Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday Poll

VAGINA. Bet you didn't expect me to start a Thursday Poll with that word, did ya?  Imagine all the great google search hits I will get by using the word, VAGINA, throughout this post.  Last week a lawmaker in the sate of Michigan was banned from the State House floor for saying the word "VAGINA".  Yes. Really.  No. I'm not joking. It was during Representative Lisa Brown's speech on the house floor about an abortion bill.  No matter how you feel on the subject of abortion, the fact that this woman was censored for saying a perfectly acceptable MEDICAL term for part of a woman's anatomy is unbelievable.  The offensive sentence? “Mr. Speaker, I’m flattered that you’re all so interested my vagina, but no means no.”  Yup. VAGINA was used. Sure it was a bit of theater to conjure up that image, but the word, VAGINA, is not a dirty word.  Of course if you ask a another State Rep in Michigan, Mike Callton, he would tell you "It was so offensive, I don't even want to say it in front of women. I would not say that in mixed company."  Seriously?  This grown man cannot utter the word VAGINA in mixed company?  But what word should we use?  Isn't VAGINA the correct term?  Apparently not only men are afraid of using that word. Another state rep from Michigan, Lisa Lyons said "As a woman and mother, I was personally offended by Rep. Lisa Brown's disgraceful actions during Wednesday's floor debate."  But Ms. Lyons has her own VAGINA.  What does she call it?  Is she ashamed about having a VAGINA?  There was also another woman banned from speaking on the State House floor because they said she spoke out of turn when she insisted that vasectomies be regulated like abortions.  Seriously. I couldn't make this up if I tried.  The Michigan GOP Leader of the House, the day after he banned the two women lawmakers from speaking on the House floor, “simultaneously did not deny that the women were banned for saying ‘vagina’ and further accused the two of throwing ‘temper tantrums’.” Temper Tantrums.  Isn't that what children throw?  Isn't he just infantilizing and de-legitimizing their points by using that term?  Now that he said they were holding "temper tantrums" I imagine Rep Brown in Shirley Temple curls, a pink dress, patent leather mary janes  and ankle socks holding a huge lollipop in one hand while sticking her tongue out and stamping her foot.  Which finally brings me to my point. The POWER OF WORDS.  Words do have a lot of power.   The power lies in what the words mean to the person that hears them.  The evoke feelings from one's own subconscious into emotional responses toward the subject at hand.  Jean-Paul Sartre once said "Words are loaded pistols." and that "Words are more treacherous and powerful than we think."  He was so right. Saying the word VAGINA wasn't the issue. It was the way it made Reps Callton, Lyons and the Michigan GOP leader FEEL about the subject. Perhaps Callton is FOR the passage of the bill so no matter what Rep Brown said it would "sound" offensive to him. Perhaps Lyons is ashamed of being a woman in a "mans world" and doesn't want to draw attention to the fact that she too has a VAGINA. Perhaps the GOP leader is a misogynist douchebag and thinks women need to be quiet and stay in the kitchen.  I have no idea.  I'm not saying these are truths about these people, I'm just guessing.   See?  I even had to be careful with the words I use for fear of being accused of libel.  For the record I do not believe the word VAGINA is a bad word.  There are tons of other slang words for VAGINA that I find more offensive.  It's time everyone stopped being angry about using the word VAGINA and started being angry at people that try to stop you from saying that word.
On To The Poll!

1. Blush Of The Day? - Chanel JC in Poesie. One of the "Blushes You Can't Have". Deceptively cool toned pink in the pan but a very neutral warmish pink on my cheek. I like to use this one when I am focusing more on my eyes as it does not compete for attention with the rest of my makeup.

2.  What word do you use to refer to a VAGINA? - VAGINA.  Sorry. I must be boring or offensive. But what else am I going to call it?  I have all sorts of wretched slang phrases I could use, but like Rep. Mike Callton, I don't even want to say them in mixed company.

3.  What color are your eyes? Do you like that color or do you wish you had different colored eyes? - I have gray-ish, blue-ish, green-ish eyes. I like the color but I would love to have ice blue eyes like Carol Alt. 

4.  What is one beauty product you would recommend to ALL of your friends? - Chanel Joues Contrase Blush. Own at least one, if anything for the ritual of opening the Chanel case and swirling your blush brush over the dome of perfect powder like silk while the sweet rose scent greets you with the promise of perfect glowy cheeks. But also because I adore this formula.  Not everyone agrees that it's the best blush out there, and I'm cool with that. But it's the best CHANEL blush ever.

5.  Give me some words that sound dirty but really aren't. (Need help. Here is a long LIST)
Peniaphobia - The fear of being poor.
Ballcock - a device for regulating the supply of water in a tank, cistern, or the like, consisting essentially of a valve connected to a hollow floating ball which by its rise or fall shuts or opens the valve.
And honorable mentions:  Jaculate, Blowhole, Bangkok, Uranus, Gesticulate, Titmouse, Tetons, Ramrod, Angina, Titular, and Cockles.


  1. I am a boy so most of these I cant answer, but I use vajayjay, or Va-J when speaking about vagina!

  2. Words. Well, we know that the pen is mightier than the sword. I don't recall who said that, do you, Elvira?

    As far as the poll goes:
    1. None. I don't wear blush.
    2. Vagina, or if it's just us girls, 'downstairs.'
    3. I have very blue eyes, not quite icy, but BLUE. And I love them.
    4. Zoya nail polish. Any shade. I've never been disappointed by Zoya.
    5. Masticate and genuflect.

    1. The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword was coined by English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839 for his play Richelieu; Or the Conspiracy. Love Wikipedia!

  3. Poll answers:
    1. A Bedhead blush I cannot recall the name of and the tag is missing.
    2. I use VAGINA. I do not like C U Next Tuesday. The sound of that word makes my skin crawl and I become irrationally angry. But I do often use cooch or vadge when I want to be crass.
    3. My eyes are brown and they shoot lasers. They're pretty rad.
    4. Black liquid eyeliner. I prefer Tokidoki but I have a nice one from Essence.
    5. My favorite part. Kumquat, shuttlecock, titillate, head cheese, Lake Titicaca and many more that I cannot think of right now. I reserve the right to spam you with them when I remember.

    Okay, so it's good to know Vagina is a bad word and women who challenge ridiculous assertions or offer a differing opinion are merely throwing temper tantrums. I guess I've been throwing one fine tantrum for the past thirty-six years. Also, there is no war on women and we have always been at war with Eurasia. Christ, what assholes.

    1. "We have always been at war with Eurasia." You are fantastic.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

    The vasectomy/abortion issue is one that I've been on for quite some time. Unless immaculate conception is becoming all the rage now, it takes both a PENIS and a VAGINA to make a baby. Or...if we're going to get super technical, SPERM AND OVA.

    For the most part I say "girly bits" in reference to vagina but that's because I have an 8 year old daughter and that's what we call them. I think for her it takes away some of the stigma of saying the medical term and seems to be more accepted in casual company.

    Wonder what's next? Can't address Breast Cancer because it contains the word Breast? Ridiculous.

  5. Thank you!! excellent post!
    1. Blush of the Day--Sunday Riley "Blushing".

    2. I call it vagina. I'm a woman and have no problem saying vagina, penis, colon, feces, etc etc. in mixed company. I was once chastised by a man in a meeting when I used the word "breasts" referring to a medical article. My response? "It's a body part, dickweed, like, arm, leg, ear, etc. " We were enemies thenceforth. No matter :-)

    3. Eye Color--Brown. Wish they were Green.

    4. Beauty product for all--Laura Mercier Tinted moisturizer SPF 20. CANNOT live without it.

    5. Words that sound dirty but aren't--hmm, I'm at loss. Gesticulate?

  6. 1. Blush Of The Day? - Nothing yet,but might call upon NARS South Beach Multiple; the Sunshine state is a bit overcast today and I want to look beachy.

    2. What word do you use to refer to a VAGINA? - Same as you; my parents didn't use cutesy terms to describe body parts growing up. I had a home health client who called it her "tutu". She was a riot-recovering from a brain injury and an ex nun. I learned a lot from her.
    3. What color are your eyes? Do you like that color or do you wish you had different colored eyes? - Same as yours-grey,blue and green. I wear tinted lens that are a hazel but look like an olive green on me.I wish they were straight up green.

    4. What is one beauty product you would recommend to ALL of your friends? -Oh,gosh.That's a tough one.Guerlain Voyages compact; it is a king's ransom but the smell and the way it makes your skin look kissed by angels..Love it.

    5. Give me some words that sound dirty but really aren't. (Need help. Here is a long LIST) - Phucket (not pronounced the way you think),titular,driveshaft,Uranus,coxswain.

  7. 1. Blush Of The Day? - Jemma Kidd cream blush in PawPaw. I'm wearing it a lot these days.

    2. What word do you use to refer to a VAGINA? - Erm, not that I say it very often, but what about vagina? I mean, it's just a body part. Like arm, ear, or hand.

    3. What color are your eyes? Do you like that color or do you wish you had different colored eyes? - Dark Navy Blue. I get so many compliments on it, and they were my mom's eyes color too, so no I wouldn't change that color for anything in the world! (even though brown eyes can wear anything and that's great, and lighter blue eyes are so pretty, and grey eyes are fabulous)

    4. What is one beauty product you would recommend to ALL of your friends? - Probably EL Double Wear concealer, it works so great.

    5. Give me some words that sound dirty but really aren't. (Need help. Here is a long LIST)
    Seriously, I have no idea. Plus I speak French, remember? Although, in French, sussurer and consensuel would probably fit the description for reasons I can't explain here :)

  8. 1. Blush Of The Day? -- Maybelline Dream Bouncy, in Hot Tamale. Such a juicy color!

    2. What word do you use to refer to a VAGINA? Snatch-- it makes it sound like someone might wanna grab it soon! Or I might say cootch, or girl parts, depending on the mood and discussion.

    3. What color are your eyes? Do you like that color or do you wish you had different colored eyes? - I have medium light blue eyes that sometimes look greener, or greyer. Three of my siblings have green eyes-- would have liked that, but-- this is okay.

    4. What is one beauty product you would recommend to ALL of your friends?-- bareMinerals Purely Nourishing Moisturizer. It disappears immediately, but doesn't leave me dry, and it's non-oily: so great for summer. It's toning my pores, too, making them look invisible.

    5. Give me some words that sound dirty but really aren't.--

    Horner, lugubrious, pernacchia, chalcedonic,sparticle, fermion.

  9. Hi Elvira! I think you are super on point with this post! It's absolutely ridiculous that it is not socially unacceptable (according to these Reps.) to use the medical term for parts of a women's anatomy. Thank you so much for pointing out the power of words and the way they are being used to dehumanize and further distance/subjugate women as "others".

    1, I happen to be wearing a coral Kevyn Aucoin blush today.
    2, I usually call vaginas p**sies; it just sounds right to me! Not offensive (at least to me), and no need to feel like a textbook....
    3, I have brown, almost black eyes which are nice enough, but I think green would go better with my yellow bronze complexion.
    4, I would recommend Milani's Liquifeye pencils to everyone, because they are cheap, smooth, and super pigmented!! I have never repurchased anything as often as I have repurchased those.
    5, Clean words that sound dirty... hmm... Damn! I can't think of any on the spot! I'll have to get back to you on this one....

  10. 1. Blush Of The Day? Guerlain Peche metal
    2. What word do you use to refer to a VAGINA? Vagina!
    3. What color are your eyes? Do you like that color or do you wish you had different colored eyes? brown and green, I wish they had more green or bee like my niece which are a lot like mine but with more yellow (real cat eyes beautiful so rare!)
    4. What is one beauty product you would recommend to ALL of your friends? Aquafolia peeling enzymique does wonder and it is a Canadian product!
    5. Give me some words that sound dirty but really aren't. (Need help. Here is a long LIST)
    in french menstruation and do not know why but I usually call it "my feminine condition" and then people think i'm a real feminist!

  11. Wow. I am not from the US and was completely outraged to read about this. Thank you for bringing attention to this outrageous issue, and well done to all the men and women who gathered to protest the ban

  12. 1. Blush of the day: Stainiac in Beauty Queen from my June Birchbox. Love it.
    2. Vulva or vagina. If I am being funny I say cooter. I don't see any reason for not using the proper name for body parts uunder general cicumstances. People seem way more comfortable saying penis than they do saying vagina.
    3. My eyes are green. I sometimes wish they were a brighter green, but I like them. My youngest has "Army green" eyes - olive green, which are darker than mine.
    4. Ultra Bland from Lush. My favorite cleanser. Cleans w/o drying, doesn't cause breakouts, doesn't sting eyes, gets everything off. Love it.
    5. Words that sound dirty but aren't: Vagina

  13. 1. My blush of the day was "warmth" by Bare Minerals.
    2. The word is VAGINA. Maybe "vag". I can't deal with "va-jay-jay", If you can't comfortably say the proper terms for such parts, should you be having sex?
    3. I have brown eyes.
    4. Does "stimulus package" count?

  14. 1. I usually only wear blush on "special occasions", so none today.

    2. I have a young daughter with autism, and though she knows the word vagina (and is *very* comfortable with the word, it's usually referred to as her "no-no place", as we're trying to teach her about inappropriate touching in terms she can relate, and she kind of just latched on to that phrase.

    3. Dark brown, nearly black, with a grey ring on the perimeter; when the light hits from the side, they have an amber glow. There was a time I wanted green eyes, but that's what contacts are for. I quite like my eyes due to their unique qualities, they stand out against my light neutral skin (NARS Deauville), and I can dye my naturally dark auburn hair any color, and it will still look good. Also, with the exseption of pastels, I can wear any color eye makeup.

    4. Red lipstick. Any woman *can* wear it, as long as it is a suitable shade. I personally feel so much more confident, and more intelligent when I wear it. It really is a "power" color.

    5. Well, it seems all the good words are taken, but I will relate a little story about a name: I was helping with the mailers that were to be sent out to alumni & patrons of the theatre program I attended in college, and my assignment was to place the address labels on the envelopes. Everything was going along well, until I came accross this unfortunate name (which I was assured by the program director, was indeed, *not* a joke): Harry Arreola.

  15. 1. None today... was a no makeup day!
    2. Vagina. Any other word to describe it sounds so dirty and/or offensive.
    3. Brown. I do love my brown eyes because they're not too dark. If I could have any color, I'd go for blue-grey eyes... could achieve the look with colored contacts I suppose, but never look as great as someone with natural blue-grey eyes!
    4. Clinique Lash Power Mascara Long-Wearing Formula. Smudge Proof, no raccoon eyes!
    5. Nipple. And I don't mean nipple as protrusion found on mammals. Nipple as in a small section of a pipe with a screw thread for connecting pipes.

  16. 1. Burberry Peony, a new purchase and my current HG blush
    2. Vagina, occasionally pussy if I'm writing or being silly about it.
    3. Brown all the way; dark dark brown (used to almost not tell iris from pupil but they've lightened up).
    4. Guerlain Rouge G lipstick - yes it's ridiculously expensive, but it's *amazing* and so so worth it.
    5. shuttlecock

  17. I am livid about this - how can a woman be banned for using the medical term for a body part? Clearly the banning is a misogynist move (not misogynist against the term "vagina," but against the woman who said it). Driving home this point is saying a woman "threw a tempter tantrum." It's like that old double-standard of how men are tough but women are bitches. I thought this was the old misogyny, but it makes me sick that in my own home state it's alive and well. Men like this are no better than the ones in the Middle East who think women must wear burkas. I'm really glad I'm not a Christian in the U.S. today and so feel no confusion about interpretations of the Bible or "a woman's place." Argh! Just. Furious.
    1 - The cream blush from my Peach Girl BB cream. It's slightly pale for me right now, but otherwise I love it - thanks for the rec!
    2 - Depending on the company I'm in, I use vagina, see you next tuesday, the cat one, down there, no-no place... they're all fair game to me. Words only have the power we give to them. I believe in being appropriate but when you're talking about abortions you MUST be able to use the medical terms for lady parts!
    3 - Green-blue-gray... I wish they were a little brighter sometimes, but overall I'm happy.
    4 - Wet n Wild eyeshadows. Vegan options, plus they're cheap and nice quality.
    5- Honestly, I have a poor sense of what sounds dirty... I rarely edit myself.

  18. Just wanted to add that my capcha number was asstme 69 LOL

  19. Okay, so i just watched the clip where Brown refers to her vagina, and it was completely out of context. After making some coherent statements, she ends her speech with some random line about her vagina. I don't think anyone said anything about her vagina, so why would she bring it up? Was she trying to go for "shock-and-awe"? If so, it obviously backfired on her, as the House Floor is not an appropriate venue for fun & games. I think most of would lose our jobs if we pulled a stunt like that, so she should consider herself lucky. She made a conscious decision, as an adult, to behave like a snarky teenager, so she has been essentially grounded. Did she learn her lesson? I don't think so; if she did, she would take ownership of her actions, and ; apologize; instead, she's accusing the men of false misogyny. The clip is easy to find using a quick google search with the words "women banned house floor", and I urge everyone to watch it before coming to any conclusions.

    1. I watched the clip too and it certainly was NOT out of context. Like Moushka said so eloquently below, if the Michigan GOP can't deal with hearing the word Vagina then they need to stop enacting laws around them. And for what it is worth. Rep Brown was not and is not the first state Rep to use, as you ineptly put it, "Shock & Awe" in a house floor speech. Do you know nothing about American politics? This type of speech is a) common from any house or senate member on a regular basis and b) protected as FREE SPEECH under the US constitution. I believe your views on this subject are clouded by your biases against the party Rep Brown belongs to. It's so very obvious in your tone and in your comments. This was NOT meant to be a political discussion about Republicans and Democrats, yet you make it so painfully obvious which side you fall on. Your motives to be partisan rather than inclusive speak volumes.

  20. Yes, Anonymous, I watched the video and no, the statement wasn't gratuitous.

    The idea that the correct term for any body part is offensive to an adult, let alone one supposedly entrusted with enacting legislation on the people's behalf, is unspeakably abhorrent. Have men so far lost their reason as to believe that fetuses exist without involving a vagina? One would think the past four decades had never happened. Young women have been lulled into a false sense of security by Roe vs. Wade. Perhaps those who did not live through the Women's Movement of the '60s and '70s have been too ready to believe the battle won. As long as men can control women's fertility IN ANY WAY (apologies for yelling; I'd uses italics if I knew how,) the battle for reproductive freedom is ours to lose. Women, wake up! There's work to be done and no one is going to do it for us.

    1. Illamasqua's Hussy - my fave.

    2. Vagina - I dislike cutesy terms and ignore the rude ones. [My three children (2 girls, 1 boy) learned the proper names for all their body parts when they asked. Sex and excretory organs were not left out, or otherwise distinguished from "arm," "leg," or "teeth," and differences between the sexes were enumerated and properly named. When there were further questions, we used a book on anatomy to clarify and differentiate.]

    3. I have blue eyes; they sometimes look aqua depending on the colour eye shadow I'm wearing.

    4. Not a product but a product line I recommend to everyone interested in well-formulated, reasonably priced skin care products: Paula's Choice. They are the best

    If I hadn't already been subscribed to your blog, Pink Sith, I would definitely have subbed after your excellent column. Thank you.

    moushka 26 (at) yahoo (dot) ca

    1. Thank you Moushka, you said it so very well. I too believe that we have become complacent with Women's rights. The battle will not be won until women have equal rights and control over their own bodies.


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