me so long to actually post about them.  Let's just say that I was under their spell....(code for being a slacker).  Try calling Kathy Shoreman at 571-533-4972 if you want to make a purchase over the phone.  Seriously tho, if you are in love with the colors above I suggest you move fast since they are limited edition.  However remember they are $32 USD a piece.  But you don't mind eating PB&J sandwiches for lunch and dinner for the next few weeks do you?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Lipstick League - week of 4.16.12

Question of the Week: - If you could eliminate one thing from your morning beauty routine, so that you never had to do it again, what would it be?

Answer: - Grooming and filling in my eyebrows.  My eyebrows are unruly and almost invisible. If I could wake up and have them be perfect it would save me so much time.  Ah. If only.  What about you?  Leave your answer in the Comments section.

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Krasey Beauty - gives you the inside scoop on a series of gadgets that tone your body while you type. Say hello the the BMR "Lift" family!

Lipglossiping - flies high with a BareMinerals Pretty Amazing Lip Color that has been designed exclusively for Virgin Atlantic (and the exits are: here, here and here).

Nouveau Cheap - A matte top coat that you can buy at the drugstore for only $1.99...that actually works? Yup, it's true.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Tickled Pinks From Ken Downing for Le Métier de Beauté

You've got to admit, Ken Downing has a gift for forecasting exactly what women will want, before they know it! 

For example, in 2011, Downing chose Koral (aka “tangerine” – 2012’s Color of the Year) as his inspiration for Le Métier de Beauté’s spring/summer collection.
This Spring 2012, Ken Downing is thinking pink – haute pink, that is, with his Tickled Pinks Collection for Le Metier de Beaute.

Mr. Downing's inspiration was a melding of the beautiful shades and chiffon floral prints that made a strong showing on the Spring runways and his love of the combination of "...lightly bronzed skin and sheer, but saturated pink makeup." 

Downing's collection, Tickled Pinks for Le Metier de Beaute takes the “English Rose” downtown. Lips and nails bask in richly saturated rebellious pinks. 

Snappy Dragon $18
A stunning hot pink for nails.

Two Lips $36
A petal pink in Le Metier de Beaute's Lip Crème formula.

Mums the Word $32
Sheer but fluid hot pink in Le Metier de Beaute’s Sheer Brilliance Gloss formula.

The Ken Downing Tickled Pink collection is available at Neiman Marcus, and Bergdorf Goodman. If you're in Tysons Corner, stop by The Le Metier de Beaute counter and chat up Lisa Corsino the Le Metier de Beaute Product Specialist or you can call Kathy Shoreman at 571-533-4972 if you want to make a purchase over the phone, and get some awesome customer service to boot!

Are you inspired to add some tickled pink to your lips and tips?

This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links gives the Pink Sith Blog a commission when you click and purchase something from that link. It's just like a retail associate who works on a commission basis. When you shop through an affiliate link on Pink Sith you help support the site!

Le Metier de Beaute Introduces an Exclusive Kaleidoscope Eye Palette for

Exciting News!  Le Metier de Beaute will now be available on starting Monday, April 23, 2012!  In order to celebrate this launch, Le Metier de Beaute will unveil a limited edition, custom Kaleidoscope Eye Kit called “On The Coast”.  This Kaleidoscope will only  be available exclusively on and you can order “On The Coast” beginning April 23, 2012.

Le Metier de Beaute’s Director of Color, Mikey Castillo, took inspiration from Alicia Drake's legendary fashion tome, "The Beautiful Fall." A retelling of the glorious excess of 1970s Paris, the court intrigue of competing fashion houses, and the beautiful designs that were born out of that struggle to be the most fashionable.

The “On The Coast” Kaleidoscope Eye Kit includes four spectacular True Colour Eye Shadow shades (top to bottom):
‐ Effervescent beige champagne 
­‐ A Shimmering tan-­taupe
­‐ Soft satin brown
­‐ Deep, champagne cobalt

Did someone say TAUPE?

As with all Le Metier de Beaute True Color Shadows they are true­‐to­‐color, highly pigmented, finely milled powder shadows that have excellent  blendability and adjustable coverage transparency and intensity. 

“On The Coast” is one of three limited-­‐edition palettes inspired by “The Beautiful Fall;” “Shades of Short Hills” is exclusive to Saks Fifth Avenue at The Mall at Short Hills and “Golden Gate Girl” is exclusive to Saks Fifth Avenue San Francisco. 

Will you be indulging in any of the three new Kaleidoscopes coming out from Saks Fifth Avenue?


In celebration of the launch of Le Métier de Beauté in Saks Fifth Avenue San Francisco, Le Métier de Beauté will host an exclusive event with Regional Artist Richard Marquez, April 25-­‐28, 2012, to unveil the “Golden Gate Girl” custom Kaleidoscope Eye Kit. Exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue San Francisco, customers will be the first to view and purchase the limited-­‐edition palette and may schedule one-­‐on-­‐one personal consultations with Mr. Marquez himself. 

“Golden Gate Girl” Kaleidoscope Eye Kit includes four beautiful True Colour Eye Shadow shades (top to bottom):       
­‐ Satin rose petal pink
­‐ Beautiful pale amethyst
­‐ Warm rhubarb
­‐ Sultry cinnamon gold 

To book your personal one-­‐on-­‐one consultation with Mr. Marquez, please call Lawrence Quijada at (415) 986-­‐ 4300.

In celebration of the launch of Le Métier de Beauté in Saks Fifth Avenue at The Mall at Short Hills, Le Métier de Beauté will host an exclusive event with Global Lead Artist Ivan Castro, April 27-­‐28, 2012, and will unveil the “Shades of Short Hills” custom Kaleidoscope Eye Kit. Exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue at The Mall at Short Hills, customers will be the first to view and purchase the limited-­‐edition palette and may schedule one-­‐on-­‐one personal consultations with Mr. Castro himself.  

“Shades of Short Hills” Kaleidoscope Eye Kit (pictured) includes four beautiful True Colour Eye Shadow shades (top to bottom):
‐ Champagne apricot
‐ Matte tan-­‐taupe
‐ Shimmering rhubarb-­‐brown
‐ Noir with flecks of white diamond 

To book your personal one-­‐on-­‐one consultation with Mr. Castro, please call Brooke Morgan at (973) 376-­‐7000 ext 256. 

Foundation Fridays Skinfood Peach Sake BB Cream - Review, Pictures, Swatches

Welcome back to my weekly series called Foundation Fridays.  Because I couldn't find a day of the week that rhymes with BB Cream I decided to include BB Creams in this series because I use them as my main foundation anyway.   Today I bring you a BB Cream from a company in Korea called Skinfood.  I really like Skinfood cosmetics and skin care. They take a somewhat "natural" approach to skin care by using various fruits and vegetables and herbs for specific skin conditions.  They use everything from Aloe Vera to Mushrooms to Gold Caviar for various skin treatments.  Most of the products smell awesome and many of them are quite effective.  Skin food has been around since 1957. If you have not had a chance to check them out, you really should.

The BB Cream I selected is called Peach Sake Pore BB Cream SPF 20 PA+.  The Skinfood Peach BB Cream (As I like to call it) is specifically targets at those with oil to combination skin. The peach extract soothes oily, troubled skin, and the sake is supposed to help control oil production.  There is a SPF of 20 in this product , which is nice.  The ingredients listed on the tube are in Korean, so unless I can find a translation I'll just pretend it's all good for me.  

The Tube is on the smaller side, 30ml, but the cost is on the lower side as well. Right now you an pay anywhere from $15 to $9 per tube.  The dispenser is not your typical squeeze tube, it has a pump dispenser. I'm not really a fan of the pump dispenser because sometimes it does not work very well. Sometimes you have to pump it a bunch of ties just to get product to come out and other times it works just fine. It's odd.  Whatever. That's the only bad thing I have to say about this BB cream.

Yes. It's super awesome.  The color I selected is #01 Light Beige. The Peach Sake BB cream comes in 2 colors, but yet again it's light and medium.  The color range is not very useful for those with darker skin. The #01 looks fairly yellow on my arm,  but sheered out it's not so yellow.  The swatch is a heavy one.  That is one pump from the dispenser. That can cover almost 1/3 to 1/2 of my face.  The Skinfood Peach BB cream spreads very nicely over my skin and does not feel greasy or too silicone-y on my skin.  My skin feels like it can actually breathe.  That's nice. Trust me. The coverage is medium but building it up could lead to a kind of mask like quality to your skin.  It covered my minor blemishes well and fading acne scars too. The finish is matte, but it has a nicer less powdery matte finish. It's almost like a satin, but no shine.  It's kind of nice actually.

The Skinfood Peach BB cream wears really nicely. It does not oxidize or fade.  I got a good 5-6 hours of wear out of it in my more oily areas (T-Zone) and about 8+ hours of wear in areas that are drier on my face.  I did not experience any breakouts from wearing this BB cream which is EXCELLENT!  My skin's oil production was not quelled while wearing this, but honestly, my skin is so oily I don't think anything can stop it so, I don't find fault with this BB cream for that.    My pores were covered well with this BB cream and I had a very smooth and even complexion. WIN!

Do you NEED this?  Well if you have mildly oily skin and a light complexion this might be the BB cream for you.  I purchased this BB cream on eBay from the RubyRuby shop. Their prices are very reasonable, shipping is usually free and the shipping time is super fast!   Win! Win!
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