Friday, May 4, 2012

ArtDeco Reveals New Dita Von Teese Makeup Line

According to Susan Stone at WWD, ArtDeco has announced a partnership with the beautiful and enchanting Dita Von Teese.  

The retro-styled burlesque performer's impeccable appearance caught the attention of Germany’s ArtDeco, resulting in a match made in makeup heaven. Starting in mid-June, ArtDeco will launch the first collection in a year-long collaboration with the burlesque star-turned-beauty icon.

The collection will be called "Dita Von Teese Classics". Her first collection with the company includes the tools to replicate her classic look: blacker-than-black eyeliners for the perfect cat eye, and ruby red lipsticks, but also includes neutral eye shadows in both matte and pearl, and a subtle set of blush shades. The makeup line will include a powder compact, four blushes, a gel eyeliner and brush and pencil eyeliner, as well as 12 individual eye shadows, mascara, false lashes (with and without rhinestones), six lipstick shades, two lip liners, a lip lacquer and four nail polish colors. Packaging is black with vintage boudoir-style detailing and a sketch of the line’s inspiration, along with her name.  At least two more releases are planned, one with fall-winter trend colors, and one with special luxury packaging.

Susan Stone reports that the line’s name, "Dita Von Teese Classics", should also be taken literally. According to its namesake. “I was really motivated by things I personally wanted in my makeup kit,” said Von Teese, who does her own hair styling and cosmetics application. Enthusiastic and dedicated, she relentlessly tried out all the offerings through the testing phases.  

ArtDeco is known for its quality at a decent price. Sometimes priced slightly above brands like L’Oréal, but more affordable than MAC or Lancome.  Suggested retail prices for ArtDeco’s Dita Von Teese Classics range from 4.80 euros, or $6.36, for a single eye shadow; to 7.50 euros, or $9.93, for a nail polish; to 14.80 euros, or $19.60, for a lipstick, and 24 euros, or $31.79, for the translucent powder compact. The blush and eye shadow pans are still designed to fit in ArtDeco’s signature magnetic Beauty Box palettes and there is a special one designed for this collection. 

ArtDeco’s arrangement with Von Teese runs for one year and only covers Europe, though ArtDeco hopes the contract will be extended and geographically widened. Interest in the Von Teese collaboration could provide new market access, and even drive ArtDeco’s return to the American market, where it was previously sold in a limited arrangement with HSN but is currently not available.

The information and content for this article was taken from Susan Stone's article at the Women's Wear Daily website from her May 3rd article titled "ArtDeco Reveals New Dita Von Teese Makeup Line"


  1. I love Dita, this should be a nice line

    1. Me too! I'm really hoping some friends in the EU can buy some stuff for me.

  2. I need to make European friends. I LOVE Dita and I know that anything she puts her name on will be beautiful. Even that lingerie line she had in Australia Targets was quite pretty. If it was in the US, I completely would have bought lingerie from Target for the first time!

  3. I love everything about Dita von Teese and can only imagine how awesome her line with ArtDeco will be. :-)

  4. This just fills me with sighs of happiness. Dita is so amazing. I could look at her eyebrows all day. *SIGH*

  5. I have recently discovered ArtDeco and I love the quality in (most) their prodcts. It was about time for us EU residents to have some nice (and reasonably priced) brands available.
    I cannot wait for DVT-themed products, but by the time it reaches my country, the rest of EU will be 2 collections ahead... oh well, I can always buy the best LE items this way hehehehehe!!!


  6. I resides in Norway and have access to this brand and are looking forward to this collection.

  7. I just love Dita, she is gorgeous with a fantastic style, so I am looking forward to this collection. What bugs me is this: Why did they have to photoshop her to death? Her cheek is flattened, and her lovely round jawline (I am particular to this as there are similar jawlines in my family) is also altered. What a shame that even such a beautiful and absolutely well put together face is not good enough for some people and they have to make it more generic.

  8. Looking forward to reading more about Dita's line. Thank you for posting!

  9. Hi,

    great blog and website by the way. just saw it for the first time.

    cool post about ditas line... I´m german and my sister works at a perfumery, where the have very cool and hard to get stuff. She already got a few samples from the collection and the are even more fantastic, than I expectet. The colors are great and everything is at very affordable prices. Can´t wait till it comes out in june...

    If I can help out someone by buying someting, let me know...

    Greetings Mel


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