Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Lipstick League - week of 7.23.12

Question of the Week: - If, for one month, you could only use one brand for ALL of your makeup needs, which brand would you choose?

Answer: - I would have to go with Chanel because I know one of their foundations works for me, the Blushes are awesome, the shadows rock, the mascara is decent and the lip products are superb. 

What about you?  Leave your answer in the comments section!

Vampy Varnish - Love plump, shiny, saturated lips? Then you'll love the new Buxom Full-Bodied Lip Glosses this season.

we heart this - Do you really need another product with Argan Oil? If it's Moroccanoil, the answer is yes.

Clumps of Mascara - is giving away a pretty awesome beauty bag. You'll definitely want to get in on this one.

Gouldylox Reviews - If you want to slim your face and jawline in a hurry, this will do the trick. It's not permanent, but in a pinch it will work. (And it feels great.)

Nouveau Cheap - Do I love the new L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream? Do I hate it? Am I on the fence? Come see for yourself.

Pink Sith - wouldn't be LION if she told you the brushes from the Japonesque Safari Chic Set are PURRfect!

Prime Beauty - asks Hot weather making you melt?  Cool off and perk up with Laura Mercier's Tone Perfecting Eye Gel!

Phyrra - lets her skin shine through with Urban Decay Naked Skin Liquid Foundation. See why she loves it!

Guest Post of the Week, as chosen by Vampy Varnish - Jessica from Beautezine is one of my favorite bloggers (and people!) and she's got the new fall goodies from Yves Saint Laurent covered!


  1. Oh my, that's a tough one! Errrr... I'd probably go for MAC. I feel that recently they've launched a few products that missed the mark a bit, but in the end they still have amazing products and a lot of variety. So yes, MAC for me :-)

  2. I'd have to go with MAC for a high end choice or Rimmel for drugstore. Mainly because they are the only brands I have tried a bit of absolutely everything (and liked it) from! I do love MAC though.

  3. Burberry all the way. I have yet to find a product of theirs I don't love. The blushes are phenomenal, the foundation is great, I love their lipsticks and their eyeshadows are amazing.

  4. NARS for sure. They have tinted moisturizers and powders in my skin tone and their saturated pigments in the lip and cheek colors are always on trend.

  5. I would have to go with NARS, since that's pretty much the only eyeshadow I've been wearing these days, along with Nico & Zen (highlight & contour). Of course, this would mean I'd have to go out and buy foundation and lip products, but they're on my list of things to buy when I start to go through my present stash.

  6. Ooh that's hard...but I would probably have to go with either Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier. Both have a really amazing, minimalistic, timeless yet still "trendy" core line with AMAZING base products, a great skincare line, and shades to flatter every skin tone imaginable!

  7. Maybelline. If money is not an object then Laura Mercier, but I've got to say that Maybelline this past year has outperformed some of the high end stuff for me, much to my delight AND dismay!! Thanks for the poll ... xoxo Beth in Pgh ;-)


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