Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday Poll

As you may recall, I was fairly sick last week and not well enough to do the Thursday Poll. I asked you all to come up with questions for the poll.  I decided that some of them are aimed at me only and others are questions everyone can answer.  How did I decide?  I used my incredibly over inflated ego to filter out the questions that were for the masses.  Simple.  Anyhoo, I have taken the liberty of answering a few of them in the general talk up to the poll and then I'll answer a few more in the actual poll itself.  However. If you see a question that I answer in the talk up before the poll and you really want to answer it, feel free. I was just joking about my ego....kinda.

"Define the color 'taupe'." -  To which I retort, define the color red.  It's hard to define colors.  Wikipedia defines taupe as:  "... a dark grayish-brown color."  But they go on to say, "Taupe is a vague, unscientific color term which may be used to refer to almost any grayish-brown, brownish-gray, or warm gray color. It often overlaps with tan and even people who use color professionally (such as designers and artists) frequently disagree as to what "taupe" means. There is no single, generally recognized authority for such terms."  So even Wikipedia doesn't know!  If an authority such as Wikipedia (and I use the term authority in jest) doesn't define taupe, neither will I.

"What is your name?" - Sir Galahad of Camelot.  "What is your quest?" -  I seek the Grail. "What's your favorite color?" - Blue. No, yel...auuuuuuuugh.

nemesis86 asked:  
"What is your favorite high end brand for the following:
1) blushes (powder)
2) blushes (cream)
3) eyeshadows (powder)
4) eyeshadows (cream)
5) highlighter
6) powder
7) foundation (fluid or stick)
** Please select each item in terms of : texture, pigmentation, comfort wear and longetivity. Thank you. Muwahaha (as you often do...)"
OK. I may not go into too much detail here because I don't want to bore you but here goes:
1) blushes (powder) - Chanel Joues Contraste; Silky powder; long lasting
2) blushes (cream) - I have more than one - Le Metier de Beaute, NARS and BECCA; all because they apply true to color and aren't sticky.
3) eyeshadows (powder) - I have more than one NARS; unique colors and excellent pigmentation and long wear; Inglot - but for $5 a shadow is that considered high end? For all the reasons stated above for NARS; Armani Eyes To Kill Intense - for same reason as NARS
4) eyeshadows (cream) - I don't have a fave cream eyeshadow.
5) highlighter - Guerlain because they make the most natural looking highlighters that don't look like metallic crap.
6) powder - IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores - Is that considered High End?  Maybe Caron loose powder because it smells awesome and well, it's from Caron!
7) foundation - Armani LSF in #3.75 because it matches my skin perfectly and it never looks cakey or mask like.

OK. I think that's enough about me.  Let's talk about me!
On To The Poll!

1) Lip Of The Day - Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Ming.  Did they discontinue this? I hope not. It sure is the pretty perfect light pink!

2) heavy hedonist from Aging Ophelia blog asks:"What look do you feel is 'played out'?" - The Kim Kardashian overly black smokey eye and invisible/concealer lip look. Get some color on your face FFS!

3) baby in a corner asks "What's your favourite blog (aside from Pink Sith)?" - You didn't specify beauty blog so I'm going to give you a sort of non beauty blog that I'm loving right now. The Jenna Marbles Blog. Because she's funny as hell and I'm a bit threatened by her rapier wit, sense of humor and beauty.  She's what I wish I could be as far as creative and funny.

4. Nicholas Zimmerman from Bodyweight training, Deadlifts and Kettlebells blog asks: "What inspires your makeup looks?" - a) Shorter blog title  (hee hee) b) My makeup looks are inspired by my clothing. Basically I look at what I'm wearing that day and decide which eyeshadow I haven't used yet that I need to photograph and then apply as needed.  Before I was a blogger my makeup looks were inspired by other bloggers, MAC adverts (pre MAC Barbie release), and soap operas. (I'm not kidding)

5.  FragrantWitch asked "...what fragrances you wear with which makeup looks and why?" - I don't normally tie my fragrance in to my makeup looks. But that's an interesting concept. For the most part I wear light and white floral fragrances. I'm not a fan of ambers, spice or anything heavy. I also don't like anything fruity. I am currently lemming a full size bottle of Creed White Flowers. But at over $500 a bottle, that's not gonna happen unless I win the lottery.

If I didn't get to your question in this poll, I will promise to use it in the upcoming polls!


  1. LotD? I'm wearing a balm of my own creation. I had this gorgeous rosy lipstick, but it was so drying as to render in unwearable. Sooo, I mixed it in with a face lotion that I use on my lips, and now it's perfect!
    Played out look? Any look with the uber nude, dead lips. Those are super freaky.
    Favorite blog? Hyperbole and a half! She is so funny, but she hasn't updated in a while which is making me sad.
    What inspires your makeup look? Ummm... whatever t-shirt I'm happen to be wearing. I do either a contrasting color or an accent color.
    Fragrance? I don't match my makeup to my perfume. I kind of end up wearing stuff that coordinates, but only because everything I wear matches my mood.

  2. As someone that had to take an entire 3 hour twice a week class on color freshman year of college, your answer for taupe makes me love you even more. As does the Jenna Marbles answer. :) I'm clueless about 90% of the makeup stuff to the point where my LotD (so hard not to type LotR) is E.L.F.'s lip stain in Red Carpet and I still rock my Gaultier for women perfume so I'll spare you the rest of the answers. :) <3

  3. LotD? GA GdA 510.
    played out look: concealer lips, over bronzed face (or in some cases, ppl purposely matching themselves to a fdtn 2 shades darker to look bronze).
    Fav Blog: that's like asking your favorite red l/s. i have many.

    what inspires my makeup look: if i'm going to work or not. i'm not at work = makeup time. if i am at work = no makeup

    fragrance: le labo gaiac 10. always and will be my signature.

  4. LIp: Guerlain's Rouge Automatique Shine in Mi-Mai. Gorgeous!

    Played out look: Kim Kardashian's look has seen its day and should be retired.

    Fav blog other than Pink Sith: I have 3: Beauty Look Book, Best Things in Beauty, and Café Makeup.

    Makeup Inspiration: My clothing selection and mood determine my makeup choices.

    Fragrance Inspiration: The time of day and occasion determine my fragrance choice. My everyday spritz and dash scent is Guerlain's Sous Le Vent.

  5. Woot- I am so pleased to be part of the PinkSith Thursday Poll - ;-) Thanks!
    LotD: Bobbi Brown Ginger Lily
    Played Out Look: Scary black eyebrows when you are blonde - known here as Scouse Brow. Also over bronzed or deathly pale lips and smokey eyes. Basically, most reality tv people's makeup!
    Fav Blogs: Perfume Posse, NST and The Pioneer Woman (you HAVE to read the story of her stop for a donut - I nearly wet myself!)
    Makeup Inspiration: The amount of time I have in the morning and how tired I look
    Fragrance Inspiration: I am a perfume-aholic so I always wear fragrance, makeup or not. But if it is a casual, light FOTD then something like Eau de Guerlain, Calyx or Chaos would be a choice and for heavier sultrier make-up then Shalimar, Bal a Versailles, or A Taste of Heaven would be good. Happily, though, I can always change my mind!

  6. 1) Lip Of The Day : Shiseido RD 303 (I think) anyway I love shiseido formula for my poor dry lips
    "What look do you feel is 'played out'?" Big lips, you know when everybody wasn't following their natural lip line and we contouring outside of their lip line and contouring their lips with a pencil a different colour of their lipstick.
    "What's your favourite blog (aside from Pink Sith)?" Beauty reflection, she is funny and she is from Canada (where I live) and Perilously pale
    "What inspires your makeup looks?" What i'm wearing, the weather, what kind of workout i'm planning during my lunch break at work
    "...what fragrances you wear with which makeup looks and why?" : I wear different fragrance depending on the occasion, work Burberry Brit amber for work, stella sheer for weekend and errands, if i'm going to a restaurant Jeux de Peau de Serge Lutens and depending of the season Annick Goutal Ambre Fettish or Chergui de Serge Lutens for Night out. (I have to say i'm a Oriental lover)

    1. oops Burberry Brit Gold not amber

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  8. Dear Elvira !Wow thank you soo much for your response. Of course you are not boring us! For me anyway:I always look forward to your post. Yeah, I know, I need a life. LOl. Seriously though, I really am grateful that your blog exist: at least you have a sense of humor! Makeup should be fun! Great to see you back! Ann X0X0


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