Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday Poll

I really love road trips. In the US, long drives in the car are a way of life.  The country is rather large and since our rail system is so inferior when compared to Europe or Japan, Americans resort to driving in cars.  Mr. Sith and I love road trips together. We went on a road trip from San Francisco to LA for our honeymoon.  I love eating at local restaurants, exploring small towns, listening to music in the car, talking about anything and everything.  That is used to love road trips...until I had the bright idea to bring my dog Floydiepie on a recent 10 hour road trip to visit family.  It didn't help that Darthypie is 5 years old and much better at verbalizing his displeasure with having to sit in a car seat for 10 hours.  Not one hour and 24 minutes into our 10 hour drive did Darthypie ask the universal question: "Are We There Yet?".  This kid had a DVD player, coloring books, toys, snacks, video games, you name it, and he was bored one hour and 24 minutes into the drive.  Ugh. If he only knew how boring long drives in the car used to be when I was growing up.  Of course I wasn't strapped into a car seat. In fact I wasn't strapped in at all.  (Lucky for me I wasn't in a car accident.) But the dog. the dog was the bigger problem. We couldn't stop in restaurants because we couldn't leave the dog in the car. It was way too hot. In cooler weather we could have (and have) done this. Rest stops were frequent as we really don't want Floydiepie to pee in the car and well...he's an English Bulldog.  He's gassy all.  the.  time!  Thank goodness the dog tried to sleep most of the time...he didn't really sleep as much as he just laid down. but I'm good with that. For the most part our two little travelers (Darthypie and Floydiepie) were excellent during the long trip but it still wasn't super fun happy family time.  Here are a few things I learned from my trip.
  1. No matter how many movies, games, toys, snacks you bring, your kid will ask Are we there yet? about 4,959,057 times.
  2. Dogs that fart in the house will fart in a car. The smell from that fart will be amplified 4,959,057 times.
  3. There are only 2 Sonics between my home and my family's home
  4. Sonic Milkshakes are not the be all end all that I thought they would be
  5. Everyone speeds on the highways, except for the one car you happen to be behind and cannot pass
  6. Everyone is an idiot and should stay off the roads when I'm driving
  7. Cops scare the living crap out of me when I'm only going 5 miles above the speed limit
  8. Beef Jerky makes an excellent snack
  9. I never want to eat at a fast food restaurant for another 5 years.
  10. Satellite Radio, iPads and portable DVD players are awesome inventions and I love them very much
So yes. I survived the long drive. I will do it again, (probably without the dog just so I can eat something that isn't fast food on the road) and There's no place like home.
On To The Poll!

1.  Lip Of The Day? - Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick in Incognito #316. It's more pink on me than in the photos I took. I think the lip liner made it look warmer.

2.  Do you go on road trips?  Do you like them? - Yes and Yes

3.  Current beauty lemmings? - about 3 different Armani ETKI shadows, the new Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait from the Fall 2012 collection, The Chantecaille Limited Edition Safari Collection L'Elephant Palette,

4.  Where was the last place you visited? - Western North Carolina

5.  Have you or do you plan on returning any makeup/beauty products lately? - I plan on returning the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer. It did nothing for me and at $52 an ounce it better do SOMETHING!


  1. 1. Lip Of The Day? - None. I'm literally melting, I can't be bothered (also am on holz starting today so it doesn't matter)

    2. Do you go on road trips? Do you like them? - Yes and it depends, I don't particularly enjoy hours of driving on my own. If it's like 6 hours and we're two drivers then it's OK. More and it drives me crazy, I rather take a plane (and I hate planes, so it says a lot) Belgium being so small, we're used to small distances, crossing the country in 2 hours, and we tend to find any journey longer than 1.30 hour horribly long :)

    3. Current beauty lemmings? - Sisley flower gel mask. My bday being tomorrow I think I will indulge.

    4. Where was the last place you visited? - Norwich UK, I guess. I mean I go places for work but I don't call that visit.

    5. Have you or do you plan on returning any makeup/beauty products lately? - Dude, we can't return here! Instead I need to put up a huge blog sales with everything I don't use/like. But it's too hot today.

  2. 1.) LOTD? Fresh Sugar Rose (at work in the plant) but after work Hourglass lipstain in Flush for dinner with the boyfriend
    2.) Road trips? Like them? Yes and yes! Have every since I was little. Once I started reading I was the perfect road-trip child, enough books, water and an occasional twizzler you wouldn't even know I was there.
    3.) Beauty lemmings? More YSL Glossy Stains, Guerlain Rouge G L'Extrait, NARS Fall Lipstain Autumn Leaves, basically lip colour, but also eyeing a Chanel blush and the Guerlain blushs that are coming out...
    4.) Last place you visited? Zion, Il (about an hour drive) for the weekend to see college friends.
    5.) Ummmm, I might return the NARS summer eye trio. We're currently eyeing each other.

  3. "Everyone is an idiot and should stay off the roads when I'm driving." I so agree :-)

    1. Lip Of The Day? None. Just labello lip balm.

    2. Do you go on road trips? Do you like them? Only if I have to. So no.

    3. Current beauty lemmings? I don't know what "lemmings" means (and I even googled it...) Before you say I'm an idiot, I'm from Belgium, lol.

    4. Where was the last place you visited? Ostend. It was for work, but still :-)

    5. Have you or do you plan on returning any makeup/beauty products lately? Belgium is retarded as far as our returning policy for make-up and beauty products goes. Basically, the policy is: "We don't take returns. Ever. And don't you dare even ASK to return something." Boo! :-)

    1. Whoops. I was using a slang term. Lemming in this case means something that you really want very badly. Like something that you would follow the group and run off a cliff to lemmings into the sea.

    2. Oooh I see, thanks for clarifying :-)

  4. 1. Lip Of The Day? - Right now I am just wearing the Dior color changing balm...but after lunch that'll likely change.

    2. Do you go on road trips? Do you like them? - Only if it's absolutely necessary and my time limit is about 3 hours. I MIGHT do 6, but that's the firm limit for me. And I really do not like it. We have to go to LA next spring (from the SF area) and I am really hoping we can get a good deal on plane tickets. As you can probably tell by now I HATE car trips, I just get too fidgety and time goes by too slowly for me...I also have a hard time sleeping while travelling which doesn't help any.

    3. Current beauty lemmings? - Right now I am itching to buy my first Guerlain Meteorites, Nails Inc. sprinkles nailpolishes and the Guerlain Fall 2012 pink Kiss Kiss gloss. I don't know if it counts but I also have a fragrance lemming, I want Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume.

    4. Where was the last place you visited? - Fresno, to gamble and hang out with my husband's Grandmother.

    5. Have you or do you plan on returning any makeup/beauty products lately? - I return things all the time, I just don't have the money to waste on expensive makeup that I can't use or looks bad on me. Most recently I returned the Chanel Aqualumiere from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale...the pink was too sheer so the golden shimmer made my lips look too "nude". I ended up getting Chanel Magnifique Glossimer which as much more what I was going for...but I miss the Aqualumiere formula ;_;.

  5. 1. Lip Of The Day? - The bright pink from the Yagolicious palette. I was wearing OCC Lip Tar in Trollop earlier in the day, but I forgot to bring it to work with me to touch up after lunch.

    2. Do you go on road trips? Do you like them? - Yes. I don't generally have enough time to really relish the journey as much as the final destination, but I like anything that lets me avoid airports.

    3. Current beauty lemmings? - Always lusting for more Armani Eyes to Kill, and really need to get my hands on a couple of Guerlain lipsticks.

    4. Where was the last place you visited? - If you don't count my parents in Western Massachusetts, it was Colonial Williamsburg.

    5. Have you or do you plan on returning any makeup/beauty products lately? - No, for once.

  6. 1.Lip of the day? Guerlaine Kisskiss Reine de la rose
    2. Do you go on road trips? Do you like them? often my parents leave at 12hrs drive from us so 4 time a year .... not really I know the road by heart and it is pretty boring!
    3.Current Beauty lemmings? Nars eyeprimer (I want to try it) and those new ombre from Chanel cant wait for the Fall collection
    4. Where was the last place you visited? Ottawa, cant thing of nothing else
    5. Have you or do you plan on returning any makeup/beauty products lately? - Nope never return any makeup of my life

  7. 1. Lip Of The Day? - Maybelline Baby Lips. I should be testing out my new L'Oreal Rouge Caresses, but I am lazy at the moment...and eating fried eggs

    2. Do you go on road trips? Do you like them? - I used to all the time (my family is in San Jose--about 8 hours or so drive from me and we would drive there every month or so). I used to hate it, and as I got older I began to enjoy it a bit more. Haven't gone for a long time though :/

    3. Current beauty lemmings? - Chantecaille's new Fun Cheek Color from the Fall 2012 collection, Dior Golden Savannah, and Kevyn Aucoin's Candelight highlighter (I just swatched it for the first time yesterday and OMG--I'm in LOVE)

    4. Where was the last place you visited? - San Jose--that was years ago

    5. Have you or do you plan on returning any makeup/beauty products lately? - I returned an Estee Lauder serum that broke me out

  8. I never do these, but today, I wanna!

    1. Lip Of The Day? Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Brilliant (sheer gold sparkle). I like to wear it alone. Not *while* I'm alone, I mean with nothing underneath it. Oh, jeez.

    2. Do you go on road trips? Yes, whenever I can, and they're a blast for me because I don't drive!

    3. Current beauty lemmings? Zoya Designer, Diva and Gloss collections, the new LE Dr. Hauschka lipsticks, RMS Beauty facial treatment oil. For perfume, one of everything please.

    4. Where was the last place you visited? Minocqua Wisconsin, where my mom lives. It's so gorgeous there, I wish I could stay forever. I need a bumper sticker that says- I'd rather be boating.

    5. Have you or do you plan on returning any makeup/beauty products lately? I haven't needed to return anything in quite awhile- but the last thing was a Bremenn Labs Zit Stick that went back to Bloomingdales- I had a violent reaction to it. That's when I figured out that I can never, ever touch benzoyl peroxide ever again.

  9. 1.Lip of the day? Kiehl's lip balm vainilla

    2. Do you go on road trips? Do you like them? Yes, to go hometown (4 hours in highway) I don't like them a lot, I think I've got bored of the same road.

    3.Current Beauty lemmings? NARS tinted moisturizer, Bobbi Brown BB cream and concealer and brushes.

    4. Where was the last place you visited? Fortin to see family.

    5. Have you or do you plan on returning any makeup/beauty products lately? Here in Mexico when you open it you can't return it

  10. So. I assume we all realize that these brands are enjoying basically free publicity, regardless of if the review is good or bad. It is the most powerful form of endorsement for many consumers, I vow. I know it is for me. It is against the law to infringe on copyrights. This internet realm is still, and promises to be for a while, a literal "work in progress", so we'll all have to patient. That does not mean we all have to be tolerant of exploitation, however. I am with you, PS, totally. If we all demonstrate that we are not going to put up with this, we can accomplish what needs to be. Remember our power is greatly enhanced now. xoxo Beth in Pgh ;-)

  11. Lip of the Day: Estee Lauder Futurist Lipstick in Nude.

    I love roadtrips, and I don't get to go on them nearly as much as I would like.

    Current beauty lemmings: NARS eyeshadows (they're wonderful!!) and the perfect foundation/tinted moisturizer.

    Last place I visited was Mountain Lakes, NJ to visit my sister and her clan.

    I just recently returned a haul (a portion) of NARS stuff that I ordered from one place- didn't get it quickly enough for my "jones", fought and bitched and finally went and reordered it from a second place with OVERNIGHT- then it all arrived at once. So, I returned the "doubles".

    xoxoBeth in Pgh ;-)

  12. 1. LOTD - Clarins rouge prodigy in autumn cranberry. (I'm mentally willing summer to be over & therefore moving into fall colors) =)

    2. Yes, I occasionally go on road trips & can enjoy them if they aren't *too* long. My sister & I have never been to San Francisco, so we decided to visit over Thanksgiving last year. It was a blast...but why does the trip home take SOOOOOO much longer?

    3. Currently lemming those Guerlain liquid lipsticks. I pretty much bought all my other lemmings.

    4. Went to Cancun Mexico (is there another cancun?) last month for a friend's wedding. It was WAY too hot & humid. But very beautiful.

    5. Yes! Way too many impulse buys at the Nordstrom anniversary sale. The new Stila BB cream (didn't use it), 2 Nars lipsticks (vendanges - which is too vampy on me and Damage - which I have too many similar colors of)

    I love your blog and your wit & sarcasm.

  13. 1. Lip Of The Day? - MUFE Rouge Artist Intense in 38

    2. Do you go on road trips? Do you like them? - Haven't been on one in almost 7 years. I enjoy them though, but then again, it's just my hubby and me. :)

    3. Current beauty lemmings? - UD 24/7 shadow pencils, Pacifica color quenches and rollerballs, Givenchy magic kajal in delicate nude, LORAC pro palette, MUFE HD complexion starter kit

    4. Where was the last place you visited? - Boston, MA

    5. Have you or do you plan on returning any makeup/beauty products lately? - Not lately, but only because I've only been buying backups of items I use. However, I do plan on a big purchase next week for my birthday! :)

  14. 1. Lip Of The Day? - Revlon lip butter in Peach Parfait topped with Estee Lauder pure color gloss in Rose Emotion

    2. Do you go on road trips? Do you like them? - Yes and Yes. Just got back from a road trip with hubby where we drove to Monterey with bonus stops in Big Sur and Carmel along the way.

    3. Current beauty lemmings? - Maybe half the current sumemr collections. Bronzer and colar lippies are my staple lemmings, so this is a tough time of year for my wallet.

    4. Where was the last place you visited? - Monterey CA

    5. Have you or do you plan on returning any makeup/beauty products lately? Not really. When I hit a dud (for me) I usually pass it along to someone with less picky skin than mine or differernt coloring.


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