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Models Own Nail Polish in Disco Mix - Review, Pictures, Swatches

Impulse control, also known as delayed gratification indicate a nail polish addict's ability to to wait (defer) in order to obtain something that she wants. For example, Models Own Nail Polish...which is primarily available in the UK and available in very limited quantities via small US retailers.  You might also call impulse control "will power" or "self control".  Technically to a nail polish addict these terms are nonexistent in their vocabulary.

Having good impulse control is considered a positive personality trait. Those that lack the ability to control ones impulses or delay gratification are said to require "instant gratification" and usually suffer from poor impulse control.   In the era in which we live (in the developed world) Smart Phones, tablet computers , the Internet, instant messaging, etc...are all enabling a person with poor impulse control.  Our society is now fully "wired". Want to watch a movie on the bus...you can.  Want to go grocery shopping pantsless...you can.  Want to order a nail polish that looks so amazing but is sold out everywhere on line except from the manufacturer....you can.  Want to spend an obscene amount of money in shipping to get said nail polish...you will whether you want to or not, if you suffer from poor impulse control.

Enter Models Own (no apostrophe which bugs me for some reason) Disco Mix Nail Polish.  OK. I like. This is really about Models Own Indian Ocean nail polish.  I really wanted it. Like HAD TO HAVE IT. When I saw Scrangie's pictures of it.  (And let's face it that girl can make santorum on your nails look good) I knew that my life would be incomplete without it.  So I did what any non rational, addicted personality would do. I looked for it at every website I could find.  Now, had I acted quickly, I probably could have purchased it from a few domestic websites.  But alas, I was a day late and a dollar short...literally.  I just didn't have the cash on hand to buy another unnecessary polish.  But then I got my tax return.  It was a sizable amount.  I was then able to justify the purchase...but by the time the tax refund arrived, Indian Ocean was sold out....except on The Models Own website.  (What about Disco Mix?  I'm getting to that)

I broke down. I ordered three nail polishes from Models Own. One being Indian Ocean, the other being Disco Mix and the third being Juicy Jules.  For £5each I picked up said nail polishes...and by purchasing three at once I saved £3.  My total order was £12.  Not bad.  That's almost $20 USD.  But then the shipping bit me in my impulse control lacking arse.  £12.95 for shipping to the US.  (That's an additional $20 USD just to ship the polishes) Those that thought Americans won the revolutionary war and were free of the tyrannical rule of King George III and taxation without representation, never decided they needed a nail polish from Models Own website.

A few weeks later my Models Own nail polishes show up.  Indian Ocean is as beautiful in the bottle as I imagined.  Applied to the nail....not so much.  In fact, it is so sheer that it takes four coats to sort of hide the visible nail line.  I like opaque polishes. I should have heeded the warning in ALL OF THE REVIEWS I read about this polish, but my poor impulse control or I should say, my Id took over.  You see, the psychoanalytic term "impulse control" comes from the Freud's theory of personality (Id, Ego, and Super-Ego).  Id is driven by the pleasure principle and mostly unconscious.  The  Ego is supposed to control the Id urges.  In my case, the Ego and Super-Ego were on vacation and the Id was a bull in a china shop flinging Wedgwood around like it was made of paper.

Once I got over my initial disappointment in Indian Ocean, I moved on to Disco Mix.  A blue and purple glitter suspended in a clear base.  It is stunning.  The polish is opaque in three (medium heavy) coats and the glitter lays flat enough that a regular top coat makes it look shiny and bling-y as heck. For the photographs in this review, I wanted to enhance the blue glitter in this polish so I am wearing Nails Inc. nail polish (another UK brand, but readily available in the US) in Baker Street (a vibrant cobalt blue) underneath the Models Own Disco Mix nail polish.

Do you NEED this.  If you live in a place where Models Own nail polish is easily available for the low, low price of £5each, YES!  If not, NO.  You can find something equivalent domestically and you can also avoid the consequences of Poor Impulse Control.  If I had to do it all over again, knowing what I know now, I would not have purchased any of the Models Own polishes via the Models Own website, I would have waited until I was able to purchase them via a domestic distributor.  I'm not saying I don't like the polishes, I love them still, but I feel I paid too much for them...and that was my own fault.

P.S. Let me point out that in NO WAY am I upset with Models Own shipping prices.  Shipping nail polish is expensive because of the nature of the materials.  I'm just bitter that Models Own is not easily available in the US and/or that I don't live in the UK.  I still love my Disco Mix nail polish and I wear it often!


  1. Gorgeous looking color and texture-- I can't help thinking, I'd probably have tried to make it out of more easily available colors.

    Glad you're feeling better SithGirl!

  2. Hahahaha, awesome post. I just knew from the very beginning of the instant gratification/nail polish addict story that this was going to end up with the corollary of "well, I had to justify the shipping, and I couldn't let that one little bottle travel alone, so...."

  3. Indian Ocean had to be mine as well :) Then, it was taking so damn long to get here from the eBay seller in England I bought the first bottle from that I ordered another from Harlow&Co in Canada (just in case my precious got LOST on its way over the ocean!!). I have it on my tootsies NOW, 2 coats layered over 2 coats of OPI Care to Danse (sheer lilac), with a topper of Seche Vite; IMHO, so worth it :)

  4. I love these polishes! I picked up a few at Urban Outfitters for $5 which is way better than the $20 price tag!

    1. A single polish is less than 5$...its the shipping that's the issue. Tried UO but of course they were all out. Are they stocked often at UO?

  5. I used this yesterday as an accent nail - I only use glitters on one nail normally, because of the pest of removing them. It is an absolutely stunning colour - wore it alongside Illamasqua, think it was Obsess, a deep fuschia. Kept looking at it all day! It was quite difficult to remove - normally Models Own glitters are some of the easiest, but that doesn't mean they don't stay on perfectly all day. I've also got Juicy Jules, also gorgeous. Models Own used to do free postage over a certain amount spent here in the UK, but not at the moment, so I'm gearing up to order Indian Ocean and a few more when I can get over my 'pay for postage' mental block. On the theme of King George III, etc, I get really annoyed when UK-based firms like Illamasqua and Nails Inc make their polishes considerably cheaper in the US than here in the UK. They are often cheaper in dollars than pounds, never mind the exchange rate which makes them even less (£1=$1.60-ish)! I am used to paying more than you would for US things like China Glaze, etc, and understand that. Models Own has some really lovely colours - I have an 'old' Beetlejuice colour of Aqua Violet and some gorgeous pastels, as well. And the glitters are really beautiful!

  6. This is so pretty. It's like all my fave colors in one polish!

  7. There is a website here in the US that sells a-england polishes, as well as many other semi-hard to get ones. And of course, the shipping is much, much cheaper than shipping over the pond. The website is llarowe.com and I've purchased a few a-england shades from them. Give it a try and see if you like them. I am NOT affiliated with them in any way, shape or form, except as a customer. ^-^

  8. I second the "order Models Own" from Harlow & Co--VERY happy with price, service and shipping cost/time!

    I just did a skittles mani w/ all the Beetlejuice polishes, including Indian Ocean. Yep, very very sheer as my swatch showed me--but just WAIT until you apply it over other colors--It is ZOMG AWESOMESAUCE MAGIC. (hoping to photograph/blog mine soon). In fact, all but 2 of the 8 are layering polishes IMO.

    I love your nails! What a stunning glitter!!


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