Monday, April 30, 2012

Highlighters You Can't Have #4 - Estee Lauder Shimmering Jewel Powder - Review, Pictures, Swatches

I'm thinking I might have to change this series to Highlighters you MIGHT not be able to have because this month's highlighter is certainly available for purchase on evilbay and the like, just not for sale on the actual Estee Lauder brand page.  I mean I still go with the "You Can't Have" definition of: Discontinued, Hard to Find, and/or Limited Edition. The Estee Lauder highlighter definitely meets two of those criteria.  It is discontinued and it was Limited Edition, but Hard to Find.  Not so Much.

OK. Let's review.  I started this series with a Dior Highlighter that was 4 years old, I then teased you with a Guerlain Highlighter that was released only a few months before but had sold out in almost seconds, then I showed you an Estee Lauder Highlighter that was not only limited release, limited edition and discontinued, but possibly one of the prettiest highlighters I own.  Today I bring you ...  Another Highlighter from Estee Lauder?  Sorry for the such a quick repeat of the brand.  It wasn't intentional.  It's just...well.. I put my other highlighters away for safe keeping for this series.  I put them away so safely  can't quite remember where I put them. So this was the ONE I was able to find.  Sorry about that.  I blame poor organization and a failing mind from lack of sleep.

Moving On!

The Estee Lauder highlighter was released back in 2008 during the Estee Lauder Vintage Jewels Collection for 2008 Holiday.  The size of the compact is ample, hefty, almost grotesque. The mirrored gold compact is about the size of my hand.  It's VERY large.

The powder that is held inside of this Estee Lauder compact is far from grotesque. It's ... beautiful.  The geometric shapes protruding from the pan, the gold overspray. (Yes. It's overspray), the shimmer, the shine, all of it, is just enchanting.

The powder itself, hypnotizing.  One could get lost in the peaks and valleys of this gold wonderland.  Once applied, using a soft fluffy brush, the shimmering powder takes an almost shape shifting form and translates from shimmer to a soft candlelit glow to the cheeks and temples.

The powder under the gold overspray is ivory but there is still shimmer built into the powder to impart that seductive glow that only candlelight can give.  The soft shimmer hides tiny lines and small imperfections, giving your skin a soft airbrushed incandescence. 

It's not often that I try and help you all find products on the "You Can't Have" list but It would be pretty much impossible to keep this one from you.  This jumbo sized compact can be found for sale for as little as $16 on evilbay and an almost identical dupe can be found from Too Faced cosmetics called Absolutely Invisible Candlelight Powder.  So don't say I never gave you nothin'.

What say you?  Is this the highlighter of your dreams or do you already have this gargantuan compact?  Will you pursue the original via evilbay or other venues or will you view for it's doppelganger from Too Faced?


  1. This is soo pretty! I'll have to check out the Too Faced version. x from Italy

  2. Glad to see you're recovered enough to be up to your evil tricks again :P Gorgeous highlighter. Did I mention you're evil? Though I'd be curious to see you holding the compact just for reference. ;)

  3. How I adore these posts.. and this looks quite lovely, though I must admit; oversprays make my soul rage.

  4. This was my first highlighter! Truly gorgeous, yes.

  5. I'll get one of the $16 one of these offa eBay. I have/LOVE the Too Faced Candlelight Glow duo, but it seems cheaper to get the EL one from eBay than get the Too Faced one that's a dupe for this...maybe if I ever run out of this one and I can't find it again I'll get the Too Faced one ;)

  6. I must try the Too Faced one- I really love their products and was not aware of this until your delightful post this morning (and I must say, it was a grand way for me to start my Tuesday)- off I go to look. I have managed to avoid "evilbay" for many months now and vow to continue ... xo Beth in Pgh ;-) I am new to your blog ..


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