Friday, June 29, 2012

Highlighters You Can't Have #6 - Chanel Lumiere Platine Platinum Face Powder - Review, Pictures, Swatches

Time to show you another highlighter in the series of Highlighters You Can't Have. I started the series with a Dior Highlighter, then teased you with a Guerlain Highlighter, showed you an Estee Lauder Highlighter, repeated the Estee Lauder Theme the following month, and finally gave you a Revlon Highlighter/Blush for you to gaze upon. Since I have been featuring items from Chanel's 2012 Fall Collection this week, I figured I might as well make the entire week all about Chanel, so I  bring you a Highlighter You Can't Have from Chanel. 

Chanel Lumiere Platine Platinum Face Powder.  Released in 1999 for the Millennium this may be the oldest highlighter I own.This little gem sold out very quickly. Blame it on the craze that was the Y2K or the fact that this may be the prettiest silver powder that Chanel has EVER PUT OUT!  OK. I'm yelling. I'm sorry.  It's just that, the millennium was a crazy time.

People were panicked. Cobol programmers were in demand and I kid you not, radio stations were NOT playing that Prince Song like I thought they would be.  It was looking like the end of days.  People were convinced that airplanes would just fall out of the sky, there would be massive blackouts, public utilities such as water gas electric would be shut down, etc. once the date changed to 1/1/00.  Why?  Because in the short sightedness of computer programming most systems were based on a 19XX year. For some reason the didn't think about the 20XX or 21XX or any other years when setting up the date in the computer systems.  So naturally when the clock struck midnight and the year changed from 1999 to 2000 people worried that the computers would think it was 1900 and not 2000.  How this equated to airplanes falling out of the sky, I'm not sure.  Anyway. Crisis averted.  The year 2K came and went with not so much as a flicker in the lights.  I had recently broken up with a nimrod I was dating who took me out to dinner one night but couldn't pay for the bill because he had spent all his cash on a 20 lb bag of rice, duct tape and 20 gallons of water for his Y2K bunker.  Needless to say, that relationship soured.  Thankfully I met Mr. Sith 19 days later..the rest is history!

Anyway, back to the Chanel powder.  I refer to it as a Joues Contraste or JC even though it really isn't. It's shaped like one and comes in similar packaging, but it's not labeled as a JC.  So if I refer to the Lumiere Platine Platinum Face Powder as a JC you'll understand what I'm talking about, right?

This platinum powder is packaged particularly prudently in the prevalent petite Chanel JC case.  The unique differences are the Chanel CC at the top of the case are in silver rather than the standard white. Upon opening, you will note that the typical black plastic has been  replaced with a mirror like silver plastic as has the brush handle. Although I no longer have the plastic disc that covered the powder, it too was silver.  I should say platinum, but you all know what  mean.

The powder was the baked kind of formula which most Europeans and Canadians are familiar with. I procured this powder from a seller in Canada, I'm not sure if the US version was different. The powder is fairly hard as is the case with most JC blushes in this formula. The pigmentation is sheer. It should be anyway. I mean you don't want a stripe of platinum on your face, do you?  OK. Maybe you do, but I don't.  Anyway, the powder when applied is sparkly.  Thia is the quintessential "glitter bomb" that people rant about.  I happen to like glitter quite a lot, so I'm cool with that.

This is NOT a highlighter for the office.  This is a highlighter for a night on the town, dancing in dark clubs to 140 bpm music.  This is a highlighter for New Years Eve!  Granted the special fireworks they had in Washington DC were completely lame for 2000 New Years Eve, but with this highlighter you can create your own sparkle on your cheeks!

Direct sunlight
Good luck finding this for sale anywhere.  If you do find it you must think long and hard if you want to pay that much for glittery sparkle.  I knew I wanted it because it was Chanel and because it looked pretty.  It doesn't take much for me to want something.

Indirect sunlight
What about you?  Would you have use for a highlighter like this?  Did you know dubstep is usually 140 beats per minute?  And because he is awesome I will leave you with dancer Marquese Scott and his video for Pumped Up Kicks-Dubstep.  Enjoy.


  1. Replies
    1. ME TOO - Also it came in a silver pouch - I do use it

  2. Oh I have a case of the "I wants" now, sadly I was not into makeup at all in 1999 when I was 19, I was anti makeup, funny how things change! Amazing beautiful highlighter, thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. Ah, I'm glad you mentioned this highlighter. It was my first beauty splurge purchase after graduating college and getting a full-time job (I was a broke college student so I couldn't afford to wear makeup). I hardly used it bc it is not a practical beauty product, but I was drawn by the packaging and the beautiful silver color. I also got the gloss compact. These are just few of the Chanel products I own bc I became more interested in Asian cosmetics.

  4. I want it, but there's no way I'd ever use it - too sparkly for me. I just want to hold it a little, is all.


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