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Foundation Fridays SKIN79 Lovely Girl BB Cream - Review, Pictures, Swatches

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It's Friday again and that means time to talk foundation.  As I mentioned in my inaugural post explaining BB Creams, I decided to include BB creams in the Foundation Friday feature because, well That's what I use for foundation most of the time, and there wasn't a day of the week that rhymed with BB Cream.  Today I bring you a BB Cream from a very popular brand, SKIN79.  SKIN79 has many, many different BB Creams. as well as cosmetics and skin care.  They actually have some really quality products and the link included in this review is to their North American website so they have branched out and made purchasing SKIN79 products fairly easy.

One of SKIN79's BB creams is called Lovely Girl.  Lovely Girl is a multi functional BB marketed towards juniors/teens. It has special skin care properties to control oil, heal blemished skin, soothe red and irritated skin, and provide even coverage. 

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According to the SKIN79 website, the Lovely Girl BB Cream is made from herbs and natural plant extracts such as Mulberry Extract, Marigold Extract and Chlorella Extract which are gentle to the skin and provide essential moisture. Lovely Girl BB Cream claims to avoid damage from environmental pollution, to the skin. Also included in this BB cream is something called "porosity powder" which is supposed to control sebum production and help absorb oil on the skin, leaving a matte finish.

The Lovely Girl BB cream is more liquid than other BB creams I have used in the past.  It comes in a pearl pink squeeze tube and you can control how much you dispense at one time.  The BB cream spreads easily and a little does go a long way.  The main issue I have with this particular BB Cream is that it is VERY sheer.  I mean, like if you have some acne you need to cover, this is not going to do it all on its own.  You will definitely need a concealer on top of this BB cream to cover any scars/acne that you might have.  Those with just general redness will find that this does a pretty decent job at hiding the redness without having to pile it on. 

There is only one color for this BB cream. It's a very light almost greyish color.  Those with skin tones darker than a MAC NC20, Chanel #20, Armani LSF #2 may have a hard time working with this color.  They greyish cast to the BB cream also makes it slightly more chalky looking on darker skin tones.  BUT being that I'm white as a sheet I had NO problem matching this to my skin.  

I do recommend a light powder over top of the SKIN79 Lovely Girl BB cream.  While t claims to provide a matte finish I found that it was not as matte as I would prefer and it also did not control oil as well as some other BB Creams that promise oil control have done.  The Powder will simply set the BB cream and give it some extended wear time.

My second issue is that the SKIN79 Lovely Girl BB cream does NOT contain a sunscreen.  This means that you must apply a separate sunscreen underneath this BB cream to protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays.  With so many BB creams on the market that do offer sunscreen it think it is a mistake not to include one in this BB cream.

Last, but not least, The SKIN70 Lovely Girl BB Cream is scented.  It's not offensive in any way. It's slightly fruity...maybe grape of pear or apple?  I'm not sure.  I like the scent and it does not linger at all.

Do you NEED this?  I say no. The fact that it is very sheer, provides no sunscreen and only comes in one color makes it the least attractive of the BB creams I have reviewed so far.  It was fairly inexpensive. I paid around $14 for this BB cream from the ebay seller rubyruby.  Right now it is on sale for $8.56.  You can also go to the SKIN79 North America site and purchase directly from them. I can only recommend purchasing this if you have no acne, minimal redness, slight oily/combo skin and are fair.  That's a pretty small category of people if you ask me.


  1. A bb cream WITHOUT sunscreen? I didn't know they existed! Thanks for reviewing bb creams each week, there are so many out there so it really helps me narrow them down whenever I decide to make a purchase.

  2. You know something that's always bothered me is that so many of these things contain silicone. Silicone causes breakouts, especially for us with oily skin. Products that used to say noncomedogenic, now say nonacnegenic because they've added silicone to give their products more of a silky feel. Do you have any thoughts on this? ttfn :) Yuki

    1. I agree, I feel like I would love BB creams more if there weren't any silicones in them.

  3. What is your favorite BB cream?

  4. I'm loving all these BB cream reviews, so thank you for them! I'm loving my Misha BB cream -- can't believe how perfect the color (13) is for me. So hard to find a shade that matches "subterranean cave dweller pale." Plus I think this stuff will work a treat once the weather goes from uncomfortably hot to ohmygawdImmelting hot.

  5. Being British, I'm chuckling away to myself at the name of this one.

    Check youtube for clips of Father Ted + lovely girl, particularly 'mary has a lovely bottom' for clarity.


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