Thursday, May 31, 2012

Highlighters You Can't Have #5 - Revlon Feelin' Flirty Pink Flush - Review, Swatches, Pictures

It's that time again. Time to show you yet another highlighter in the series of Highlighters You Can't Have. I started this series with a Dior Highlighter that was 4 years old, I then teased you with a Guerlain Highlighter that was released only a few months before but had sold out in almost seconds, then I showed you an Estee Lauder Highlighter that was not only limited release, limited edition and discontinued, but possibly one of the prettiest highlighters I own. Then I repeated the Estee Lauder Theme with a sparkling gold highlighter the size of my palm called Shimmering Jewel Powder. I might be cheating a little bit with this month's Highlighter You Can't Have.  You see it is technically labeled a Blush, but this so-called blush is so light and so shimmery there is no way it can be anything BUT a highlighter. So Sayeth I. So Sayeth All.

The Revlon Feelin' Flirty Blush Pink Flush Highlighter is a limited edition release that came out in 2005.  It is housed in the typical plastic flimsy packaging that Revlon issues (can you tell I'm not a fan?)  The top is clear so you can see the product. However the lid has a small hinge which after several uses could break. I had another blush from Revlon break this way and it drove me bonkers. I eventually just trashed the thing because it was too much trouble to keep reattaching the lid.  But It's not only about the packaging, right? It's what is inside that counts.

Inside you see a pretty pink heart shaped from the powder.  Now please note that the shimmer you see is an over-spray. Once that is gone there is a more "matte looking" powder underneath.  I use quotations (incorrectly, probably) for the phrase matte looking because it's not really matte.  It actually has shimmer in it.  It's subtle, but it is there.  That's why I really think it is more of a highlighter than a blush. Plus, as I said above, this is my blog, my reality I make the rules. (hey, it's one of the very few things I can control in my life. let me have this one thing. OK?)

OK. But how is the powder quality?  Not bad actually. I was surprised because I'm not really a fan of drugstore cosmetics, but this Revlon blush highlighter is pretty decent quality. The powder is smooth and silky. there is no chunky glitter in it.  It applies well and lasts a decent amount of time.

The color.  well I think the color is where the complaint about quality, I have read in other reviews, comes in. Revlon Feelin' Flirty blush Pink Flush highlighter is a very, very pale pink. It is a cool pink on top of that, so the paleness combined with the cool tone make it look "chalky" on darker and warm skin tones.  One would need to be fair skinned to really pull this off as a blush, but fair/light to medium cool skin tones could definitely wear this as a highlighter and it wouldn't look chalky at all.  The highlighter, if applied to heavily, can look chalky, but many products, if applied heavily can look chalky, so I really don't see that as a valid criticism of this blush highlighter.  Once applied (correctly) the sheerness of the powder combined with the light color and the subtle shimmer imparts a gossamer like radiance to the face.  

Yes. I said gossamer like radiance.  It really is that pretty.  I love wearing this when I am doing a minimal eye makeup look with a bold lip.  The combination of the color and shimmer make this blush highlighter look so natural and elegant.

While this series is called Highlighters You Can't Have, that's not always the case.  EvilBay, Amazon and Big Lots stores will sometimes have this specific Revlon Blush Highlighter for sale. But that is the beauty and sometimes pain of this series, is it not. It's to see an item that is rare, old, pretty and might be, just might be attainable.  If you look hard enough, and pay enough money you can find almost any discontinued makeup product.  Powder products are easier to find than creme products but they are out there, somewhere.


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    1. Thanks! You can still find it for cheap (like $7-10) on evilbay

  2. Discriminated against again, haha! Finding good highlighting products for darker (tan) skintones is definitely tricky but I do love the color against your skin.

    There should be some sort of disclaimer on products with overspray. "Warning! The pretty glitters are a lie! Bwahahahahaha!" ...not sure if they would add the villainous laughter but I would put it there.

  3. My favourite highlighter was supposed to be a baked bronzer from Claires but there was just too much yellow gold in that badboy to be a bronzer and if worn all over I imagine the person would just look like a shiny sweaty shimmer face. I think it's about 4 years old now but I stil stalk that store in hopes they'll do another "bronzer" just like it.

  4. This is sooo pretty! <3
    I love the way it looks in the pan and in the swatch~
    Ah, shame when you find such beautiful products and they are discontinued. My favorite highlighter is Estee Lauder Modern Mercury which was a LE product. But it is amazing~


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