Thursday, April 26, 2012

Reverse Thursday Poll

While I lie in my sick bed wishing for the sweet release of death or hot tea with honey, whichever comes first, I am skipping the Thursday Poll. But I ask you to leave comments with questions you would like to see in a future Thursday Poll. This way I get you to do my work fo me without you realizing it. So ask away and some day soon your question will be answered and you will be given credit for the question.


  1. What would you do, makeup wise and other, if you won the lottery?

    Define the color "taupe"? (lots of discussions on that definition)

  2. Don't die! Feel better <3 Where/when do you wear glitter makeup (I'd wear it to the grocery store, to be honest, but I feel like I never see people out and about in fun glittery makeup but obviously people buy it... so, when?)
    What's your go-to comfort food (apologies if you've asked this before) when you're sick?

  3. While Ewoks everywhere are wishing you find the sweet release of death, I'll have to settle for sending you virtual tea with honey. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  4. What is your name?
    What is your quest?
    What's your favorite color?

  5. Aw, feel better! Lots of tea & honey and rest!

    I would like to know what everyone's favorite classic Red polish is

  6. So sorry to hear you're sick. Did you catch it from Darthy? How is he? Rest, rest, and more rest, and lots and lots of liquids. Please don't die. We love you! Oh yes, the poll thingy: What is your favorite face cleanser---foaming, creamy, soap, whatever,, and why. I'm into skincare, living in Florida! Oh, how about what kind of SPF do you use, as everyone should be using it, no?

  7. Hope you feel better soon. I am a recent fan of the Thursday Poll, so here's a few Q's I'd like to see:

    What look do you feel is "played out?"

    What facial feature is treating you right, today?

    What look isn't getting enough attention?

    See ya, SithMom! Peace, Mari

  8. How do you feel about bright coloured make up?

    What's your favourite TV show?

    What's your favourite blog (aside from Pink Sith)

    Get well!

  9. Hope you feel better!!!
    Do you think that matte colors are the worst or do you love them?
    Do you pamper your lips?

  10. Aw I hope you feel better soon.

    What do you look for in make up/ skin care products?

    What's your splurge and what do like to find dupes of?

  11. Feel better! What inspires your makeup looks?

  12. Hi Elvira, hope you feel better . Ok here goes:
    What is your favorite high end brand for the following:
    1) blushes (powder)
    2) blushes (cream)
    3) eyeshadows (powder)
    4) eyeshadows (cream)
    5) highlighter
    6) powder
    7) foundation (fluid or stick)
    ** Please select each item in terms of : texture, pigmentation, comfort wear and longetivity. Thank you. Muwahaha (as you often do...)

  13. How about a poll about what fragrances you wear with which makeup looks and why?
    Wish you lots of tea with honey! Make it manuka for extra goodness


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