Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Make Up For Ever Natural Artist Lipstick in N47 Red Brick - Review, Pictures, Swatches

When a new lipstick formula comes out, you can bet I'm gonna be there to try it out.  When the new formula is from Make Up For Ever  you know I'm going to be doing the mini hop happy dance while rapidly clapping my hands together and saying "squeeee!" (or I've OD'd on Cadburry creme eggs , which by the way are NOT gross, you haters!)

So when Make Up For Ever came out with Natural Artist Lipstick I was just jumping for joy.  You see I had purchased a few of the Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Lipsticks a while back and they were....well...dry.  They were insanely pigmented and were really meant to be layered with other products, but they were still dry.  When I opened up the N47 (Red Brick) lipstick from Make Up For Ever in the Natural Artist formula it was like night and day.

Do you all remember the Lynda Carter lipstick commercial where she emerges from a pool and starts talking about lipstick and then from under the water she produces a couple of tubes of lipstick and talks about bout "wet" they are?  It was 1984, and yes, there was some innuendo there, but the idea of lipsticks being that moisturizing, well, that's a wonderful idea.  Guess what?  Make Up For Ever has managed to capture that idea and you don't even need to apply your lipstick in a pool to get that essential moisture!  WIN!

Yes. I have used this video in another post.  As a child Lynda Carter was my hero. The character she played, Wonder Woman, was the epitome of beauty and strength. Ms. Carter never tripped and fell when chasing after a bad guy, she didn't need a man to do all the tough work and she wore a corset and ran around in knee high red patent leather high heeled boots!  She was and will always be a complete and utter bad ass! So yes. I will continue to use Lynda Carter as a reference for all things beautiful. (Yes. I know TV isn't real, but Lynda Carter is, and she's as beautiful at the age of 61 as she was at the age of 25 when she played Wonder Woman.)

The Make Up For Ever Natural Artist Lipsticks are loaded with cupuacu butter, (a nut from the Amazon known for being rich in essential fatty acids) which keeps your lips soft and moist. The result is a balm like texture to the lipstick without feeling heavy or waxy.  The lipstick has incredible slip, which means it glides on easily.  The Natural Artist lipstick is incredibly comfortable, moisturizing and  glossy.

With 50 shades in three different finishes you will have no problem finding a color to suit your taste.  Exclusive to Sephora stores icon 18 of the 50 Shades will be available for purchase.  The other 32 you can pick up at the Make Up For Ever Flagship Store in Manhattan. 

The lipstick itself wore very well. Because I had a red shade I think it stained my lips more than a nude or light pink shade would, so I found the wear time longer than most of my other glossy like lipsticks. It didn't feather on my lips, even though it was a rich red color, and the glossy finish remained for a decent amount of time.  Best thing is, you can wear this sheer or build it up for more intense color.  This might be the perfect red for summer. It's glossy and bright and glossy and sheer and glossy and moisturizing and glossy...did I mention it is glossy?

Do you NEED this?  For $19 YES! You need a few of them. I know I will be purchasing icona few more...because you know, I need more lipstick like I need a lobotomy. Plus by getting one of these lipsticks you won't have to re-enact the Lynda Carter commercial at your local pool this summer...which inevitably gets you banned from the pool every summer.

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  1. This looks beautiful! I love it!

  2. That shade looks good on you! I agree - the new formula is pretty good and it lasts for a decent amount of time.

  3. Sounds lovely!!! Although (prepare for rant) it really chaps my hide that they are releasing 50 shades and 32(!) of them are exclusive to the flagship store in Manhattan? Really?!! Because I can't work with only 18 shades to choose from! I neeeeeed 50! And I can't get to Manhattan because, well, I have a life that involves a full-time job and 3 little girls and they sort of DEMAND that I focus on them instead of flitting off to NYC to buy lipstick. Damn kids. Always getting in the way of my self-involved, superficial cosmetics addiction!

  4. Your reviews are so entertaining, even if I'm not a red lipstick fan I still enjoying reading about your reviews of them. :)

    I love shannon's comment "Damn kids. Always getting in the way of my self-involved, superficial cosmetics addiction!" except my addiction is nail polish =x

  5. This looks gorgeous on you, I may have to get this color :)

  6. For some ung-dly reaspn, I really can't stand Lynda Carter, even tho Wonder Woman was my favorite action hero (well, heroine) as a kid. Go figure. Anyway, these lipsticks look like something I DO need. Darn addiction. Well, it's cheaper and longer lasting than crack(as I'm told!). ;)


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