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Inglot Eyeshadows - Review Pictures Swatches

Last year I showed you all my first Inglot Eyeshadow 10 Pan Freedom System Palette. I told you about the story of Inglot cosmetics' beginning, where they were located, how many stores they had.  it was quite educational.  Please read that first before reading this post because I'm not going to repeat the information again.
Go on. I'll wait.
OK. Back? Yes. Thank you, it was informative.  
I'm glad you are all caught up. I now bring you my second 10 pan Palette from Inglot. Now you may be thinking "10 shadows. That's a bit excessive."  And to that I say. Excessive is my middle name!  However, the shadows are only $5 a piece and the 10 pan palette retails for $14. Total cost for 10 shadows with a palette $64. That's $4 more than a Dior Quint (1/2 the amount of shadows) That's $11 LESS than a Tom Ford 4 pan eyeshadow palette. It's $160 LESS Than a custom filled 8 pan Chantecaille Eyeshadow Palette.  (See how I justify?)  Oh but don't go all. I can get 10 elf Eyeshadows for $10 and I can get a 99 color eyeshadow palette from watchamacallit random website for $20.  Sorry but when you compare the QUALITY of an Inglot Eyeshadow it an elf eyeshadow, it's apples and oranges.

The palette that the eyeshadows are housed in is sturdy as heck. It has 4 little magnets holding the top on. The hard plastic is sleek and there is no wasted space.

Magnets. We know How they work.
 As far as the shadows go. I found the Inglot shadows to be the most pigmented, most even textured, best blending, and LONGEST LASTING shadows I have ever used.  Not only does Inglot offer a freedom system to customize your palettes it offers a variety of finishes and textures in the shadows.  Matte, Pearl, Shine, Double Shine, etc. The varying finishes and similar colors in the different finishes remind me of the Shu Uemura system...only with MORE color choice and MORE pigmented shadows. 

This second palette has A LOT more grey shadows in it. I was on a grey kick when I ordered this one.  I also went a little crazy with a HOT PINK matte shadow, but I have yet to use it in a look where I don't feel like I'm
a) Trying too hard to look 15 years younger than I am
b) Blend it properly with the other colors where it doesn't look like a 5 year old applied my makeup
c) Get over myself and just have fun with it.

But that's beside the point. Let me show you the BEAUTIFUL colors.

P454 - As close to Stila Diamond 'lil, MAC Smoke & Diamonds, Iman Wicked, Benefit Where There's Smoke, NYX Dune as you can get.  In other words. I purchased yet another Grey Taupe that I already have 5 dupes of.
DS501 - A Pretty Light Grey Matte with Silver Glitter. Very sheer, but buildable without getting muddy.
P448 - Silver Metallic. A very nice opaque metallic silver shadow
P399 - Mauve Pink Pearle. Looks warmer on my eye than it does in the pan.

DS502 - A Dusty Purple Satin with Silver Glitter. It reminds me of deeper MAC Hypnotizing but without the frost
DS500 - A Deep Sooty Carbon Grey with Silver Glitter. This makes a great crease or liner color for a smokey eye.
M362 - WYSIWYG Hot Pink Matte Shadow. Not chalky at all. Very smooth ad blends nicely.
P395 - A Light Champagne Pearle.  Can be sheer or built up for more frost.

P444 A Deeper version of P454 And yes. I still have 5 dupes of this color.
AMC 65 A Black with Silver Glitter. A great liner and the glitter does not get lost upon application, which is nice.

Here are swatches for both rows:
Top Row

Bottom Row

Do you NEED these?  YES!  Duh.  Inglot is so full of awesome I have run out of adjectives to describe how awesome they are.  In all seriousness. If I could only use one brand of shadows for the rest of my life, I would choose Inglot over everything else.  In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, I would grab my Inglot Palette over any other makeup to take with me.  OK. Not really. I'd grab my shotgun and a machete and skip the makeup entirely.  Come one, we're talking Zombie Apocalypse here. Let's be realistic. (ha!)


  1. I love Inglot eyeshadows! I live in Poland so I have Inglot almost every corner :)

  2. Elvira Excessive PinkSith. It has a lovely ring to it. ;D I love Inglot shadows. Hate their website (and truth be told, their stores too, or at least their Vegas boutique) but loooove the shadows.

    1. Yes. Website is not the best to navigate. I have yet to go to an actual store. Maybe some day. :-)

  3. They're all very pretty! But I'm always game for a Smoke & Diamonds dupe!

  4. I adore my many Inglot palettes, I prefer the old school rounds but love is blind, so still I adore. I need that grey taupe, need! I have an Inglot 15 min walk from my house, it is pretty amazing (and pretty dangerous...:S) They have 50% off their round palettes atm, I'm stocking up big time!

  5. Pigment, texture, blending, colour choice - I agree 100%. Long lasting? Que? I barely get 2 hours before they disappear. I don't get it - I have the same colouring and skin type as you as far as I can tell but my eyelids appear to be an oily portal to another galaxy because shadow will just not stay put, even with primer, and Inglot is possibly the worst culprit. What is your secret?

    Also, I kind of get overwhelmed in Inglot stores. There is so much choice that I find it hard to settle for anything.

    1. I have used Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Lorac Eye Primers and they never disappoint. I get hours of wear from my Inglot Shadows when I use these as a primer. It makes me sad that they don't last on you. Well...it goes to show that with makeup, Your Results May Vary. :-(

  6. I really need to try these shadows. I always get overwhelmed with the website, but apparently it's worth the effort. I'll have to go figure it all out, I suppose!

  7. Dying to try Inglot shadows..kind of hard here in Ontario tho...one day:)

  8. I LOVE Inglot! I plan on buying a TON when I go to IMATS in LA this summer--they had it 30% off last year and I didn't buy enoough--only 2 4-pans what the @*&^% was I thinking??? To Justify, I got dazed and confused at the store--makeup overload.

  9. These look lovely. I'm trying to convince myself that I REALLYREALLY need the entire rainbow eyeshadow collection. I'm pretty sure I need it. I mean, I can theoretically throw the eyeshadows AT zombies, right? As a distraction? There are so many, it might work? Might be handy..!

  10. I want to try this brand so bad! But I already own soooo much eyeshadow lol. I've heard they're available at certain Macy's so I might have to do some window shopping this weekend :)

  11. I'm saving this for when I go back to get more. :) I just got 3 today and a 3 pan case. My husband promptly took it away as it's my birthday gift. So I have to wait till Wednesday to play with it.

    They have a counter/display at the Macy's on Michigan Ave in Chicago. I've found lots of conviences of living in Chicago now. We also have GOSH at the fancy Walgreens.

    1. Hello Allison,

      How do you like your shadows so far? I am thinking on buying them, but I heard that they don't last very long?

  12. Have been stopping myself from the summer collections (which aren't killing me for the $ I would spend on them) because I have been so very curious about Inglot. This blog post (as well as your other ones) has totally sold me. I just don't know where to begin ... thank you so much and do I ever look forward to more!! xoxo Beth in Pgh ;-)

  13. Love all the bottom colors! I went on the website and they have so many eye shadows you don't know which to pick!

  14. I am Indian with brown skin. I was amazed to see how good the Inglot M362 hot matte pink looked on me. I use it on my entire lid and then use black kohl. It looks loud in the pan, but I carried it off really well. I was most surprise because I consider myself to be a very quiet beige or beige gold person. My favourite eyeshadow is MAC Arena.


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