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Foundation Fridays: Meishoku Japan Moist Labo BB Essence Cream 33g SPF40 PA++ Matte Type - Review, Pictures, Swatches

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I know it's kind of odd to start off my series of reviews about BB creams with a BB cream from Japan, (Most are from Korea), but I figured, Let's go in the order in which I tested them.  This brand, Meishoku, I purchased off of ebay from AlphabeautyUK, but you can also find it on  Meishoku has two different versions of this BB cream. Natural, and Mat Type.  I am reviewing the Mat Type, because I have oily skin. (Obviously)

According to Meishoku, this BB Cream gives you six products in one tube.  
Essence (Serum)
Cream (Moisturizer)
UV Cut (Sunscreen)
Makeup Base (Primer)
Concealer (Concealer)
Foundation (Foundation)
The"Mat (matte)" type finish BB cream contains sebum-absorbing powder for sebum control. 
The hyaluronic acid included in this BB Cream is supposed to be only 1/100 of the size of a regular hyaluronic acid molecule.  They say nano-technology is used to ensure better penetration of the hyaluronic acid into the skin.   Meishoku also says that this BB Creams is sweat-and waterproof. I found that this BB cream did last for a very long time on my oily face in hot weather, so I think the sweat proof claim is valid.

The Mat type comes in two colors 01 Natural Beige and 03 Natural Orche
while the Natural version comes in three colors  01 Natural Beige, 02 Shiny, and 03 Natural Orche...however the 01 and 02 in the natural formula look exactly the same, the only difference being that the 02 Shiny has micro glitter in it...obviously something someone who needs oil control does not need, hence why it is not offered in the Mat Type formula.  I purchased the 01 Natural Beige color because I'm quite pale. (That a polite way of saying I'm whiter than a ghost)  The BB Cream has a light yellow-toned shade. As you can see in the swatch it's not in your face yellow, but it is noticeable if you have very pink skin.  Blended out it's not as noticeable.

The BB cream itself felt very lightweight and did not have a heavy silicone feel that some BB creams can have, This cream was so light that my oily skin did not feel like it was suffocating underneath it.  The coverage was excellent. I'll say medium but buildable to heavy. It covered any residual acne scars nicely and I was able to dot it on like a liquid concealer on more stubborn spots on my face.  The light yellow tone in the cream was able to neutralize the red in my cheeks quite well.  The finish is matte. Not powdery matte, but a nice normal, I just blotted my face, matte finish.  I adore that.  I'm not quite used to a matte finish with BB creams, they seem to be focused on moisturizing and providing a dewy complexion. 

The tube is on the small side, but you don't really need all that much for your entire face anyway. The tube is a squeeze tube and does not have a built in pump. This way you can control exactly how much BB cream you dispense at any given time.  I paid about $15 for this, and while that might not be cheap by some standards, it is inexpensive as far as AMERICAN BB creams go. Many of those are priced in the $35-$60 range.  Oh, and just so you know, I gave myself a budget of less than half of what my favorite foundation costs.  So basically I spent less than $30 for all of the BB creams I will review in this series. (My favorite foundation Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and it costs $59! EEK!)

One thing to mention.  When I first started to use this I experienced a nasty cystic acne type break out on my cheek and chin.  I attributed it to the BB cream and immediately stopped using it.  I have not been brave enough to try it again. And Since I stopped using it I have not experienced any similar break outs. Those with very sensitive/acne prone skin, use at your own risk.  I know I have special snowflake skin and what breaks me out, may not break you out, so most of you will not have a problem with this BB cream.  

Do you NEED it?  If you have fair to light tone skin and are oily to combination skin type, this might be the BB cream for you.  If you are slightly darker I would recommend the 03 Natural Orche color. As with most BB creams, the color selection is extremely limited and not that practical for people with darker skin. However the US brands are realizing there is a market for darker BB creams so you do have some choices. If you have dry skin, you don't need this BB cream, and if you break out by just thinking about eating chocolate, then you too can skip this one.  I will try this BB cream again, but I have a sinking feeling it will break me out.  I'll let you all know what happens.


  1. I'm jumping on the BB cream bandwagon -- just ordered the Missha one. I can't wait till it comes in -- I hope it will work for me as a summer foundation.

    Anyway, I can't wait to read more Foundation Fridays! I am prone to cystic acne so this particular one will be a pass for me, sadly!

  2. I've tried the non-matte version of this and of course it made me an oil slick :( Probably this came later, because I did not know there was one for oily/combination skin. Colour was fine, so I might try this later on (unless I try Missha first).


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