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Lilacquer Polishes: The Fifth Element Collection Part I - Review, Pictures, Swatches

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 When I was contacted by Lilacquer Polishes to review the new Fifth Element collection I JUMPED at the chance. 1) Because I LOVE The Fifth Element movie.  It's one of the best movies EVER!  A great cast: Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, and Milla Jovovich. A Great Director/Writer: Luc Besson. A GREAT Costume Designer: Jean-Paul Gaultier. How could anyone NOT like this movie? (That's a rhetorical question, I don't need your reviews of this movie in the comments section.)  and 2) Because I am addicted to duochrome polishes!!!  Seriously. I love them more than any other polish ever. More than HOLOS!!!.  

But back to The Fifth Element for a second.  One of the best things about that movie?  Zorg's Secretary.  (Gary Oldman is Zorg) Zorg's secretary has the neatest invention ever. I'm looking forward to the 23rd century solely for this device.

Automatic Nail Polish Changer!  Just put your finer into something that looks like a portable pencil sharpener and viola! New color expertly applied to your nails.  Screw having a Jet Pack by the 21st century WHERE IS MY AUTO NAIL POLISHER?!

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Moving on.  So Lilacquer Polishes is an independent brand. AKA Indie Brand, and UNLIKE a lot of indie brands Cathleen, the owner of Lilacquer, specializes in duochrome polishes.  Everything she releases has duochrome pigments in them.  This is her second collection, and it's significantly different from the first.  Her first release was a set of sheer polishes only for layering, this second release is able to be opaque on their own in two to three coats.  The Fifth Element collection shows duochrome on their own, albeit more subtle, and they flash a very nice duochrome when worn as one coat over a black creme. 

 OK On to the polishes!

Leeloo Multipass

Leeloo Multipass, named after one of the awesome memes from the movie "Multi-Pass". It is an exquisite neon orange jelly with a bright pink contrasting shimmer that shifts to a complimenting orange. It looks sheer with the 2 coats applied but a 3rd coat this baby is opaque with no visible nail line. (Picture shown with 2 coats). I think this one would make an awesome pedi color or look fab over a light pink creme or salmon colored creme.  The formula was fluid and neither too thin nor too thick.

To Protect Love.

To Protect Love is described as a peach jelly with gold, orange, and green shimmer. I didn't see the green shimmer very much but the peach and gold were so unbelievably pretty and delicate this would have been one of my favorite polishes.  I use the phrase "would have been" because this polish UNLIKE all the others in this collection was rather thick. It got clumpy on my longer nails.  When I applied it to shorter nails I didn't have a problem. I don't know if that is the formula or the brush. But I would still buy a full size bottle and just add a drop of thinner.

Roo-Bee Rhod

Roo-Bee Rhod is named after the fabulous and over the top character Ruby Rod from The Fifth Element Movie. This character played by Chris Tucker is almost impossible to understand (because of all the 23rd century slang) and he talks incredibly fast. But what's awesome about the character is that he's a Radio DJ!  DJ's in the 23rd century?  Humm. Anyway. The polish called Roo-Bee Rhod is a red and burnt orange shimmer that flashes gold and yellow.  

There's also some pink metallic in there too.  The formula was awesomesauce, applied well, and flashed beautiful colors whenever I moved my hands.  I think this color would look amazing on darker skin tones, as I think I'm slightly too light and too pink to pull this color off all the time.

Fhloston Paradise

Fhloston Paradise is a beautiful and girly bright magenta pink with sky blue highlights.  This polish is named after the space cruise ship that Leeloo (Milla Jovovich;s character) and Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis' character) have to ride on in order to save the world.  The Fhloston Paradise polish is opaque after only 2 coats and wears like a champ.  I had no issues with the formula. It applied smoothly and looked amazing. 

There are four more polishes to bring you, but instead of having an incredibly picture heavy post I thought I would break it up a bit.

My wear time with these polishes was excellent.  Applied over my Dermelect Cosmeceuticals MAKEOVER Ridge Filler base coat and sealed with my trusty CND Air Dry Top Coat I got about 4  to 5 days wear without any chips. I experienced only minimal tip wear (But I type a lot and I blame my keyboard).  

I am very happy to see a great indie polish creator make a polish without chunky glitters.  I still love my indie glitters but I think the market is flooded and my nails can't handle the Foil Method Removal all the time.  I think it's great that Lilacquer Polishes has managed to produce something very different from what is on the market at this time.  

Do You NEED these?  YES!  If you are a duochrome junkie like me, you NEED these. A 15 ml bottle retails for $9 on the Lilacquer Polishes etsy store.  You can follow Lilacquer on Facebook for information, updates, restocks, and other information.  The owner is very nice and I think you will be satisfied with any purchase you make from her.

Check out my 2nd review of 4 MORE colors from The Fifth Element Collection HERE!


  1. To Protect Love is probably my favorite one. I really like the chrome finish.

  2. Multi pass! bwhahahhahahahaha

    Seriously beautiful colors!

  3. I adore the movie and I'm super stoked someone else does enough to make a whole line of polishes (that are pretty!), DEF gonna have to check these out, never would have seen them if it weren't for your blog, thanks!!

  4. I'm sad that I don't like the color Roo-Bee Rhod more, because Chris Rock did such a great over-the-top temperamental-diva portrayal of that character!


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